The Isle of Bliss History

Long ago, this small but pristine Isle of Bliss was discovered and settle by an exiled "Legion" of Soldiers, fleeing the wrath of the large nation that they had fought so long and hard for. Escaping with thier family and friends, they stole a large transport ship, and after many mis-adventures, found a lovely island upon which to settle, naming it, hopefully, Bliss. Though they found strange ruins and odd artifacts, no other intelligent life forms seemed to inhabit the paradise.
Setting up a military compound, and then expanding it over the years, into a city, they became a stop for vessels, resupplying them with fuel distilled on the island and trading for needed items. Life was good during those long years, and decades passed, with new generations continuing to build the island society.
Life was hard but good, until…a group of scientists began to tinker and experiment with the odd ruins, alters and artifacts scattered around the island's outskirts. Led by the now-infamous, Professor Teal, they opened a gateway, a strange portal, to another dimension, more by accident than purposefully. Luckily, or perhaps fatefully, this portal opened into a virgin world rich with natural resources and teams and settlers were sent in to exploit these findings.
Trusting thier scientific knowledge, they opened a second portal in another section of ancient ruins, but this proved nearly disasterous. Creatures of great power and wicked intent managed to escape from it, onto the island, wreaking havoc, until beaten back by the military forces.
Only then did they realize they hadn't found the means to close these portals, and a law was put into place forbidding the opening of any new portals and a heavy guard was put on the two now opened.
But man being a foolish and curious animal, over the years, opened other portals, now that the knowledge of how to do so was known. Some proved boons to the island people, but others brought forth new foes and strange beings, until the city itself nearly ceased to exsist during the Portal Wars, some 200 years ago.
Now the island is a dangerous and unpredictable place. Though the descendents of the original military settlers still run the goverment and have the force of arms to keep most of the chaos at bay, strange creatures from other dimensions have gained footholds here, and constant power struggles and clashes take place. Much of the city is in ruins and ships no longer make this a stopping place except on rare occasions. It is a precarious balance and those with the knowledge of how to open the portals are viewed with either hatred or envy, and the government seeks to stop any further tampering in that direction.
Religious leaders demand that they be closed, though no one has come forth with the knowledge of how to do so, and the science-minded argue that they should be studied and used for the good of humanity.
Meanwhile creatures known as vampires and lycans stalk the night and sightings of those resembling biblical demons and devils are reported. Mutants, victims of experiments gone wrong, are whsipered to exsist and near feral human-cat hybrids leap from limb to limb in the wooded areas of Bliss. Who knows what else may have traveled from other realms. And when, and if, other portals will be opened to new dimensions and worlds.
And now you have arrived here, either by ship or by portal, stepping into this maelstrom of conflict and intrigue…

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