Rule Amendments 1 December 2010

Thoughts on the proposals :
1. Stealing racial points - yes, agree.This should not be allowed.

2. Captor to be defeated while holding leash. This proposal needs to be elaborated on, ie. leashing a captive for the duration of the fight is senseless. Claiming the reason as neutralising the enemy healer is not realistic in a *fair and fun* play. If rp'ed properly, the captive can be released is my opinion.
So I do not agree with the current proposal of defeating the one holding the leash. People are leashed for long periods and being dragged across the battlefield with no rp. This is sensless.

3. Random shooting. Yes, some rp is required - pre or post.

4. Any help call should have some realistic properties and done in a realistic manner. The cola rules ( which we follow broadly ) is very specific on this, ie..should be clear, concise, preventable ( taking comms away )…not done using silly things like *pulling rats of my ass and send them across for help * etc.

5. Enemies taken captive. Yes, one per person is realistic and only using skills in this mode..not mellee.

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