Velvet Moon Rules

.:: Velvet Moon:. Rules*

Welcome to .:: Velvet Moon::. RP sim. Please read the rules to get fun as much as possible.

Language: English, German

.:: Velvet Moon::. is a place to relax, hang out with your friends and play your own role play.
All around the sim you will find quests, Find them all and you will get for every quest an award.

please take care of your clothing. This is a fantasy rp sim and it`s required to wear any kind of fantasy clothing you like to keep the atmosphere. That can be Vampire, Werewolf, Drows, Elfs, Lycans, Cyber, Sci Fi and many more but no casual clothing.
If you are only a visitor to explore the sim no problem of course :) but if you want to play here seriously rp so please choose your clothing.
As an example you can visit our shop here at the sim or our main store


You will find exellent and high detailed clothings and complete avatar packs or just addons ;)

On .:: Velvet Moon::. we use the CCS combat system and NLS/Earth system.

-Reduce the lag!!
Therefore we ask that you follow these tips to keep this sim free of lag:
-Do not wear any items you don`t need for playing like scripts, spank or kiss huds, dance chims etc.
Disconnect scanners and radars. These are not allowed on .:: Moonlight::. . If you use it anyway maybe the result can be a ban of the sim.

-No nudity, no sex, no BDSM or Gor actions on the sim. If we notice you will get a warning to get your cloth on or stop your activity and if you dont care we will ban you without any further warning from the sim.

General Rules:

.:: Velvet Moon::. is a rp sim and all players are still targets to be attacked and YOU can attack.
Respect the limits of each player. If you have any doubts, you can contact the other player in IM.
.:: Velvet Moon::. is also a hangout for fantasy fans to relax and explore the sim. Please respect if they DON`t want to fight or participate to a RP.

Please be respectful.

Combat is prohibited within the healing zones or entering the healing zones.

The use of motorized vehicles is prohibited in the SIM.

1. CCS and HUD:

It is mandatory to use the CCS unit on the SIM. It is prohibited using non-CCS Huds such as Bloodlines, Warps, DCS, Underworld, etc

It is forbidden remove and put back on the meter to recover health during combat. Always use your CCS meter so it is visible and legible at all time.

Teleporting or flying during a combat is not allowed.

Disable AO`s during a combat!!

Only CSS compatible weapons are permitted. All other things like orbits, push or ban etc. causes lag and disrupt the fights.

-Heal Balls
During or after a fight you can only use the CCS healing skills or the heal balls on the sim.
If a player leaves the fight to heal somewhere, he is not allowed to return to the battle!!

-Children avatars
Children avatars are allowed on the sim but not to participate in fights. If a player uses a child avatar it`s suggested to put its meter to NON combative.

-Non Combative
If you have any problems with your meter and you need to reset or take off please give a note to the other players that are around you that you need to take off your meter for resetting.

-Rezzing items
If you are in our group you are allowed to rezz items but they will be automaticly returned after 15 minutes.

-NO gestures!!!

These are only some simple rules but to have fun and be fair needs some of course ;)
First reason for all of us is to have fun here at.:: Velvet Moon::. and with any question you can contact Arimin Resident and Silmarien Ferryhill. Best way to send a nc because Ims often get capped.

Have fun and be fair


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