Cidade Maldita - Rules English V2 1

Cidade Maldita - General Informations:

Welcome to Cidade Maldita CC SIM. We hope you enjoyyour RP in our city and you get a good experiencewith your friends.

APPLIED: All people (named as players / characters) who comes in "Cidade Maldita" (CCS zone) are considered aware and accordant of SIM's rules

➤ Throught this rules you certify you are aware of your comunity's rules about adult and erotic material, violence and/or erotic/sexual speech; and this kinda of activity is considered acceptable, once you are legaly able to be apart of this kinda of ambience.
➤ You still agree you will respect all SL Terms of Service (SL TOS -
➤ Residents (owners of lands) must even agree with the Covenant of Cidade Maldita.

███ CM / CCS GROUPS: █████████████████

Join our information and help's group and feel free to ask your questions. We are going to solve all your doubts.
(Copy and paste the chosen link at the local chat)
➤ [ Cidade Maldita ] RPg - CCS Player:

███ CCS GENERAL RULES: ████████████████


• AFK - Away from keyboard.
• RL - Real Life.
• CoLA - City of Lost Angels.
• CM - Cidade Maldita.
• CCS - Community Combat System.
• GM - Game Master.
• HP - Health Points.
• XP - Experience Points.
• RP - Role play.
• IC - In Character.
• OOC - Out of character.
• FTB - Fade to black.
CCS Meter is a free combat system that can be getten by any SL resident in the enter's land clicking at the blue board where is writen CCS. To play in Cidade Maldita the player must atach the CCS - MTR and CCS HUD.
Your METER CCS must be visible and readable when you are using it with visible color above your head.
If you are a visitant who is not registered in CCS you will be able to walk around the SIM wearing an Observer Tag but you will not be able to be part or interrupting any RP and/or combat.
In our SIM the player gets 8xp each two minuts of permanence, but you cant camp here.
When we talk about camp we are speaking about gaining xp withou being in SL.. This is not allowed in CCS and you can get a chastisement If a GM identify it. They player who is AFK must answer the called from GM in upto 10 minutes, or he will be penalized.
The player who needs to be out from their computer being in SL must turn their CCS non combative.
If the plays wanna grow up faster in CCS he can get more XP being part of SIM'S events.

• CAPTCHA: it is a anti-camping system that sends a dialog box with six differents combinations of numbers. In the local chat will appear the right number that the player must click in the menu. If the player desnt answer or clicks the wrong number, the system is going to send a messenge to SIM's GM telling them a called check.
Other meter that's not of CCS, flying, using super jump, super speedy, wall climbers, using orbts or cages. We dont allow to use vehicles neither any other object that will not be used during the rp, excepting the land's owners who can drop objects in their lands.
Some CCS zone is a "dark roleplay" simulation. What happens during IC can be confused with OOC. If some player begins disturbing another player in OOC, he will be punished in accordance with the penalities rules of the Cidade Maldita.
Gestures can be funny during the rolepay. Please, use it correctly and not often. Dont abuse of gestures and sounds, using it again and again causing chat spam because it disturbs the roplepay and it is annoying. OOC gestures are not allowed.
The voice is allowed in the SIM but you must use it consciously, not disturbing any roleplay that it is happening in the SIM. So we ask you use it just in OOC areas.
At the Cidade Maldita's subway we have a black square on the floor where is wrote the name of the SIM and "SAFEZONE" in. It means this marked place is a safe zone where nobody can hit your meter but the RP is still allowed.
If any player is in combat and deciding to go to safezone he will not be able to return to the rp unless another player gets a rp with him.
If any player is making part of a rp and he decides to tp out, he must do the action of his departure. If other player folows him up to the safezone, he cant leave the sim untill the rp is done.
Child avatars ate not allowed in this SIM because it is allowed adult and violent material here.
How identifing a child avatar? We know kid's avatars looks like young and are used to belower than 1,4m excluding elfs, fairies and tinies avatars.
All questions, exemples of rule's violations or any other problem can be asked to any GM or in any group above. GM's are players with the tag "(GM)" above their meters. Please, be kind and clear about your problem and/or question, to be treaty at the same way. If you have any problem with some GM, tell it to Orsiolli Oh (adm and owner of this SIM). If you get no solution to your problem, in the latter case contact a Global GM by Suppot CCS Group.

███ COMBATE E ROLE-PLAY: ███████████████

• When any CCS combat is startd, be sure your meter is visible and it is working properly.
• We intend to get as much realism as possible during the fight, so follow the rules below:
– It is allowed to use melee weapons, guns and wrestling.
➤ Melee weapons with one or two attaches. It doesnt matter where it is attached at. If you use a sword, you cant use a punch.
➤ Wrestiling (first combat/karate/etc) is a kind of fight in which the player uses the both hands but he can get just one slim melee weapon (knife, etc).
➤ If the player gets any hard gun attached (rifles/sniper/etc) he cant use any other resource because he is already using the both hands. If he is attaching a small gun, he will be allowed to get another gun or smal melee weapon or a punch.
➤ All weapons must have visible and originals animations.

• It is forbidden to use skills If the target is on the other side of the wall, grids or any other thing that can avoid the contact between both.
• The defeated or captured player must turn their AO off to agree any other animation of meter or ropes works well.

Maximun two ehanced weapons that are part of the same kit and made by the same creator.
The player who crashes or gets any bug at his meter during the combat must shout it at the local chat: ((Crashed 10 min out)) or ((Meter bug 10 min out)). The player can be back to the combat after waiting 10 minuts with his meter non-combative. If the fight is end before this time (10 minuts) the player can turn his meter on immediately returning to RP (If it is going on) or leaving the SIM with his friends, If they are going away.
• The roleplay game is a kinda of game in which the players interpret their characters criating narratives.
• All rp is consensual. All terms of SeconfLife are apllied here.
• No one is obliged to keep any RP. If a player doesnt accept to make part of a RP, he must turn his meter off imediatly being in OOC during whole RP. It is forbidden to return to RP If you left it before.
• All rp must begin after getting a dialogue in IC.
• Since the RP is started the player must do his action (his turn) then to wait the other player turns. Each turn must be detailed to give to the other player a change to react.
We dont consider RP when the player turns alot of times in a row not getting the chance of the other player turns reacting.

– Exemple of turn not acceptable:
- PlayerA gets the ropes in his pocket.
- PlayerA ties the hands and feet of PlayerB
- PlayerA laughs "Hahaha you are my prisionar now"
- PlayerA inspects the pockets of PlayerB checking he gets any weapon.
- PlayerB feels the tight bondages groaning of pain while he is defeated on floor.
- PlayerA walks away after inspecting the playerB finding nothing.

– Exemple of turn acceptable:
- PlayerA gets the ropes in his pocket. He starts tieing the hands and feet of PlayerB with strong ties then he laughs loud saying "Hahaha you are my prisioner now"
- PlayerB feels the tight bondages groaning of pain while he is defeated on floor.
- PlayerA inspects the pockets of PlayerB searching for weapons. Getting nothing, he goes away lefting the PlayerB on the floor.

• Moreover your behavior must be reasonable.
Metagaming & Godmoding ate forbidden. It is also prohibited to to give up a combat leaving it. The only exceptions are:
– If both players agree it;
– If any player asks Fade to Back (FTB).

Background is the basic story of your character. It must get relevant informations to your roleplay. For exemple your BG is going to be necessary If you decide to use any object that you have not attached. SO you must have this item described on your BG's inventory.
(This notecard contains basic informations to get a good Background)
We recommend you to keep this informations on your picks for quick view.
During a combat in Cidade Maldita, the player is able to ask for external help If he follows the steps below:
• The player must go to the Safezone to rp his left from the city to ask for help. His meter must be 100% of Health and Stamina (completly full with no hit). After doing the RP, the player who called help will be able to return to the rp in 15 minuts.
Players resident in this city are able to get part of a rp that is already happening. They must rp their arrival and identification of the situation to validate their participation.
Please, shout as minimum as possible while you are rping. Shouts in OOC are forbidden in this SIM.
• Always a player is defeated he can be captured by other player with a nice and detailed RP.
• A player can leash just one person.
• When a person leashes another, both are not allowed to use skills.
• If someone want to rescue a player who is leashed he must kill the captor then do a nice and detailed rescue RP.
If you are defeated you must wait the "natural revive" or to be revived for some healer. You cant move when you are defeated unless another player drags you. We recommend you turn your AO off If you are defeated to let the CCS animation works properly.
Corpse Camping happens when some player is around a defeated person waiting he revives naturally to kill him again. We consider this behavior completly IDIOT!
It is allowed to kill someone who is trying to run away or fighting again, even If he revives naturally, but not by Corpse Camping.
If the player is rping defeated and he is revived by healer or natural revive he must continue the rp that is already happening. Natural revive doesnt break the rp that's active.
RP Limits are actions or unpleasant situations that the player doesnt agree to make part even not being a real situation. Your limits are unique! Even other players dont agree with them, it is your right to demand that your rights are respected. However RP Limits must be serious, with no abuses of restrictions, for not prejudicing the RP. Your RP Limits must be clears and set on your picks to quick visualization.

➤ RP LIMITS, TIME OF CAPTURE: a lot off people are used to abuse of the time of capture so we dont agree this RP Limits to avoid problems. But you still have right of stopping the RP If you dont feel confortable with the situation. To stop he RP you need to ask a FTB to any GM or agree it with the player who captured you.

➤ If anyone disrespects your RP Limits ask a FTB by a GM.
A player can ask a FTB when he needs to log off or just leave the RP It it becomes uncomfortable. The player must write "FTB" in chat then ask for GM and to explain him why is asking FTB. This resource will cancel all RP done and the player will not be allowed to return to the SIM during 24hr.
We define a sentence out the interpretation of the character writing in brackets ((like that)) to be sure it wlil not be confused with the phrases in the character (IC - In Character)
OOC Insults to any member of our comunity is completly forbidden. If you feel yourself injured, require intervention of a GM of our team.
Godmoding is a kinda of behavior that describes excessive manipulation or use of situations to become your character invencible like a God. This is considered a grave mistake for other players because it can be really annoying to everybody.
The player must avoid this actions because you can be punished and besides being considered a bad player.

███ ABOUT DOUBLES XP's: ███████████████

❯❯❯ During Double XP we have NO TOLERANCE to mistakes. GM will control all players often.
❯❯❯ If the player is combative he must be active in RP and be part of all event that happens in the SIM.
❯❯❯ The player who leaves the computer must turn his meter off being non-combative for not being catch during any anti-camping control. If the player is surprised camping he will be punished with reduction of XP (dock) equivalent to level adding two zeros multiplying by three.
eg: Player lvl 44 will receive a dock of "4400*3=13200xp".
❯❯❯ During Double XP we cant avoid the lag but we can try to ease it keeping the ARC (Avatar Rendering Cost) under 1500. To check it click in menu Advanced (ctrl alt D to enable it) > Rendering > Info Displays > Avatar Rendering Cost. We ask it to reduce the lag of your simulator to try t have a better performance. If the player insists to keep his ARC over this value he will be ejected by the SIM.
❯❯❯ During this time we will keep the SIM closed agreeing free access just for SIM's team and residents. If not resident wants to get free access he must buy his ticket getting part of this group:

(copy and paste this link in local chat)

Dont forget this group is temporary so all its members will be ejected when the event is end.

███ PENALITIES: ██████████████████████

❯❯❯ If any player breaks the rules described above you must click "GM Call" botton to ask a GM. After reviewing it, the GM will define If any rule was violated. If it happened the player can be penalized by the GM.
❯❯❯ BEING BANNED (CCS and/or SIM): If you are banned for violating any rule and you think It was unfair or abusive, you can contact a GM Admin of the SIM. Trying to erase the punishment contacting a lot of GM's it will just increase the time of your penality.
❯❯❯ It is forbidden to dispute against any GM. If you do it you can still be punished. GM's decision is final and not subject to appeal.

Rules by Orsiolli Oh Cidade Maldita Owner/GM admin.
Translation by Lover Vollmar.
Cidade Maldita Regras v2.1 - Outubro/2010.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License