Worlds Of Aesirs Rules In English

Welcome on the worlds of Aesirs
for the good progress of the activities on this sim thank you for respecting rules below 1. The holding(dress)

1.The dress codes has to be of medieval inspiration or fantasy. Nothing modern in your clothing is authorized.

2. The language
No language sms (surtt in RP):
Express you normally, not to use the abbreviations of the type(chap) lol, XD, lol, to ptdr, XPDR, and Ptin I like very much to you beautiful Elf, your a msn XD? …

Gestures is not authorized whatever they are. By exception and in real support of a RP a discreet gesture can be tolerated. (Noise of breath, flame, discreet effect of a magic). The typical sound gestures laughter, shouts, tears, so obviously as spam and the flood, as well as the musics (except specifique agreement for an event for example) is not tolerated.

The OCC (Out Of Character / except RP):
The conversation OOC in the local cat must be limited to the bare minimum. They have to be support in the RP. For example you will indicate a crash, a rezz, etc. … You will have to write always between (()).
Use the IM and your group cat for the conversations OOC.

The shout (shout in the sim) Shout in the sim OOC is totally forbidden. Shouts RP must be limited at most not to hamper(bother) the RP of the other players.

The insults and the discriminatory behavior.
Your character can be the worst traitors, liars, thieves,
Le metagaming.
. The metagaming.
It is simply to use learnt information OOC in the RP. The metagaming is forbidden. For example, in RP, you are not supposed to read tags, thus ask the person how her name is, of which clan she(it) is a part, if the person is masked you can not to recognize her(it) by its name etc….

3. To be RP does not want to say " I Relax and I Go into hiding "
The Camp, the Iddle:
The campsite(camping) is forbidden on all the regions including in private residences and skybox of arrival. At any time you can be checked(controlled) by a GM.

- If you do not answer within 10 minutes a request of GM, you will be considered in "camp" and will thus be punished
- If a GM notices that you are iddle (without activity but present) he will point out it to you, if 15 minutes after you did not move you will be sanctioned(punished).

- If a GM intervenes further to an automatic call(appeal) DC because of iddle during 40 minutes and if you do not answer

A reason RP is needed to fight(dispute) (" not of fight without RP "):
He(It) is not compulsory to make a RP at once before the fight but any fight has to become integrated into a clear logic of RP!. You must thus be capable of explaining the reasons RP of your fight Obviously a fight based on a reason OOC, on metagaming (use of information except RP) for example, is not allowed.

No call(appeal) of reinforcement by IM (the IM rescue is forbidden):
You cannot if you see whom you are in trouble to call reinforcements by IM.
On the other hand, the intervention of persons who did not leave to the fight but who are already spot (and have a reason RP for fighting(disputing)) is not forbidden.

During the action(share) of fight:
- If you use a ball of care to look after yourselves during a fight, you are except fight for all the duration of that this. It is of RP AfDB, you are sanctionnables. If you turn(return) to the fight apres a heal you will be sanctionnable also.
The only way

6. Make a success of his(her,its) captures and limit the limit(borderline) RP
Capture and liberation:
A capture is made in 5 sentences minimum. The RP has to be benefaction and realiste. The AO and gestures of capture is not authorized.
When you are attached you have ban to use your skills.
A capture here has no minimal duration but cannot overtake three days. The refusal of capture or the limitation of duration of capture is not accepted in your limits RP. The counterpart of this ban is that the persons who have prisoners owe RP during the detention (obviously not 24h / 24h). In case of discord on the progress of the capture, ask a GM to intervene.
A liberation is made in 3 sentences minimum and ends by the click in the links of the prisoner ( unleash ). The RP must be done well.

Limit RP:
The limit(borderline) RP must be realistic and not succeed to delete(eliminate) any possibility of RP.
The refusal of capture and the limitations of duration of capture are forbidden. He(it) is to note that you cannot impose to the others it you refuse that we made you undergo according to your limit(borderline) own RP.

We recommend to limit them at most to facilitate the game(set,play).

7. I have a doubt I ask

You have a doubt, ask for a helper or for a GM on the general cat to use we are for celà there.
Finally, these rules are imperative, their respect is indispensable for a good game(set,play). Any breach(negligence) may thus be sanctioned(punished) by a GM. They will be updated if need be according to needs.

Thanks to you and good game(set,play)….

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