Staff Travel Tips

Everyone knows CoLA, but we often get asked for suggestions as to where else to go in CCS. The answers really depend on what you are looking for. These are the recommendations of our main contributors as at September 2010.

Our Favourite Roleplay Sims

These sims offer in-depth, quality rp:

Our Favourite Combat Sims

These sims offer good bash-em up swordplay:

Beauty spots

These are the most beautiful places in the CCS world:

Our Favourite Communities

These sims offer close groups, lots of events and amusing chat:

Sexiest Girls in CCS:

Because we don't speak Spanish or French, we have only included English speaking sims on this list. (We know there are some awesome Spanish and Fench sims out there - but don't know them well enough to make a recommendation)

See here for recommendations from previous months.

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