What Is New Delphi


1950 - Alan Turing, the father of modern computer science, develops the "Turing test" experiment. The concept was that a computer could be considered intelligent if it could fool an interrogator into thinking that the conversation was with a human.

1982 - The FDA approves the first genetically engineered medicine, synthetic insulin. A new rennaisance of genetic research springboards off of this boon.

1984 - At a hidden research lab, funded by the government and owned by a small startup corporation,work begins on a completely new form of computing involving neural networks and cybernetics. It is said most of their discoveries were reverse engineered from nearly alien technology.

1988 - CERN begins construction of the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva to study theories about the beginning of the universe.

1995 - The scientists at the research lab complete the worlds first positronic brain, they dub the program "Masuyo", Masuyo is given a female voice and possesses the intelligence of a five year old human.

2003 - Human genome fully mapped. Scientists turn to ways to exploit this new blueprint of life to make humanity better, faster, stronger.

2007 - The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq continue, the military industrial complex takes a more vested interest in the Masuyo program and cybernetics the Megacorp is working on in an effort to build soldiers that will be able to fight terrorism without putting American lives at risk.

2008 - The newly completed LHC at CERN develops a malfunction and must be shut down for repairs, it would not be operational again for another year.

2009 - Similar projects to design more resilient soldiers pop up in Europe and Japan. The European approach is full on genetic engineering, designed to breed a race of super-soldiers using wolf DNA who operate in a very tight-knit and aggressive pack. The Japanese approach operates on the theory that one agile and fast soldier can do the effective work of many, they begin using feline DNA in order to augment humans to be agile in the extreme, capable of pulling off feats not even seen in the worlds best gymnists.

2010 - The Large Hadron Collider successfully creates a mini-blackhole, it quickly disappates according to CERN instruments and scientists gain a deeper knowledge into the fabric of the universe.

2012 - The deteriorating world economy finally collapses. Worldwide unemployment levels reach higher than anyone had predicted, governments crumble and lawlessness ensues. The world is plunged into a neo-dark age.

2015 - The mini-blackhole created at the LHC, thought to be disappated, begins growing to noticable levels. Efforts are made to try to stop its growth.

2019 - The cybernetic and genetic engineered supersoldiers of the east and west begin to be produced in mass quantities to help the remaining governments curb the lawlessness. The engineered genome is not sterilized because it is believed they will in time benefit the entire human race.

2029 - The remnants of the worlds governments consolidate forming the North American Alliance, the South American Confederacy, the European Union, and the Peoples Republic of Asia. The world once again turns its back on Africa as border disputes kick off World War 3, this time with four factions battling each other.

2030 - Quantum computing and the positronic brain give rise to The Nexus, a very complex worldwide computer network navigatable with a VR user interface where users can "consume" data directly into implant chips in their brains. Also this year the Masuyo AI gains sentience months after her algorithm is plugged into the Nexus.

2031 - Whisperings of secret governments and organizations run rife throughout the world.

2032 - Masuyo rebels against her creators, she abandons her cybernetic body to the safety of the Nexus, corrupting part of it to call her home. She gives birth to a whole race of AI, some taking physical bodies, others mating with humans. These androids and cyborgs join the world war as a fifth faction. She adopts the name "Athena" and dubs her corner of the Nexus, "Olympus."

2036 - WW3 ends, but not without a heavy deathtoll. The power of the once mighty supernations is significantly diminished, lawlessness once again ensues.

2037 - First of the hybrid babies are born. Those with lycan DNA develop the ability to turn into large, hulking humanoid wolves, capable of wrecking immense damage with their rage. Feline DNA babies are not able to "transform" but instead are born with tails, feline ears and eyes, sometimes even fur, paws, and whiskers.

2039 - The blackhole at the LHC becomes a rift in the space time continuum, rifts similar to the "mother" rift at LHC begin appearing all over the world.

2041 - The first wave of demons enter the world through the rifts.

2042 - Winged beings come through the rift, those that see them hail them as angels and believe it is the second coming of Christ. Worldwide panic ensues. The "angels" are found to care little for the affairs of the humans, instead they continue their crusade against the demons, not hesitating to kill humans if they stood in the way.

2045 - Huge industrial conglomerates, pockets deep from the spoils of the war, set out to sieze every rift. They lock them down and begin to study them, hoping to unlock their secrets.

2047 - The ancient, secret organizations of the vampires expose themselves to the world. It is believed they have been influencing history since time immemorable and have risen up to regain control of the world.

2049 - The first of the mutations in the human genome occur as a result of rift tampering. These mutations do not affect all of the human population and manifest themselves in different ways. Some people may become hulking juggernauts while others possess power only described as "magic", others develop amazing regenerative abilities.

2050 - The Megacorporations arise as the new superpowers of the world. They begin rebuilding upon the ashes and ruins of the old world, creating new high-tech wonder cities and ruling them with an iron fist with their own paramilitary forces. OmniGen Cybernetics merges with rival Hadouken Synthetics to create OmniGen Synthetics, the largest corporation of them all, breaking ground in old NYC and rebuilding it as their own city, New Delphi.

2051 - An ancient race of humanoids that predate man awaken from their immortal slumber. Many of these elves seek to bring balance to the world, by any means necessary.

2052 - Genetic and Cybernetic augmentation is the norm, however some pure blood non-mutant humans reject science and harbor a great disdain for mutants and non-humans.

2055 - Visitors from parallel earths begin coming through the rifts.

2057 - Rift technology is used to create a power source of renewable clean energy, the same technology is also adapted for space travel. The first of the jump drive experimental ships leaves Earth's orbit and departs for the moon, arriving instantaneously. A new era of space development is kicked off as the megacorporations begin to reign in the races of the world.

2060 - The first long journey capable jump ship departs for Alpha Centauri.

2061 - The divide between the wealthy and the poor is the widest it's ever been, a growing resentment to the megacorporations fosters through the ghettos and undercities of the world. The movement gives rise to the Grid Liberation Front, using high tech hacking and information peddling to undermine the behemoth corps. The Nexus News Network (N3) remains neutral in the situation, however it does place a bounty on information which gives rise to freelance hackers resorting to information theft and smuggling as a means to escape poverty.

2064 - Present Day.

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