Vampyr Haven Rules

Welcome to Vampyr Haven
Role play is allowed and encouraged, were not RP fanatics.
its "have fun RP" not drama
We have a limited number lots for rent to anyone, you have full land rights for lots rented
1440M lot 329 prims for rent, 2800L Monthly
4096M lot , 937 prims for rent, L$7980 Monthy

We follow standard CCS RULES and this applys to your land as well
1 : land must be open to all, with object creation/entry and scripts running
use auto return to remove unwanted objects

2: Security orbs can be used IF there are NO CCS meters in use at ground level for the house dwelling only
and its PUSH only or EJECT, do not TP a user to home point
in the sky 300M+ you can protect your land as well with Eject/PUSH

3: Respect the look and feel of the sim and your neighbors, we try to keep this open for all looks, but we are a dark urban/goth sort of midevil but its not. if your not sure, ask you'll find we are very helpful and easy going

4: we are a LIGHT RP comunity that like to have fun, play, fight, party, kill, party, dance, party, joke, party, have more fun, party. some times its a grave yard, other times is busy..

5: problems with peeps.. ban them from your land, but do not limit access to only a few or your group only
if you have an issue with someone and need help, IM an island Admin and we will ban them from the estate, you are here and have the right to have protection and freedom from ass's. * theres lots more to go here but this is the jist of it.

So you’re new to Tempura?

Some things to keep in mind; to assist you in gaining the respect of other players in the City, and eventually assist you in gaining your membership within a Faction if you desire such.

The most important thing to keep in mind; is that, at all times, almost everyone within the City has at least some sort of Roleplay going on and taking place.

Either it may involve some City Wide Event that could be taking place, or it could be their own Roleplay scenario involving their own ongoing story with some of the other players.

The thing with Tempura is… Just like the a real city, it is the city that literally never sleeps. People are always there roleplaying and they take their roleplay very seriously.

When you approach someone in the city, take a few moments to wait, try to get an understanding of the conversation they might be involved in. You never know, when you step up to try to introduce yourself, you may have just butted into the middle of someone’s argument, and they’re not going to take too kindly to that, which in the end, looks bad on you as your first time in the City. Especially if that argument escalates into a fight, you’ll find yourself in a very bad situation on your first time here.


Some other important things to remember and try to keep in mind.
0 - we are all here to have fun, and learn thats the whole idea with role play its pretend, not everyone is an expert, we all have to learn somewhere.

1. Out of Character; usually referred to as “OOC”, means that when someone is OOC, they’re not Role-playing and they’re being themselves. OOC text or OOC Speech is usually denoted by a pair of Paranthesis on either side of the phrase or word.

((This is an example of an OOC phrase))

When you are talking OOC; make sure you use those Paranthesis. However, also try to keep OOC interaction to a minimum. Some people also use an attachment on their Avatar, that allows them to speak in OOC text that might appear as green text with “OOC” before it.

2. In Character; is just the opposite of OOC. Being “In Characte”r, means you’re Role-playing. Some people use “IC” to refer to In Character. Often at times, you may find some people who prefer to be more In Character then being OOC. As the City of Lost Angels never sleeps, it is a constant, ongoing In Character Environment. The entire city is always In Character; unless one of the Sim Administrators or Roleplay Coordinators (GM’s) states otherwise.

There is a picture on the wall in the subway, before the stairs, that shows who all the Sim Admins and Coordinators are, if you need help with something, contact one of them.

3. Know your Character and respect others Characters – This means, your Character is not you. Your Character is just that, a Character. Know your Characters strengths, and weaknesses, and stick to that, and play that. If you role-play with someone, try to make an effort to get to know their Character, and respect what you learn about their Character. Make sure what you learn remains as In Character knowledge.

4. Not everyone in Tempura is playing a Character that uses the same name, as the one their Avatar has. Some, are using an Attached Device; called a RPTool. This device, lets Bob, for example; use a different name, for his Speech… so Bob’s speech may show up in green text under a different name, which would be ther name of the character that “Bob” is playing as.

USE ROLEPLAYING, to figure out who is who within City of Lost Angels. Do not assume that just because you see someone speaking, but you do not see them, that they’re not there. They might be using the RPTool to speak.

5. DO NOT METAGAME — This means; ALL KNOWLEDGE, is learned In Character…

Metagaming, is using knowledge you learned from an OOC perspective, using it in an In Character manner.

For example… You can not automatically know someone else’s Name, just because you see it floating on their Avatar. In the real world, we do not have our names floating above our heads.

You also do not automatically know; who is what Race, and what Class; or what Level, or how strong they are…. Just because you can read their CCS Meter floating above their head.

You see Jane, her CCS says that she is a Human. Yet you read her “SL Profile” and see that she is role-playing as a Vampire. You do not know any of that In Character, and cannot use any of that knowledge from an In Character perspective.

Such knowledge is not allowed within Tempura and can result in GM Intervention. Therefore, treat Role-playing as though it were the real world; anything, no matter what it is, anything you want to know about another player, you must learn through your interaction with them.

6. This is Role-playing! Keep your personal life out of it. Most people don’t care about it; they’re here to Role-play nd have fun. This means, they are “acting out” a story, as though they were acting a part, in a play, on a stage or movie.

7. No godmodding! No one is God or Invincible. Do not presume your are the Devil incarnate himself, do not assume you are God Himself. Do not assume you are “come to save the day”… Do not assume, that you are the “only righteous one” in the city, or the “only truly evil one” in the city.

People tend to frown on such personalities, and for every new person who comes into the city with such a mindset, there are already an additional 20 – 30 people in the city, ready to teach them otherwise.

8. Enjoy your time in Tempura, when the rules are followed, it is a lot of fun. Though do not hesitate to ask questions when you are unsure about something.

9. Last but not least. Respect the Sim Admins, RP Coordinators and GM’s..

If you see someone, within Tempura and you see that their CCS lists “ (GM) “ at the very top of their CCS; that means they are one of those individuals; or in a OOC sense, they are the Tempura Police. They’re there, to make sure the rules are followed.

However, do not be scared of them. If you see one, they are not there to watch you. Most of them, are actual Players themselves! They are here to have fun, and play the game just like you are. So interact with them, have fun with them; and though it is rare and does not always happen but, if you’re role-playing with a GM and they really like your role-playing, they just might give you a little Experience Bonus as a reward.

Most importantly, bare in mind that they all work hard to provide this Game for us to play.

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