Transilvania Rules

Rules for Transilvania
Transilvania is an English speaking sim. Please IM a GM to recieve a free translator if you do not have one and you need it. A list of GM's and Staff is below.

Below are the Rules for the Transilvania CCS Sim. Please make sure you read them before engaging in any form of RP or Combat. Ingnorance of these rules is not a valid excuse. We expect that everyone will read them before engaging in any form of RP/Combat prior to coming to Transilvania. Please keep in mind we reserve the right to revise these rules at any time. If you experience any trouble or have any questions, call for a GM on the Transilvania group chat.

If you haven't already joined the CCS Support Group and the CCS Events group it is a good idea to do so. It's a great way to keep informed about all the technical problems, issues and events going on throughout CCS.

Transilvania GM's / Sim Owner

GM's are there to help you resolve any issues, All conversations with GM's are considered OOC, so be careful what you say. Be polite and have logs ready, Do not be difficult and defensive. If a GM is dealing with a situation, please allow them time to deal with it. They will listen to both sides before making a call. If you disagree with a GM's decision you can appeal it to a Transilvania Staff Officer or the Sim Owner.

All Questions and concerns if any will be directed towards Transilvania Staff Members.

Zarin Magic - Sim Owner
PurePoison Pottzen - GM


1) LINDEN LABS TERMS OF SERVICE (TOS) : By rezzing and playing in Transilvania you are agreeing to abide by the Linden Labs Terms of Service Rules.

2) You are over the age of eighteen (18)/ You are not offended by violence, adult language, or sexual content. Persons under the age of eighteen are trespassing when they enter Transilvania and are legally liable for their own actions! The owner of Transilvania defer ALL responsibility beyond this agreement, in legal liabilities, to the trespassing party.

3) You agree to allow the use of chat logs by by sim owners, GM's and administrative staff for the sole purpose of determining game rule violations. Logs will never be used in any fashion except in sim administrative situations.

4) You MUST HAVE a Community Combat System (CCS), which is available for free at the entrance area to engage in combat. No combat allowed unless player is wearing a valid combative CCS HUD and Meter. There is no exception to this rule. No other combat meters allowed.
Your CCS Meter must be visible and readable at all times.
If your meter is running you ARE a target. If you go afk please use /9 off to go non combative.

5) Child Avatars are allowed as long as their parents are living on the sim and there is nothing questionable going on such as nudity, age play, combat. This means child avies are NOT allowed to do anything sexual of any kind including dressing in a risque fashion or naked and are not allowed to wear weapons or engage in combat. (Child Avi's are allowed to have a separate IC avi that is a grown up but if you enter a RP you must be adult form and if a previously still open RP continues and you are in child form you must go back into adult form atleast untill the RP is fully finished)

6) Gestures can be a fun enhancement to role play. Please use them appropriately and rarely. Do not spam gestures or sounds repeatedly as this disrupts role play and is annoying.

7) No Fly Zone. Do not rez cars or other vehicles on the sim. Do not use flight enabling gadgets in the sim.
A vehicle is defined as any object that uses the physics engine to drive it (i.e. cars, motorcycles, trucks, magic carpets, hover platforms, etc), rather than an object that attaches to the avatar (i.e. horses, skateboards, bicycles, etc). If you are uncertain whether or not the object you wish to use is a vehicle, please contact a GM for help in determining the difference!


1) Out of Character (OOC) communication vs. In Character (IC) communication - OOC is to be used sparingly especially during combat or RP as it disrupts the chat. You must type in brackets ((like this)) for it to be considered (ooc) and not (IC, RP). If there is something you must discuss in length, please bring it to "IM's".

2) In the case of (ooc) insults / situations, a GM should be called to resolve. If there is no resolution then it will be directed to the Sim Owner. (The Sim Owner will ALWAYS have the final say!!)


1) Strictly defined as going AFK for longer than 10 minutes. If you are away for longer than 10 minutes, you need to use "/9 off" to go noncombative.

2) If you are contacted by a GM in (IM's) and you do not answer for 10 minutes…you are considered camping and the following penalties will apply:

1st offense: Meter detach and warning
2nd offense: Meter detach and 5% xp dock
3rd offense: Meter detach, 15% xp dock and 3 day ban

Every offense after 3rd, is automatic 25% dock and sim ban at the discretion of the sim owner. All severe penalties of Banning will be done on a case by case basis, reviewed and issued by the sim owner and may be appealed.

This rule also applies to camping in sky boxes or rezzing objects to sit on up in the sky, or in walls etc…

Bottom line, you can't do it. Period.

JUMP & MOVEMENT ENHANCERS / Radar Scanners, MystiTool etc…

1) It is forbidden to use any form of Jump or Movement Enhancer or motion enhancers involving the ability to TP to camera or go non-physical.

3) Radars and MystiTool scanner are FORBIDDEN by players to use while in Transilvania. If you are caught wearing one you will recieve disiplinary action.


1) Role play is expected during any situation where you attempt to, or succeed in killing someone. This can occur before or after an attack but it MUST take place. Killing someone without Role Play will not be tollerated.. you must justify your actions. The extent of Role Play does not have to be lengthy but it nonetheless must occur. There is no such thing as being (ooc) to avoid a combat situation, even if during friendly sparring, etc, if you are attacked..this is legal.. you are on a COMBAT CCS sim.. you must expect, and accept that at any given time you can be attacked. You may NOT go noncom to avoid a specific attack or incident… if you dont wish to engage, you must leave the sim.


We allow 2 weapons in total per AV only. The following combinations are the allowed in Transilvania

1) 2 Melee Weapons in 2 Hands or 1 Melee (like sword) in one hand and 1 Melee Animation
2) 2 Handguns/semiauto like Uzi or mac10 in 2 hands (and no Melee whatesoever)
3) 1 Handgun/semiauto like Uzi or mac10 and 1 melee weapon (or melee animation)
4) 1 two handed gun (like SAW, M60, M32 etc) and a melee animation

Melee Animtion is defined as Fists of fury, Mollyblades, fist fighter, Epee, DCS fighter etc

Any voilation of this or attempt to wear hidden HUDs will result in severe penalties

For Melee only one CCS enhanced weapon per AV is allowed, you cant have 2 CCS enhanced weapons on your AV. This is not case for Guns, guns strictly follow the rules above.


1) When a combat situation is going on in Transilvania, or about to happen you may NOT TP in members to assist.. you must RP contacting them and they MUST come in through the main TP point and come down to the land to join in any conflict.

2) Once you are here, be it during or before a battle happens, if you are not fully rezzed please type into the main chat and/or shout ((rezzing)).. if you move or fail to do this, you are eligable to be attacked.

3) If you Crash during a battle, you may come back but you MUST type into main chat ((crashed out for 10)) and you MUST go noncom. You are out of the fight for 10 minutes and must stand off to the side somewhere. When you rejoin the fight, switch your meter back to active status. Yes… the GM's WILL be watching you on this. Violation of this rule will result in penalties handed down by the GM's or Sim Owner.


1) Fade To Black or (FTB) is used when you find yourself in a truly uncomfortable situation and wish to negate the whole entire RP. This is not to be used simply because you were killed and are unhappy about it. Using FTB in any situation will be heavily reviewed by a GM and if we feel (on a case by case basis) that it was used inappropriately, you may be subject to disiplinary actions handed down by a GM or the Sim Owner.


1) God Moding is making your character completely invincible and unable to be harmed, or the ability to dodge every attack thrown at you. This is forbidden and will not be tolerated. It takes away from the fun of the whole RP in general and can be frustrating to the other players. If you cannot tollerate being defeated (combat or RP wise) then you may leave Transilvania.

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