Wayrest Charter

Charter of Wayrest

Opening Notes

Wayrest is a RP group combining medieval, steampunk, post-modern and SciFi. . All races are welcome. The setting and surroundings have to be kept to the individual themes in the different parts of the sim; for example, no real-world gadgets, machines, weapons etc. that were not in daily use before the end of the Middle Ages in Europe (appr. mid-15th century) are to be rezzed or used in the village (unless they are part of a roleplay), but they are fine on the floating isle. This does not apply to purely fantasy items like magical staffs, spellbooks, potions, etc. which never existed in the real world.

This is a mature sim; be aware that you may encounter strong language, violence, and mature situations as part of RP. Explicit sexual content is to be taken to private areas and conversations (IM instead of local chat).

Wayrest is not a Gor sim or group; if you enjoy this type of RP, there are plenty of other sims and groups that provide it. Collaring, slavery, and display of Gor-typical behaviour and language are strongly discouraged in Wayrest.

Spellfire hud and meter 1.8 and its variations are currently in use. Spell Fire 2 items can be found on the island for gathering.

Visitors are welcome to look around, but are required to wear an OOC tag and not interfere with ongoing RP. If you are a member of a race that normally wears clothing, you are required to wear appropriate attire at all times in public. In case of disagreement on whether or not your race normally wears clothing, the decision falls to the Council.

Note that griefers and drama queens are NOT welcome - expect a quick hit on the ban button.


Local chat is considered to be in character (IC) unless stated otherwise through one of the following systems:
- double brackets: “((blah-blah))”
- OOC-Text: “OOC: blah-blah”

Voice and IM are always Out Of Character (OOC). If you need to speak IC to another player over a distance that does not allow chat, use notecards (“birds”)

Roleplay, Attack, and Safezones

Roleplay must be consentual; unless you, the player, clearly state otherwise, all roleplay taking place is automatically considered consentual. It is your responsibility to inform the other player when the RP takes a direction you are not comfortable with. The first choice to use for this is IM; when speaking to more than one person, or when your IM is ignored, use local chat in an OOC-format as stated above. Seek a solution together with the other player; if that is not possible, you are entitled to leave after giving fair warning.

Attacks must be initiated by roleplay first; simply going in with weapons drawn and hacking at another avatar is not acceptable. Give the other player time to prepare themselves; lacking that, your attack is null and void.

All Safezones are clearly labelled as such; the market is always a safezone.

Wayrest combat rules apply at all times. You are responsible for picking up a copy of the rules and reading it.

Rulers of Wayrest

Wayrest is ruled by a council. Group owners bear the title "Council of Wayrest", administrators the title "Citiguard of Wayrest". Any major decision is voted upon by the whole of the council; should a council member not come online in time for a vote, their vote shall be counted invalid. The minimum time for motions and proposals to be voted upon is 48 hours. A minimum of 3 valid votes is required to either pass or reject any motion. Should the minimum number not be reached, the motion is postponed for 24 hours. After a second postponing, decision falls to the Head Council.

TOS and Community Standards

Violations of the TOS and Community Standards shall not be tolerated. Any council member has the right to eject and ban violators of the TOS and Community Standards. Appeals must be made to the council and proof provided in the form of logs. Council members are required by their position to log all conversations. Council reserves the right to file an abuse report against violators, whether or not the abuse was directed against a council member, a citizen of Wayrest.

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