Toonsville Battlezone Rules

*ToonsVille Battlezone rules ccs*

ToonsVille is a ccs combat sim.By entering at the sim you are at a combat/rp enviroment and you need to accept the following rules:

1. As soon as you arrive at the sim you need to wear a ccs meter.If you are not a member of ccs community it will be great to join.Even if you dont wanna join ccs you still need to wear an observer tag.Observer tag could be found free in the arrival point. If you do not use ccs meter or an observer tag then sim GM and Admins have the right to eject you.

2. CCS meter needs to be combative during rp or fight.There has to be a serious reason to turn it to non-combative mode during an rp or a fight such as rl work or a possible meter bug or if the sim GM asked to do that.

3.Meter bug during fight.
As soon a player has a meter bug needs to do the following:shout in local "meter bug"
Stay out with detached meter for 5 minutes.
Returns by copying the previous shout and the phrase back in and attaching the ccs meter.
For crash need to follow all the above as for meter bug.
The 5 minutes time could be change by sim GMs if needed to make fight situation faster and more efficient.Each player can crash 2 times and 3 meter bugs.Exceeding this limit you are out of rp.

4.Help calls.
Help calls are allowed to Toonsville but under the following conditions.If someone wanna make a help call needed to:make a shout to local telling that he is going to allie place to find help.Then needed to move out of sim from arrival point.Go to a place of choice and ask with rp help.Return back to ToonsVille with help and passes the full log of help rp to the GM or Admin who is in charge.It is a common sense that a defeated person cannot do a help call.For all those moves there is a time limit of 50 minutes after first line of rp.50 minutes after noone can enter the rp and fight.Only one help call allowed.

5.Only one enhancment weapon is allowed. Any stacking will be punished hard according to ccs rules for stacking.Armors not consider as second enhancments.TCR dual weapon consider as weapon stack.No gestures during fight no music with walking attachments.One API per player and no spam in local chat.

6.Second chance and self revive devices can be worn and used.No healing devices use accepted.If someone uses a healing device this mean an immediate eject of sim and a possible ban and warning.

7.Guns are allowed.But if sim GM realizes that lag is too much can permit the guns usage.

8.You can rezz objects that will make your rp more effective.Maximum prims rezzed are 20 per team.Anyone who will pass this limit will be punished hard also ejected and banned from sim considerin as a griefer.

9.Defeated enemies can be captured and leashed (only 1 per person) and 1 line of verbal RP are needed for that.The prisoner can be unleashed by captive or a friend and also 1 line of verbal RP needed.No capture rp limit is not accepted in Toonsville as in most of the ccs sims.RP lines can be coming via an rp hud and they are accepted.Nocapture rp limit and capture less than 5 minutes rp limit are not accepted here.Capture have to be accepted without excuses or any dramas.The rp even if it is 1 line has to be with some content and not a simple "drags xxxxx.." or "releases xxxxxx"

10.Natural revive needs to be shouted.If you do not wanna be attacked after natural revive you need to stay non-combative.If you revive naturally and you do not shout it then you are a target and you could be hitted.If you shout the nat revive and use a healing skill or someone heals you then there is no nat revive so you could be hitted again.

11.Standing up from a defeated and expecting to see the person revived or nat revived and after hit considers as a corpse camping.Accidental melee hits to a revived are not considered as a corpse camping but sim GMs have the final word on that.

12.Super jumps or any move enhancments are not allowed here and any usage of them will be a reason for an eject and a ban.

13. No players under the age of 18, no child avatars under the age of 18 and no age-based sexual role play allowed. Anyone found breaking the age rules will be permanently banned and reported to Linden Labs.

14.Sim language is English for any other language you need to use a translator.

15.You need to respect others RP limits and behave.Any ooc insults will be punished hard without any excuse.

16.Sim GMs and Admins are here to help people and keep balance between community members.Do not harass GMs and do not argue with them in local.GMs will call you in im discussing with you any possible problem you will have or any situation that will be possibly appear.

Thanx for reading and following the above written rules.

The ToonsVille Batllezone Administrators and GM staff.

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