Owner Orsiolli Oh
Theme Urban
Language English, Portuguese and Spanish
XP Tick 8
Rules UNION - Portuguese - other languages coming soon, contact a GM for further information
Location http://slurl.com/secondlife/UNION/128/155/641
Neighbours none
Community group secondlife:///app/group/8b987a34-b963-9566-aa00-ac7b84adc054/about
- U N I O N - CCS RolePlay 8xp.
Let me tell you about UNION SIM (formerly Cidade Maldita).
We've giving a nice experience to every Second Life and CCS resident since August 2008, with a SIM with great urban buildings, concept, CCS 8XP, a nice staff team who are here to help you, events and much more, making a really great place to play RPG and have your fun.

Added: 15th May 2011

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