Rules Forbidden City

Welcome to Beyond the Forbidden City, home of Enemy Down and Catman™. We hope you have fun and enjoy the visit. For your safety we suggest you read the current rules of our sim.

Beyond the Forbidden City is a spanish speaking sim, so if you speak any other language other than Spanish, the use of translators is MANDATORY. BFC allows the use of log record's to resolve problems that may come up.


AFK - Away from keyboard (lejos del teclado)
RL - Real Life
CCS - CoLA Combat System
CoLA - City of Lost Angel's
FTB - Fade to black
GM -Game Master
HP - Health Points
XP - Experience Points
IC - In character
OOC - Out of character
RP - Role play

"DO NOT wear unnecessary scripts objects. (bracelets, chimeras, HUD's of hugs & kisses etc.
"Disconnect "Sim Scanners"," radars"These are not allowed and the use of these could result in a ban from the sim.


BFC (Beyond the Forbidden City) is a SIM dedicated to Role Play (RP) and Combat. Any player who has a "meter" is open to attack, or may start an RP. There are no safe areas at BFC except the "Mall" area. Every player should remain IC. Attacks will not be tolerated without a previous role.

It is mandatory to use the CCS unit (meter), it is not allowed to fight without meter. If you want to stay in the sim and dont want to be part of Rp's, you must wear the OBSERVER tag. The meter should always be visible and in proper colors. Colors that would make the meter difficult to read will not be permitted.

Children avatars are tolerated at the SIM for rps, but are strictly prohibited from engaging in fights, or participation in any rp containing physical or sexual violence.
It is suggested that any player with a child avatar set their meter to NON COMBATIVE, this allows you to rp but prevents you from attacking or being attacked.

Are not a safe zone, despite this fact it is forbidden to board a SKY without prior authorization. Skyboxes are still not free of GM control.

It is prohibitted to rez vendors in the city itself, for appropriate vendor space contact Indy Clarissa.

Only CCS compatible and approved weapons are permitted (Firearms, knives, cutlasses, swords, ECT.) The use of greifing tools and huds, orbiters, cagers are all prohibited.
Two weapons may be used, as long as only ONE is enhanced. The only exception to this is if one of the weapons is a defensive weapon, such as armor. All weapons should have clear and visible animations to show they are attacking. Weapons without animations are prohibited. Weapon stacking to take advantage of a API is frowned upon and will have dire consequences to those that break this rule. The BFC staff will take the necessary steps to make your CCS life a living hell if we catch you stacking.

Any movement enhancers are prohibitted. Flashsteps, quickstep, IT huds, prim riding fall under this category.

Self explanitory, DO NOT FLY. Only GMs carrying out thier duties are allowed to fly.

Gestures are permitted as long as they add to an RP. Spamming and abuse will result in a sanction.

OOC during an RP:
OOC will not be tolerated duringa RP, any player who commits to OOC will be sanctioned, unless there is a very good reason for the OOC. If you have a problem with another player take it to IM. Any OOC will be expressed in ((ooc)) parenthisis. Keep OOC to a minimum. OOC insults are unnecassary and PROHIBITED, breaking this rule will result in a serious sanction.

Camping for xp, being AFK while combative in order to accumulate xp is not permitted. The player must be at the computer while in combative mode. A player must always be aware of local chat. If a player is called on and does not answer for a period of 10 minutes, they will be considered AFK and will be sanctioned.

In BFC, there is no SAFE ZONE. This means that you are open to attack anywhere within the boundries of the city. Rezz zone is only used to enter and exit the city. If you do not wish to be attacked, and you are not being rped or are in a rp, going into noncombative mode is recommended.

Crash and bugs are both 5 minutes. Both statuses are shouted in local. After your 3rd meter bug or crash, or combination of both your are out of any ongoing combat.

NO NAT REVIVE in BFC. Once your meter regenerates you are open to attack once again. Crying over this will not be tolerated.

3 separate lines are required to capture, 3 separate lines are required to release someone.
The use of skills while binded is prohibited.
Gestures used to capture or release are also prohibited.
You cannot release someone who is in the hands (leashed) of someone else. You must first defeat thier capture.
You may not use melee weapons while in possession of a captee, however skills of all kinds may be used.
If you wish to take a captive you must do so with a valid roleplay and do it from the Rezz Zone. We recommend IMing between both parties before doing so. BFC GMs can not intervene in rp once said rp is out of the BFC sim.

In BFC calling for help via cellphones or any other form of communication is allowed, in which case it is not necessary to exit the sim in order to get help. The call for help must be rp'ed well and in a belivable manner.

- A "visitor" calling for help has 15minutes after the rp start to make a call for help. They have 10 minutes after the call to get into the rp, no more back up may enter. (THIS RULE DOES NOT APPLY FOR RESIDENTS, IF YOU NOT AGREE WITH THIS RULE YOU MUST LEAVE)

-Residents from BFC have the right to make a call for help anytime during the rp, after that call for help they would not be able to make another one.

- After the call for help, players have to get in with in 10 minutes from the call. After those 10 minutes ANYONE can join the rp. (THIS RULE APPLY FOR RESIDENTS AND VISITORS)

A player may not stop an rp, teleporting out of an rp is also not permitted. All those that come to rp must come in through the REZZ ZONE and leave through the same. RP is necessary to leave the city.

In BFC your limits are not taken under consideration. If a rp starts to get too uncomfortable for you have the option to ask for a FTB. In order to use this tool, you mus call a GM, explain why you wish to terminate the rp. If approved you will not be able to participate in a RP within BFC limit for a period of 24 hours. Abusing this FTB option will also result in a sanction.

Players within a RP using information gained in OOC to thier advantage will be penalized. Ex: Reading tags, levels, using names if you dont know the person.

You cannot force anyone to follow your RP, everyone is free to set the flow of an RP. Dont act like your invincible. Dont act like a know it all and all powerful in RP. In short dont be an asshole. You can not throw skills through walls/floors, your target must be in sight. Sanctions happen to those that break this rule.

1st infraction: warning, possible ban if appropriate
2nd infraction: 5% dock of total player xp
3rd infraction: 10% dock of total player xp
4th infraction: 15% dock of total player xp
5th infraction: 20% dock of total player xp
6th infraction: 25% dock of total player xp

After the 7th infraction its at the discretion of the GM group as to what the penalty will be, be it a CCS ban or a bigger dock.

Note: OOC insults do not come with a warning, these come with a immediate dock.
The quantity of offenses that a player makes are counted seperately. Ex: Player restarts meter without permission or reason, refuses rp after being defeated, tps out count as 3 infractions.

Remember to enjoy the game and that your an adult so act like one.
Entering the sim means you have read these rules and agree to them. So welcome.

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