Tank Skill Notes

On this page we explain some of the things you should be aware of when allocating and using tank skills

Guard 'Bug'

If you compare the different durations and cool-downs of the different levels of Guard, you will see that Guard 3 and Guard 5 offer a significantly better 'coverage' than any of the other skills. For example Guard 3 has a duration of 45 seconds and a cool-down of 60. That means you can protect your target 75% of the time. Compare this with Guard 4 where the figures are 60 duration, 90 cool-down, 66% coverage.

In other words, Guard 4 is actually ‘worse’ than Guard 3, and Guard 7 is ‘worse’ than Guard 5.

Choose your Guard carefully

Knockdown, KO Blow, and Smash

Knockdown is a ' free' skill that you get when you create your character. KO Blow, and Smash have to be gained over time by levelling.

However, do not be fooled by this into thinking that KO Blow and Smash are somehow better than Knockdown. If your primary objective is to daze your opponent so you can melee them, then knockdown is far better.

Yes, KO Blow and Smash do a small (almost negligible?) amount of damage, but Knockdown has a far lower stamina cost, no cool-down, a longer duration, and longer (20 meter) range than other skills.

So don't devalue Knockdown simply because you got it for free

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