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Strength determines the damage inflicted by melee attack. Melee damage consists of two components, base melee damage and bonus melee damage.

Base melee damage is currently set at 10 damage points.

Bonus melee is determined by the player's strength and class as follows. First a multiplier, currently 0.5, is applied to strength; then a second class-based modifier is applied. The values for this are as follows:

DPS: 1.75
Tank: 1 (increases with damage)
Caster: 0.5
Healer: 0.5
So for example if you are an assassin (human DPS) with strength 20 your melee damage will be

There are a few suggested forules on how this works. But at the moment alll looks wrong at some point.


The formula looks a bit wrong.

[11:12:19] Inxs Slade: for a DPS —-> 1.75 x (10 + pts in strenght/2)
At higher levels this formulas goes wrong and with 100 in Strength you make 66 damage as DPS.

A vampire DPS with strength 100 gives 66 in damage on the varren CCS dummy.
(100*0.5) = 50
50 * 1.75 = 87.5

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