Stellaris Rules


All TOS (Terms of Service) of Second Life apply here.

No players under the age of 18, no child avatars under the age of 18 and no age-based sexual role play allowed. Anyone found breaking the age rules will be permanently banned and reported to Linden Labs. Your presence in this sim is considered as an agreement to those rules and proof you are over 18 years old.

OOC insulting, racist, intolerant behavior is NOT allowed. OOC actions and behaviors that create unnecessary tensions and drama into RP is strictly prohibited and WILL result in immediate ban or an XP dock.

GMs are here to help, they are usually in character (IC), affiliated with families and in play! You can play with them, but listen to them when it comes to rules. All discussion of rules or other GM issues must be in IM, and OOC. GMs are also here to have fun, and would rather not be cops, so please play fair!

PRIVATE HOMES located in the Southwest are private homes, this means that only the tenant has the right to be inside and to allow others inside or to refuse them. All CCS and simrules apply there, and absolutely no camping will be tolerated.

ARENA Stellaris allows some ooc behaviour inside the arena. We ask you to use your sence, and follow GM instructions about being OOC/IC. The arena is supposed to be used for practise and sharing information, also a good place to meet each other….but do not abuse it!

3) CHILD AVATARS: Absolutely no sex based age play allowed. PERIOD. NO ARGUMENTS. Child avatars are not allowed to wear weapons or participate in combat or any other violent acts. Breaking these rules is grounds for an immediate ban!
4) VEHICLES/FLYING: Do not rez cars or other vehicles in the city. Stellaris is a no fly zone. Do not use flight defeating gadgets in the sim. A vehicle is defined as any object that uses the physics engine to drive it (i.e. cars, motorcycles, trucks, chocobos, magic carpets, hover platforms, etc.), rather than an object that attaches to the avatar (i.e. horses, skateboards, bicycles, etc). If you are uncertain whether or not the object you wish to use is a vehicle, please contact a GM for help in determining the difference!
5) FACTIONS: Only Stellaris factions are allowed to recruit members in the sim. No other factions can actively recruit members. Characters are only allowed to be members of one faction at a time to prevent deliberate or accidental metagaming.
6) VENDORS: No one is allowed to rez vendors or to sell their products in the city without ADMIN approval.
7) XP CAMPING: Camping means you are idling in the sim, not participating in role play, doing nothing to earn experience. THIS IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. If you must go AFK for a short period (10 minutes or less) then do /9 OFF to turn your CCS off. IF you will be gone for a longer period it is better to log out. If not available for RP, go noncombat!
8) COMBAT/WEAPON: To participate in Stellaris you do not need to carry a weapon, but if you do, it must be CCS approved. No guns, no nukes are allowed. Bows and Mellee are the standard weapons here. Allways wear the CCS hud and meter. If you see someone not wearing the meter, bring them to the landing point where they can get CCS or the observer tag.
9) GESTURES/SOUNDS: Gestures can be a fun enhancement to role play. Please use them appropriately and rarely. Do not spam gestures or sounds repeatedly as this disrupts role play and is annoying.
10) SHOUTING: Please keep shouting to a minimum and in conjunction with ongoing role play. Constant OOC shouting is disruptive to role play and the mood of the sim .
11) BEING BANNED: If you are punished or banned for violating these rules you can only contact another GM if you feel the punishment was unjust or abusive. Trying to get your punishment lifted by contacting various GMs may only make it worse.
12) REPORTING PROBLEMS: Any issues, questions, instances of rules violations or any other problems can be brought to the GM staff. These are players with "GM" above their meter. Please be polite and straight forward with your issue so it can be addressed quickly. If you have a problem with a GM then bring it to the attention of the sim owner. Any accusations of cheating must be brought to your faction head or a GM to be addressed. Do not make public accusations of cheating.
13) REZZING OBJECTS: Rezzing objects is permitted in Stellaris because RP sometimes requires various props, objects, poseballs and so forth to be added to the sim. Objects left lying around the sim count against the overall prim limit of the sim and reduce the amount for others to use. Renters, of course, can leave items in their apartments within their prim limits. Persistent disregarding of this rule or rezzing a large number of objects will result in disciplinary action. Stellaris is not a building zone.

LANGUAGE: Main language in Stellaris is English, you can get a free translator here:􀀀

COMBAT RULES (adapted nearly verbatim from COLA rules/Medieval Village rules).
*Failure to abide by these or any other rules will lead to disciplinary action.

  • Combat is part of life in Stellaris. If you have a CCS on then you are a target and can be engaged in combat at any time.
  • No Safe Zones: There are no “safe zones” in Stellaris. We ask that you refrain from fighting in the the main TP area .
  • Non-combat: If you wish to avoid combat anytime prior to engaging in combat, use /9 off to turn your CCS unit off. Use /9 on to turn it on again.
  • You are considered to be in combat once you make a melee attack or shoot someone or are yourself shot or melee attacked. The use of offensive CCS skills also starts a combat. Once you are in combat all the following rules apply.

1. You must have your CCS on to fight. In Stellaris you must wear your CCS meter just to be here. Your CCS meter must be visible and readable at all times.
2. No Attacking wihout RP before attacking. If asked you must have an IC reason. Do not engage in a fight for OOC reasons or based on OOC information!
3. Animations are necessary. If you are a melee fighter, armed or unarmed, then you need to have animations that show your character is attacking. You cannot engage in melee without some indication you are actually fighting.
4. No movement enhancers are to be used in combat (flash steps, jump or flight assists, SI blade special moves, wall climbers, teleports, etc.).
5. No turning the CCS off/detaching CCS in combat. Once you are in combat it is illegal to turn off or detach your CCS. You should also not detach your CCS after combat in an attempt to regain your health or avoid defeat. Once all RP associated with the combat is over then you can remove your CCS if you wish.
6. Two Weapons Rule means one weapon is allowed per hand. One two handed weapon (gun or melee, such as sniper rifles, two handed swords, etc.) or one of each (melee and firearm) one hand weapons (handgun+short Sword.)
7. Calling for Help. If you calling for help while participating in, observing or recovering from a fight, the act of calling for help must be obvious and preventable in some fashion. The official (and best way) to do this is to use some sort of factional communications system. Said system must have the following characteristics: it must be visible; there has to be a way that others know it is being used so they can try to stop you from using it; it must be "removeable" so the victor can take it off you; and it must be limited to a single sim. Otherwise the only way of communicating with a fellow faction member is to talk to them face to face.
8. The use of "telepathy", other supernatural abilities, bizarre powers, carrier pigeon and other means to justify the use of personal IMs or Group IMs to summon help or to let others know of a fight is forbidden unless a GM approves it. Such approval will only be granted in the narrowest circumstances.
9. Any sort of combat is supposed to have a definite end with the consequences RP'd afterwards. Fights are not supposed to go on endlessly as each side summons more and more reinforcements from fractions and friends who are outside the sim doing other things or who just happen to get online. The victorious party should not be subjected to endless rescue missions as captured players use all sorts of means to continually let friends, family and factions know of their predicament. Role playing defeat is not something to avoid but a means for your character to grow. Look upon defeat as a positive thing and use communication sensibly.
10. There are no time outs. Once combat has started it goes on until one side wins or surrenders. There is no stopping combat otherwise.
11. Using the hospital healing balls removes you from combat. You may not re-enter a combat once you leave to heal. There is no fighting while you are on a hospital bed. You can engage in combat if attacked in the hospital before or after you heal, but otherwise cannot return to a combat you have left.
12. Only CCS based skills and the CCS approved healing devices in a Hospital can be used to heal during and after combat.
13. Do not use any device that turns you invisible during combat.
14. Child AVs are not allowed to wear weapons or engage in any violent action.
15. Corpse Camping is lame. This is where you stand around a body and wait for the person to revive and then kill them again. It does not matter if the revive is due to a timer, a racial skill, or if revived by another. When a person revives continue RPing the scene. If they attack then you are free to kill them again.
16. Revives. During one on one combat, you should role play being hurt after you have been defeated. Even if your character has a racial revive ability you should RP some sort of injury. You should not immediately revive and attack someone. The racial revives allow you to recover early and maybe escape. If a healer revives you after single combat, you should still RP being injured. EXCEPTION: in group combat scenarios a player can rejoin combat if they are resurrected by a healer and healed back to combat level statistics.
17. Post Battle: When you have been defeated in combat you should Role Play it properly. You are not “dead” but you may be unconscious. Your body is not capable of astounding feats in this state. You can act defiant but are basically at the mercy of the victorious party. If you do not wish to RP out a scene then you can “Fade to Black” (see below). Even if someone else revives you (or you use a self revive), and/or heals you, you should RP being injured. You are just back from near death after all. That means not bouncing back up and attacking or shooting like a maniac (see "Revives" above).
18. Fade to Black. You may call fade to black upon defeat in combat if you need to leave (Log off) or if the RP following the defeat makes you uncomfortable. If you Fade to Black you MAY NOT engage in combat again with the party for 24 hours. Try to set your limits with the victor in advance—in IM or OOC chat— to avoid this or agree events happen even if you don’t RP it, if it is possible to keep RP flowing. Abusing the “Fade to Black” rule will result in disciplinary action. The “Fade to Black” rule is not a way to avoid the consequences of a defeat. It is not a get out of jail free card. If at all possible you and the victor should agree on what happens to your character even if you do not RP it out.
19. Post combat OOC comments, whether from the victorious party gloating or the loser complaining, will not be tolerated. If there is a REAL issue consult a GM immediately, otherwise keep it IC RP only. OOC insults and rude comments will result in disciplinary action. This includes negative comments or insults made in IMs as well as in the open. Be an adult about things, it is only a GAME.
20. No moving corpses. When you are “dead” you are “dead”. You must wait until you revive normally or are revived by a healer or through a racial skill. You are not permitted to move unless you are being dragged or moved by another as part of RP.
21. Death and permanent injury cannot be inflicted without the consent of the other party. Trying to do this without consent is Godmodding.
22. Disputes. If you disagree with the outcome of a fight or suspect your opponent of cheating, remain calm. Remember that mistakes happen and lag can cause really weird things to go on during a fight. Not everyone treats CCS combat as a game to be won. Mistakes happen. DO NOT take the issue OOC!! Do not make public accusations of cheating unless you have proof! Contact a GM and discuss your suspicions and offer any proof that you have. It is the GM's job to determine if a rule has been broken, not yours. Accept a GM's ruling and do not complain about it.

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