Ulthar The Story


STORY - Ever since the existence of Ulthar had come to the knowledge of men, new explorers created dwellings and towns in this wild place. Not venturing into the dense forest, they kept by the seaside, where they could fish and use the rich terrains for agricultural purposes. Soon the settlements thrived and evolved into bigger cities, where technology ruled.

The weather is most inclement in this untamed region, as the sun would shine brightly upon the land one day just to be overthrown by a fierce tempest the next.

Away from these figments of civilization, deep into the unknown woods so feared by humans, dwelled a group of felines. Used to have the island all for themselves, the felines kept themselves away from the sight of the newcomers that were exploiting and changing Ulthar. With sneaky sentries to keep the humans under watch, the cat people curiously observed the newcomers, coming out only under the cover of the night.

When the city was quiet and all the humans asleep, the felines dared to sneak into it, amazed at all that surrounded them. Curious as ever, even a small bit of cloth would be a source of wonder to the cats.

But one day tragedy struck. A cat named Menes, lead on by his curiousity, dared to follow a human into town during daylight. When the humans noticed the little cat wearing human clothes, the feline was captured, tortured, beaten up to his last breath.

That same night, when the cat people entered the city, they were greeted with the sight of the corpse of Menes, hanging from a pole as a means of warning to all thieves. Utterly shocked by the human cruelty, the felines rose in anger and raided the human settlement, spreading destruction in their path. To avenge Menes death, they made the humans feel the sharpness of their claws, the depth of their anger, destroying crops and every bit of food they would find. As a final punishment, the felines returned to their home in the forest carrying the firstborn of each human family, childen that were never to be seen again in town.

As the sun rose, humans saw the vastness of the destruction caused by the cat people. Mothers cried the loss of their children, men looked for some nourishment, bothers and sisters looking for relatives and shelter… A town meeting was called for and from that day on, a new law was created - that no man would ever hurt a Ulthar cat again.

After all this commotion, the elder nekos gathered one night under a cloudless sky, the moonlight shining brightly on their fur. It was decided that the events of that bloody night must be known by all and so a Council was elected to lead groups across the land spreading the news. Years went by and the new generations were raised with the tale of Menes in mind.

Of course not every human abided the law. Traps were built around the town to prevent the felines from coming near and some humans decided to raid the forest, looking for vengeance. The nekos soon made the treetops their home, looking for shelter and safety amidst the dense foliage. These new homes were magnificent in architecture, blending into the forest perfectly. Comfy pillows were scattered across the floors, creating the perfect spot to cuddle, lick wounds, sleep, everything a cat would ever want.

After the Wormwood events, the nekos become targets for more than humans. Vampires deemed the neko blood as sweet sustenance and the felines were sought out due to their youthful energy and beauty. Demons saw them as good pets to be had, wild and untamed inferior creatures. The only advantage the nekos had against all these new found enemies was that they were playing on their turf, knowing Ulthar like noone else and fighting fiercely to keep their home safe.

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