The Covenant Rules

The Laws of the Realm

Greetings to all our honored guests, officers and members, please take a moment to review the rules before going any further.

Thank you.


Table of Contents:
1 Basic Information
2 Conduct
3 Observing
4 Role-play
5 Combat Engagements
6 The Group(s) and our Website
7 Rezzing
8 Residence and Shops
9 Proper Attire
10 Begging
11 Weaponry
12 Children and Pregnant Avatars
13 Age-play
14 Language
15 Reporting
16 Penalties and Consequences
17 Regarding Updates to the Laws
18 GM and Officer Listing


1 Basic Information:

The Covenant Realm is a Role Play and Combat Zone using CCS Meter. We would like to advise our guest and visitors to not use any other combat HUDs or meters in our roleplay zones other than our recommended HUD/Meter.

2 Conduct:

Be respectful at all times while you are inside our Regions. Race/Faction Guardians as well as all the officers that are found around the realm are here to assist anyone who needs all the necessary and additional information about the Rules, Regulations and Limits of our role-play.

We will not tolerate any of your harassments, griefing, profanity and/or ill-mannered approach towards any of our Race/Faction Guardians, officers and citizens.

3 Observing:

Please keep in mind that the realm proper (2 regions), which are located on the ground, are considered as a full role-play and combat zone.

If your intension is to visit and/or roam around our regions, you are free to do so by wearing a CCS Meter set to "Non-combative" status to avoid unnecessary role-play or combat engagement(s) between you and our citizens.

Else, turn your CCS Meter to "On" if you are ready to accept role-plays and combat activities on the realm proper.

4 Role-play

Major Role-play Events are exclusively hosted and/or monitored by our officers including but not limited to scenarios/plot, character(s) and/or faction participations.

We do not host minor and/or side role-play events. All citizens are entitled to role-play in free form before and after our Major Role-play Events.

We have the right to acknowledge or disregard certain minor role-play by our citizens from including it on our main story if we find that the scenario is not fitting a current theme or any of the realm's faction background.

5 Combat Engagements

Duels, combat practices/trainings should be made on the Arena and/or some parts of the realm that the Race/Faction Guardian(s) opened for combat activities.

Major and Minor Events that may ask your participation with combat engagements should have prior notice. You are not allowed to attack any citizen inside the realm without any combat arrangements.

All tournaments should be made inside the region only. However, you may propose several activities outside the realm's proper to the Sovereign / Owners of the regions only. CCS Intersim activities are very welcome.

6 The Group(s) and our Website

The Covenant Role-play group is one of our major communication in-world. Every member of the group are allowed to receive notices and updates through the group and are able to open a chit chat, role-play posts, inquiries and suggestions on it. However, you are not allowed to post any form of personal and business advertisement(s) that has nothing to do with The Covenant Realm nor approved from posting.

Each race/faction has its own group they maintain. All citizens who wish to join the role-play should belong to a certain race/faction group upon series of applications or interviews with their race/faction guardian.

Guild groups are welcome inside the realm and are to be approved by a certain guardian the Sovereign has assigned to them. All incoming guild groups shall agree to all parts of the Laws stated herein and to all parts of the agreement of the Race/Faction Guardian who attended/assisted them.

The Covenant Realm Website and Forums ( is an alternative way for us to communicate better without minding each other's time availability. All active citizens who wish to receive constant updates about the realm are asked to register on our website to keep you more aware of our current standing and situations. It is mandatory to all officers and race/faction's internal officers.

7 Rezzing:

No vehicles are allowed unless they are pre-approved by any member of The Covenant Stronghold or anyone from the Covenant Guardians. Please avoid all unnecessary rezzing on any part of the region unless it is required or declared as part of an ongoing role play event. Please avoid rezzing, wearing or attaching any form of advertisement while at the realm's premises.

8 Residences and Shops:

The Covenant Realm now offer affordable homes for rent for its citizens and these homes are meant to be part of our on-going role-play scenarios for more variations. We will not assure nor claim any privacy on these homes as The Covenant regions are not private residential regions.

The Covenant Realm's business section called "The Marketplace" is located at the main region's Landing Point, 3000 feet above the realm proper. All necessary shop rental information is stored in a note card and can be taken from any shops rent box (occupied or vacant) found at The Marketplace. You may also contact any of the Covenant Sovereigns: Wrheckz Constantine or Rain Enderfield.

9 Proper Attire:

Nudity is highly forbidden on this region.

All visitors are required to wear clothes and all citizens are asked to comply according to the needs and appearance of each Race/Faction. All role players and combatants are asked to follow the specific dress code issued by their respective Race/Faction.

10 Begging:

Begging or any form of Extortion is highly prohibited in this region. Anyone found or accused of this action is subject to an immediate ban.

11 Weaponry:

Weapons can be used on any part of the realm but on the designated Landing Point where realm's business section (The Marketplace) is located. The Landing Point is declared as a SAFE ZONE wherein no one is allowed to do combat or anything that can result to annoyance or any of such kind. Cagers, Griefers and Bite Spammers are subject to an immediate ban.

You can use any CCS Compatible Weapons that is/are recommended by the realm or by your Race/Faction Guardians and/or approved to be working with our current system and theme. You may consult your Race/Faction Guardians if you are unsure.

Guns are strictly prohibited.

12 Children and Pregnant Avatars:

Children / Child Avatars are not allowed to remain at The Covenant Realm. Please remember that this is a Mature Region.

Pregnancy or pregnant avatar needs an approval by any of our officers first before it comes into role-play. There are certain races that cannot bear children at this stage, so please be sure to consult your Race/Faction Guardians first.

13 Age Play:

The Owners of this Region will implement ZERO TOLERANCE on all sex based age plays. This will not be tolerated in any public way around the realm proper. Violators of this rule will be immediately banned and reported to Linden Labs.

14 Language:

The Covenant Realm is a role-play estates plotted during the middle ages. Hence, we do not allow excessive "Modern Swearing" during role-plays or Out of Character public chats that might result several disputes between citizens.

Races/Factions that may also choose to require its members or recommend a certain race language translator to its group is all between the agreement of the citizen and their race/faction or guild.

Our primary language is English or you may choose to role-play in an Old-English way is all up to you and your crowd.

15 Reporting:

We do understand that there are cases when some people communicate in a distasteful, rude or offensive manner. If this occurs and you feel it is necessary to report that individual, we ask you to send a normal Abuse Report directly to Linden Labs.

16 Penalties and Consequences

Failure to comply with any of these rules will result to an immediate ejection from the realm and serve as the first and only warning. If you return and continue to violate these rules, you will be ejected and banned permanently. Failing to read these rules does not excuse anyone from abiding by them.

WARNING: Any member of The Covenant Stronghold Officers may choose to eject / ban any visitor or guest declaring it as their first and only warning. Permanent Ban depends on the rule breaking and amount of leniency they decide to give to each individual.

17 Regarding changes to the rules:

The Covenant Stronghold (Officers) reserves the right to modify these Laws at anytime once a new set of orders have been released hereinafter with a proper notice to all Citizens of the Realm.

For more information and discussions please visit:

18 GM and Officer Listing

Our Key Officers

The Stronghold is a guild of the Royals of The Covenant Realm. They were chosen and/or appointed to perform certain duties and responsibilities for keeping the realm updated and well-balanced. They are the ones enforcing The Laws, keeping the people updated, writing the story-line, hosting the events and/or punishing offenders. It is a guild that makes The Covenant Realm a better place to Role-play.

The Sovereigns

The Sovereigns are the undisputed Founders of The Covenant Realm. They are the most powerful NPCs, the overseers and rulers of the realm.

* [Lord] Wrheckz Constantine – God of Darkness
* [Lady] Rain Enderfield – Goddess of Light

The House of Guardians [GMs]

The Guardians are the strong-arms, protectors and leaders of each Faction System of the realm. They are the ones specifically chosen to lead a distinct race by our role. They are chosen/appointed based on their ability, prowess, skills and personality to lead the race assigned to them. They are the ones who are dedicated to provide anyone with the most basic information about their race and are ready to discuss everything including regularities about our community.

[Lady] Kittie Lourdes – Human: H.O.P.E.
[Lady] Javelin Somerset – Neko: Children of Luna
[Lady] Lorelai Millet – Angel: The Faithful Chosen
[Lady] Absinth Mirabella – Demon: Revelations 15:1
[Lady] Solaris Weatherwax – Vampire: Lancea Sanctum
[Lord] Slade Lycheborne – Werewolf: Suthar Anzuth

Supernatural (CCS) Races:
[Lady] Cumalatta Neox – Dragon: Stormrage
[Lady] sweetwinx Bravin – Elf: Alimar Arda
[Lord] Waymon Marenwolf – Dark Elf: Orbenn d' Olath

The House of Ministers [Co-GMs]

[Lady] Raine Jarvinen – Human: H.O.P.E.
[Lady] Medow5571 Shilova – Neko: Children of Luna
[Lady] Foxy Saarinen – Angel: The Faithful Chosen
[Lady] Lillith Reanimator – Demon: Revelations 15:1
[Lady] anika Spyker – Vampire: Lancea Sanctum
[Lady] Onyx Xurina – Dragon: Stormrage
[Lord] Nysterre Deezul – Drow: Orbenn d' Olath

The Covenant Builder's Guild
- Wrheckz Constantine (TCR)
- lucidtest Jinx (TCR)
- Javelin Somerset (TCR)
- Matelion McCarey (TCR)
- Darkfyre Algoma (TCR)
- anika Spyker (TCR)
- Jonny Dusk (5ith Order)
- LordGregGreg Back (Emerald Viewer)
- pravda Core (PRAVDA dark couture)
- Trisha Zweig (Hebenon Vial)
- Vanilla Chemistry (Vanilla C. Designs)
- Raven Pennyfeather (Rfyre)
- Dudasy Clip (White Tiger Combat Animations)
- Hydrogen Excelsoir (Sense)
- Dans Belgar (INEDIT Fashion)

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