Ten Comandments Of The Labyrinthe De Mythos


1.You do not have the right to be a asshole.
You are entering a private CCS enabled Sim under the Twilight Zone rules and GM control,
The the Labyrinthe de Mythos is area designed for the enriched Role Play enhanced combat,
if you wish to engage in (OCC) Out Of Charactor insults, harrassment or griefing you are
in the wrong place. We are trying to create a Medieval theme here and although by TZ
rules firearms are not illegal here they are not encouraged to preserve the theme and
reduce lag in the SIM please use them sparingly like the gestures!

2. Absolutly no attacks on others without a valid role play reason, and the intent or
attack must be role played and be ready with the reason if asked. (it should be
apparent) Insane role play reasons such as "I felt like it" or "It was a impulse"
will not be accepted. All attacks must be telegraphed in some manner like shouting
"Die you Dog". Role play limits and the right to pass role play must be respected.
If you wish to pass role play and combat try to IM that to the opposing party.You
can only inflict death or permanent injury with the consent of the other party.
Trying to do this without consent is Godmodding.

3. No Godmodding, that is using methods to make yourself unbeatable in combat, like
role play "I put on unbreakable armor" or in combat drag your dead self to a hospital
heal or detach or reset your CCS in a manner to avoid defeat in combat, Calling for
help after defeat or capture in IM or Group chat is a form of Godmodding, to role
play a call for help one must role play a preventable method like Markus uses his comlink or magic medal ((communication script enhanced)) to call for assitance,( the comlink can be taken and broken by the victors) This is further explained in the Rules.
IM the capters if you wish to broaden the role play. When calling for help during or after a fight the act of calling for help must be (1) obvious and (2) preventable in some fashion. Lets make it interesting.

4. No metagamming, is using the things your IC charactor could not know like reading
charactor name tags or the clan tags or personal profiles or anything your charactor
would not know on his own or find out IC to attempt to gain an avantage in the game.
like reading a chat in "Markus used luck 9" and attacking Markus is metagamming "luck
9" not a telegraphed attack like "Markus uses Garotte 8 on Tabriss" is a offensive
attack and can be acted on by Tabriss as a engagement of combat.

5. The main chat is always considered IC any OCC chatter should be refrained and used
with the (( )) or [[ ]] or a occ text tool to show it is occ chatter. Do not use the OCC
around serious role play ongoing it polutes the play, use IM or leave the area, try
to keep the OCC chatter to a minimum and the same for the gestures.

6. Captures are permitted to enhance the dark role play but the profile limits must
be respected, all negotion or communication regarding the capture and the limits of
the capture and its duration if any must be done in IM between the partys involved.
But if you have pass the torture 30 mins capture as limits and you win a combat and
try to torture someone else is not permitted. You too are bound by your own limits.
Be adult not to bring problems regarding capture and limit public, degrading someone
for having limits in public is the same as a out of charactor insult. Fade to black
is respected but not abused, role play the end and or request the capture conclusion
continue later. No capture in the arena.

7.Private houses and castles must be respected in this sim, All Door are Assumed role
Play locked or barred and can be only be attacked by role play if agreed on by the citizen or a clan member of that citizen, Sudden home invasions and castle sieges without proper role play is considered invalid and not permitted. All public areas are IC and if wearing a CCS active you can be attacked at any time for an IC reason. Renters if you wear a CCS you are telling the world you are open to CCS combat at any time, if not wish to role play or CCS due to OCC or IMs, you are required to go noncombative.

8. Do not come here as with a problem with a clan or an individual here for problems
from another sim or for personal IC or OCC reasons to cause grief.

9.Languages are to be respected if not have a babbler try to get one or ask someone, Markus speaks english, his clan has French roots and his Queen speaks spanish, At no time shall any OCC racial, sexual or language insult be permitted here. Expect ejection and Estate Ban and referral to the Global CCS and Second Life Abuse Report.

10. Never argue with the GM ever, his ruling is absolute or he would not be a GM, his
warnings or sanction should be taken in good sportmanship. I f you begin to argue it
is not about the game problem now it is disrespecting a GM subject to immediate
ejection Bann and dock of XP, and forwarding the ruling to the CCS team.

In short please remember this is a game have some fun if you want to be immortal hash and slash kill everything in sight log off and play Doom 3 on your pc at home. :)

MarkusChristopher Llewellyn
Affiliate CCS Sim Administrator

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