Welcome To Danger Point

First we want to welcome you to Danger Point and thank you for visiting !! Please ask a friend that plays here or staff to Join the danger Point group and read the following:

Danger Point Role Play and General Courtesy


Danger Point follows the rules of CoLA for the most part. CoLA is the “City of Lost Angels” in the Lost Angels Sim.

The website is www.ccs-gametech.com

The rules are located on the top info bar (left of screen and , you do not need to be a member of the site to read the rules.though you are encouraged to Join and visit the LA sims

Danger Point Staff :
Jayce Anthony (Owner/Admin)
Angel Nohkan (Estate Manager)
Vito Bolissima (CCS GM)
Khloie Karu (CCS GM)
Bane Hellman (CCS GM)
Joec Karillion (CCS GM)
Kreator Demina (CCS GM)

  • These people have the ability to enforce rules and mediate game play problems.
  • They are to be respected and their directions followed. IF you feel you have been unfairly punished or treated by staff you can speak to Jayce Anthony. Do Not "GM shop", do not pull people in from outside the sim or situation unless you have a problem with Jayce Anthony himself.
  • It is human nature for most people to think they are in the right and you are given an outlet to appeal but if your Appeal is obvious nonsense, attempts to manipulate or coerce etc, you may have the ban extended.

Danger point will follow and enforce CoLA rules in most regards, such as teleporting in help for a ccs fight to be illegal.

Again the website is www.ccs-gametech.com


There are a few major differences in the Danger Point sim (besides that we obviously have vehicles) and they are, along with a quick recap of some obvious rules, as follows:

The Biggest one is to stress the point of this being a ROLE PLAY sim therefore you MUST RP AN EXCHANGE OF DIALOG (in other words the other person must be given time to respond to your wanting to fight) before ccs combat UNLESS it is retalitory for something they have actually (not percieved or made up) done within the last 24 hours.

If someone is unresponsive to your rp after a fair amount of time to respond contact a GM to determine if they are away with an active meter or ignoring you for some reason.

Please check your preferences and make sure your bandwidth is 500 or less. Remove/deactivate all unnecessary gestures and scripted items. This will help allow us to use vehicles without to much strain on the sim (hopefully.)

This is a role playing sim and not a sandbox, unless you have expressed permission to leave prims on the sim you are required to pick up after yourself before you leave here, failure to do so multiple times may result in bans.

Interrupting others role play is highly discouraged. It is always good to wait a moment when you approach 2 or more people and get a feel of a situation before you jump in with your own RP or OOC.

NO GREIFING- this includes oppressive animations like “face fucker“, objects that push, unsit, follow or obstruct, traps, cages, orbiting, nuking, etc.. This WILL result in a long vacation from the sim.

No flying. If you happen to get trapped below the sim set on a prim and edit its height. Which leads to…

Being underneath the sim or its edges in areas not designed as part of the city or for role play is not allowed. There is nothing down there and no reason to be down there.

No camping. This means setting idle/afk and /or refusing to engage or respond to others while wearing an active CCS meter. This is a serious offense and after a warning experience points will be docked and you may be banned. If you are alone for more than 20 minutes you will be prompted to interact with the city or go noncom. Saying you are roleplaying in IM is unacceptable here.

Sparring is allowed for individuals or groups but you are not allowed to make a day out of it all in one setting and we ask you keep it reasonable . For individuals(2) couples (4) we ask you to keep it to around an hour. For larger groups 2-3 hours depending on size.


CCS combat must be initiated by dialog unless it is retaliatory for something they have done in the last 24 hours. Simply put this means a conversation (between both or all parties) of some sort must take place and /or they must know why they are being attacked either IC or OOC.
If you’ve kicked someone ass within the last 24 hours, or even threatened to for instance, you may attack or be attacked without any additional warning. Two or more and both agreeing OOC that they can be attacked IC without any specific reason so as to initiate role play is certainly allowed.

Any kind of jump or movement enhancer is prohibited during combat. However if you are assaulted by a gunman on an OTHERWISE INACCESSABLE roof or other high place you are allowed ONE ATTEMPT to reach the person using a jump or movement enhancer. If you touch the ground without reaching them or fall after reaching them you are not allowed another attempt with enhancement again. You will find most builds in danger point do have access one way or another.

All melee/hand to hand weapons must have animations that make an attempt at showing you are using melee/hand to hand by swinging, punching, kicking etc..

If you are wearing an active combat meter refusing to participate in combat once attacked by any means other than running away is prohibited. This includes but not limited to such things as : going OOC to disrupt or make reconsider the attack by the attacker,going noncom after you're hit, taking off your combat meter, teleporting out of the sim or to another location within it by personal means etc..

Calling for help with a combat situation by group or personal IM is not allowed. Shouting for help is allowed if you are not gagged or otherwise deprived of speech. However, shouting your location is discouraged as it would be unrealistic under most circumstances

If you are defeated you are at the mercy of your victor (within reason, see “rules: general courtesy“) you must lay still and not move on your own until you are revived and on your feet or you’re captor drags you off somewhere. You may not remove and reattach the meter. you may not TP out of the sim, if you must leave you must shout or otherwise let someone know

This city has a functioning EMS and hospital , you are encouraged to seek out an EMT or hospital staff as recovery will be much quicker and a more enjoyable RP experience.

Corpse Camping-Standing over someone with the sole purpose of waiting for them to recover so you can assault them again is prohibited.

Danger Point Child Avatars

Danger Point Vehicle rules

Danger Point Weapon Use

If you have any questions please use the main danger point group or contact staff or GM.

Thank you and We hope you enjoy your stay!

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