War Ii Chain Sim Rules

Welcome to WaR II Chain.
WaR II consists of 3 sims….
(1) +++Eternal Curse+++ (2) WaR Island (3) Demonic Inferno

We as a chain follow the same rules as a guideline to all our visitors and players.
Kindly read and abide by the rules so we can ensure a happy friendly environment for all.

Rules of RP and Conduct ~

Lindens Lab terms of Service ( TOS )
By rezzing and roleplaying in WaR II Chain you inherently agree to abide the rules when entering the sims. You must be over the age of eighteen (18) and that you are not offended by violence, adult language or any sexual content. The owners of WaR II Chain defers all responsibility beyond this agreement, in legal liabilities, to the trespassing party. Parties not over the age of eighteen (18) are trespassing and thus legally liable for their own actions. You agree to allow the use of chat logs by by sim owners, GM's and administrative staff for the sole purpose of determining game rule violations. Logs will never be used in any fashion except in sim administrative situations.

If you wish to roleplay and have fun in WaR II Chain then you must wear a CCS Meter at all times. No combat allowed without the CCS Meter.

WaR II Chain sim's are English speaking sims. If you are not a English speaker then it is your responsibility to wear a translator and make it a friendly environment for all within the language barrier.

If you do not have a translator then kindly pick one up for free from ….

Gm's of WaR II Chain are here to help you, coach you and guide you when needed. Treat them with respect and you will be treated with respect in return. If you are unable to treat WaR II Chain Sim's GM's with respect, you will be given a 24 hours cool down time ( 24 hours sim ban) in which you can calm down, come back and have fun.

WaR II Chain Sim's are inhabited by dark souls, beings, mortals, immortals and creatures as well as peace and happiness. We take both roleplay and combat seriously and prefer to be IC at all times and if needed to use IM's for OOC. We encourage you to listen, learn and have fun. This is a place even though dark, you are able to run freely and have fun within the barrier of our rules. The rules mentioned below are to provide a general order to prevent a disaster in the environment. Please respect our rules and have fun !

If you are not part of CCS Support then we encourage you to be part of it as it is very essential when you need support in CCS. All Gms are there to help you.

This Sim adopts the rules of the City of Lost Angel's (CoLA) with the exception of the rules as detailed below. In the case of a conflict of rules between CoLA and Eternal Curse, Eternal Curse rules shall govern. If rules are silent on a topic, CoLA rules shall apply.

To read the CoLA rules, browse to:

These rules assume you have some knowledge of CCS and combat related roleplay such as CoLA, Toxia, etc. If something doesn't make sense, ask a GM or Sim Staff. Ignorance of the pertinent terms, concepts or rules will not excuse you from abiding by them. Please read the CoLA rules first before proceeding.

The Ten Commandments are the first rules of Eternal Curse: Issued by Suzanna Soyinka

WaR II Chain Sim Rules are as follows ::

1) You do not have a right to be an asshole. Treat others as you wish to be treated. In simple terms…..play nicely, considerately, and enjoy!

2) No Guns what so ever. No shooting into the 3 sims either.

3) It is recommended that you RP before attack….but for some hunters it is not possible so no constant attacking same player unless agreed. You are enemies, old or new and all parties must agree OOC.

4) No Child Avi what so ever is allowed. No if, ands, or buts. Child Avi's are strictly not allowed in WaR II Chain.

5) Flying is not allowed in CCS sims. WaR II Chain sims are no flying zones and kindly do not use flight gadgets or cheats. GM's are the ONLY ones permitted to use flight if necessary wearing their GM tags.

6) CCS Camping - This means you are not behind your computer nor at your keyboard, it means you are unable to respond to those that approach you in roleplay or in combat. This is strictly forbidden.
GM Drone will take care of player until player is killed by the drone. Once player is killed then GM will perform the necessary actions and punishments seen fit.

A warning will be noted on the players CCS sheet. Anti idler devices are NOT allowed and if caught a possible ccs ban could take place. If player is caught camping several times, a dock will take place.

If you are AFK you are advised to turn off your CCS meter, and once you get back you may put it on again.

On your CCS HUD attached to your screen - * The check mark on the HUD is to turn your meter on and off. or
Using F2 Main Menu on your CCS HUD, you find an ON & OFF button in the center to turn your meter on and off.

The Mall is an OOC area, if you are shopping for more than 15minutes then a GM has the right to question you and check if you are camping there.

7) Poaching is an act of going into War II Chain sims and pulling out players to your sim. This is NOT allowed. You cannot go to another sim and steal players. Only WaR II Chain sims can recruit inside their sims.

8) Meter Bugs and Crashes, player has to wait 5 minutes till there issues are solved and have time to fully rez.

9) Shouting is allowed only if it is RP related, we don't allow ooc shouting. If you feel the need to do so please shout in IM's.

You can only shout out your *IN* and *OUT* crash or meter bug that is not RP related.

10) CCS or Sim Bans, are necessary if you have broken the rules but if you feel that you have been treated unfairly please contact sim admin and they will be able to help you providing that the full NC / Case of your ban is given to them. ( Very Important to provide all logs)

11) OOC and IC, we try out best to stay IC at all times and if you feel the need to talk OOC then use brackets or use IM's. Please do not interrupt good RP's with OOC comments or laughters or funny faces, it really ruins the RP.
You can also talk OOC by using the command /22 that comes built in with your CCS Hud.

IM's are usually considered OOC unless 2 players agree to the contents being IC and required for a certain RP.

If you are over level 15 it will be taken for granted that you have had enough time to get familiar with all rules for CCS and rp, therefore no excuses will be adequate for bad OOC behaviour or failure to adhere to said rules.

12) We cannot walk to a player read their name on their head and RP with them as if we know them, this is known as Metagaming, which is not allowed in RP. So you need to RP meeting the player IC wise even if you are best friends OOC. So in simple, metagaming is using any information about a character that you have discovered by OOC means.

But…IC wise, if your friend talks to you about someone and mentions their name and you know them by name and RP that, then that is not metagaming, that is a RP'ed fact.

13) You can't be God in the CCS world, that's why we have CCS meters..to win and lose battles or fights… you also must give a chance for others to react to your Rp actions , if not this is known as Godmodding.

14) Different RP Scenes :

-FTB ( Fade to Black), when a player is uncomfortable with a certain RP they have the right to FTB with a GM's aproval. However, if the player chooses to FTB the RPing party members are allowed to use that specific Rp in future or use the players name. But in the meantime players cannot RP with eachother for 24 hrs. FTB needs to be approved by a sim GM.

-VOID RP, this is when both RPing parties agree to discontinue the RP and if it gets messy and it cannot get recitified or solved then a GM has the right to VOID the RP scene as if it never happened. Name, Rp scenes cannot be used in future.

-Left in Scene (LIS), this means when a player has to go to RL / SL acts up with maintenance / if a sim crashes or players complaining of heavy lag then both parties are able to continue their RP at a later date.

15 ) RP Limits, as much as many hate this but if another player has a problem with a certain role played, kindly respect that. If there can be no agreements done then please call a GM to help you out or agree to one of the Different RP Scenes mentioned above. We try our very best to respect each others RP Limits.

16) Calling for Help, is a very imaginative if RP'ed correctly. This is mainly for huge battle fights. You must RP your help call i.e send a note with an eagle/crow etc or use a communication device. You CANNOT at any time TP players into a fight/battle.
If it is a Resident clan, then they can get tped directly into their base. All devices or methods of help calls must be visible i.e a bird has to be on your shoulder / your telephone in your hand that you are texting from or your com device in your ear.

You may be asked to prove your call for help by any GM staff in the Region. If asked paste it to them IM or on NC

You cannot call for help if you are defeated. How could you? you are deeply wounded, hurt and in pain , you can hardly talk or lift your head.

Tp's are to be made directly in Tp landing points or in a safe zone if the sim offers it.

17) Voice chat programs do not foster nor support role play interaction. Really, it just ruins the Rp/Combat fun.

18) Permanent damage to ones avi must be agreed by both parties,because it may cause the player to cancel thier character or cause permanent damage to their avatars look. So best for both players to discuss permanent damage and agree to it in IM's. You need to have players FULL OOC consent.

19) Capture and Leashing must be Rp'ed with at least 3 RP lines. To break free as well.
Player that is leashed cannot melee or fight, they are caught. If leasher crashes and has his captive, then captive remains leashed until someone saves them and if you are tied up and left alone you can RP freeing yourself.

20) Guns and Explosives are strictly NOT allowed.

21) Enhancements rules are the general CCS rules, read and follow the 10 Commandments.
War II Chain does NOT allow a player to wear 2 enhanced weapons at the same time, one in each hand. However, a player can wear 2 weapons BUT only one can be enhanced.

22) You cannot defeat a player and just stand on their head while player nat revives and kill them again, this is Corpse Camping which is not allowed, player must be given the chance to revive and heal themself. Once a player is able to revive or get revived by healers or heal themself then they are no longer in nat revive mode.

Player cannot steal racials from a defeated player unless RP'ed correctly after defeat.

23) Observers and/or non CCS Users - Are more than welcome to War II Chain Sims, providing they wear an observer tag found at each TP point of any of the sims.

This does NOT mean you can grief the sim in any means or ways. Griefing will NOT be tolerated and will cause you to be banned from the chain. If GM suspects any strange behavior they have the right to question you. ie. NO cagers, orbiters, prim generators etc they will NOT be tolerated at all by anyone !

24) Jump and/or Movement Enhancers - Jump enhancers are strictly forbidden during combat. Some AO's come with built in jump enhancers and it is strongly advised that you take off your AO before engaging in combat. Using a jump enhancers will only lead you to severe punishments evaluated by a GM.

Movement/Motion Enhancers - These are gadgets giving you the ability to TP or shift to a camera or go to a non-physical location. They are strictly prohibited.

Grappling hooks are allowed and you need to RP using them, not just throw it and climb

25) War II Chain sims provides players with CCS Healing devices, found mainly in the arena areas. If player is on a healing system they cannot be attacked. You also cannot use the healing system while you are being attacked.

26) CCS Defeat - If you are defeated in individual or group combat, you are considered "Defeated", not "Dead." (You can roleplay a death if you like if both parties agree and main character agrees).

After CCS defeat, you may do one of suggestions below::

A. RP a post-defeat scenario with the winner (dying, being taken prisoner, being tortured or violated by the winner, etc.)

B. Natural Revive is 5 minutes, so by the time you stand up again you can "limp home" to heal or crawl away. If you do this you may not return to the same battle. ( this is a option by a player to either heal or nat revive )

C. Revive's by Healer means you can stand up and join the fight again.

D. You may NOT call for help if you have been CCS defeated.

27) When you TP and especially if there is a battle going on make sure to shout out (( Rezzing)) so one knows you have not fully recovered your vision, you have 5 minutes to rez and move. When you walk away from your rez zone you cannot go back for safety.

28) GM Decision, all our GM's are trained, experienced and qualified for their roles. A GM's decision is final after making sure that all logs are retrieved and weighed for their decisions. If you feel that this decision is not fair then you may request for a Sim Admin to review your case. The Sim Admin may uphold your case or modify the decision if seemed fit and needed.
Seeking the counsel of another GM from outside the region is strictly not allowed and may cause disciplinary actions.

You may call a GM via your CCS Hud and not through your firends list…GM's are not your friends, they are Game Master and are here to help you.

You do NOT have the right to OOC insult a GM, you do NOT have the right to be an asshole with a GM. GM's are here to help you, guide you and assist you in any possible way.

29) You may NOT use CCS Skills around the corner OR even through walls.
As Captive you CANNOT buff your rescuers either. As Captive you cannot use skills. (you are defeated, weak and have no energy)

30) Vehicles, Cars, Motorbikes, Donkeys, Horses, Flamingo's etc cannot be rezzed and sat on. You cannot rez anything that is rideable. However, if it it can be attached to part of your body then you may use it. ie…you need to wear it not rez and sit on it.

31) Over 2000m is considered OOC.

32) No Bloodline Meter to be used or advertised within the region, the region will NOT tolerate or support anyone that has a Bloodline meter on nor support any other combat system other than CCS. No other combat meter in War II Chain sims but the CCS Combat Meter.


Also please note that when a SIM Rule conflicts with a CCS Wide Rule, Sim rules come first. If you disagree then you may appeal to a Senior GM or Sim Admin.The 10 Commandments are NOT to be broken.

RESPECT - GM's are there to help you, guide you, coach you to a better player. They go out of their way to be there for a player that needs help. Respect your GM !

Manners and being polite will not make you lose xps. All logs will be saved and used for references to the situation.
All Conversations with a GM are considered OOC. If a GM asks for logs then the player MUST submit the logs asked for unless there is a REAL valid reason for the disappearance of the logs. Gm's are not computers or robots…give them time to access the situation go through all the necessary logs , so they can evaluate properly in order to give the final verdict.
If you disagree with a GM then you may appeal to a Senior GM from the SIM that you are on.


AFK - Away from keyboard
RL - Real Life (rumored to exist)
CCS - CoLA Combat System
CoLA - City of Lost Angel's
FTB - Fade to black
GM - Games Master
HP - Health Points
XP - Experience Points
IC - In character
OOC - Out of character
RP - Role play

~ Basic CCS COMMANDS for you CCS HUD and Meter~~

/9profile - to look at your profile

/9level - incase you missed your leveling

/9color <xxx,xxx,xxx> - if you want to change your ccs meter color

/9hidestats - to hidestats

/9showstats - to show your stats

  • The question mark on your CCS HUD is to call for GM Assistance on the sim you are in
  • The check mark is to put on and off your meter

*The little man icon is to go to your character sheet

  • The fan icon is to drop down you CCS menu manually

Sim Owners have the right to ament or change rules at any time and always ahve the right to eject or ban anyone.

Thank you and Welcome to WaR II Chain Sims.
Please enjoy your stay and have fun !!!

Warm Regards,
amari Toxx, KatieBug Feld, toxic Ling

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