Requiem CCS Rules

By Entering the REQ city RP area you confirm that you have read and understood the rules and are over 18 years of age and that you understand this is a dark RP sim You can expect to see or be part of scenes of violence such as abduction, torture, mutilation and sexual violence.. If you have any questions about the rules please contact Tari Ember, Frodo Tereshchenko or RoxyLee Rayna.

In order for any RP environment to run smoothly there are some rules and guidelines that must be followed. Aside from the rules listed below common courtesy is expected. We are all here to have fun.

Please remember Rping on this sim is not about winning or losing, It is about creating stories and developing characters.

1) Strictly no No cages, traps, Radars, misty huds, chat spies, push tools. No flying or vehiccles (please remember these items usually all rezz something on the sim or on your avatar that is detectable by sim Gms)

2) Child Avatars:
Child Avatars are not allowed. This is a mature sim. If your avatar looks like a child you will be warned that you need to change it or you will be removed from the sim

3) The CCS meter:
You can get one for free where you teleport in. Or in the arena. You MUST wear your ccs meter to RP on the sim. People who are not wearing a ccs meter may simply be observing or be on the sim for other reasons. If you are observing RP or are on the sim for other reasons, please be respectful of whats going on around you and talk in IMs.

Your CCS meter must be visable and readable when you are wearing it. Bright color and above your head.

4) No camping! If your meter is active you must be at your keyboard and avialible for RP.

5) Out of character/OOC
This is an RP sim where you are expected to be in character as much as possible. Statements made out of character must be in ((in brackets)) Or be clearly marked as OOC using an RP tool. This is so your fellow players know what you are saying is not in character and helps minimize confusion between IC (in character) and OOC(out of character) statements.

Insulting or argumentative comments stated OOC to other members of this community are completely PROHIBITED. If you have an issue that you feel requires the intervention of a mediator, contact a GM

Post combat OOC comments.
Complaining will not be tolerated. If there is a genuine issue contact a GM immediately.

6) Meta-gaming:
No Meta- gaming. Meta-gaming is defined as: When a player uses information they have obtained Out of character (OOC) pertaining to or directly regarding an ongoing storyline, situation or player and then, by means of role play, uses that information.

7) God modding/powergaming
No godmodding or power gaming. Role-players who bypass social interaction before attacking (ie. firing a gun without warning or provocation through role-play), use excessive force during combat without expressed consent, or imposes damage/harm without giving other participants a chance to respond (ie. /me stabs you and runs away) are considered power gamers.
For example, if someone swings a pipe at your head, you may duck to avoid it and then respond with your own force. However, if 4 people attack you, you wouldn't realistically be able to avoid them all. Also, if you plan to confront a police officer, be prepared to get arrested. Claiming to escape in these situations is considered to be unrealistic and unacceptable RP. Power gaming like this will cause you to lose respect amongst other role-players, results in ejection or even banishment. Play fair; it’s more fun!

8) Reporting problems:
Any issues, questions or any other problems can be brought to the GM staff. (Names and pictures are displayed in the TP area) Please be polite and straight forward with your issue so it can be addressed quickly. If you have a problem with a GM then bring it to the attention of Tari Ember, or RoxyLee Rayna

Nobody is going to be yelled at for making a mistake. But Requiem staff will investigate any accusations of cheating or violations of sim rules. Do not make public accusations of cheating. Disrupting the game with OOC complaints in local chat or group chats may result in your temporary removal from the sim.

9) While in Requiem you may be the target of CCS combat anywhere at any time. There must be RP before, during, or after combat. And a player must have a valid reason for starting an attack.

10) No movement enhancers while in combat. No dashers, flash steps, gadgets that make you phantom, no jumpers or flight assists, wall climbers, etc. Using any form of enhanced movement or teleportation.

11) No removing or turning of your meter once you are in combat.

12) Weapons.
Only one weapon per hand (lets be realistic and yes even if your char has 20 hands or tentacles! Only one per hand) Only one enhanced weapon per avatar.

13) Calling for assistance.
Calling for help: This is allowed by two methods only. 1) By safely retreating to the TP point, you are assumed to be cleared to contact for assistance. This must however be properly RPd and a simple /me dials his family will not suffice. 2) By retreating to the safe point then TPing out to RP gathering assistance. NOTE: In both instances, logs must be available for access by GM if required. ( The safe point is the area you first TP into and all assistance must arrive in that area.

14) Crash during combat
If you crashed during a group fight, you must wait 10 minutes before rejoining the battle if it is still going. If the fight is already over, it's best to come into the RP on whichever side your group is currently in, whether they won or lost. You must turn your meter off and turn it back on once your ten mins has finnished.

If you crash during one on one combat you must RP defeat. ( Unless both parties agree otherwise)

15) No ccs healing balls or objects can be used in combat. You may not use a ccs healing item then rejoin combat.

16) Corpse camping/moving corpses
This is where you stand around a defeated person wait for them to revive or be revived then kill them agian. This is not alloweed. If you are already Rping a scene where you are captured or bound you should continiue to RP the scene not avoid it or ignore it because your ccs revived you.

No moving corpses. Your meter hits zero you should remain still unless someone RPs dragging etc

17) Revives/Rping defeat
During one on one combat you should RP being wounded after you have been defeated. You should NOT immidiatly revive and attack. It is assumed your character has taken such a beating or is so worn out they are not able to fight back, not thru CCS and not thru roleplay. You are at the mercy of the victor.

In group combat scenarios a player can rejoin combat if they are resurrected by a healer and healed back to combat level statistics.

In group combat you may find that once you are defeated a player may RP binding you and or removing your weapons. If this happens you are unable to rejoin combat unless there has been RP to unbind you and you have gotten your weapon back or another player has given you a weapon.

To bind a person in group combat you must issue them capture bindings. Or ensure they are wearing their own. So their team mates can see who is captured and RP releasing them if necessary .

You may not Continue combat with a captive bound to to you using the leash option on capture bindings, Your captive would anchor you meaning you would not be able to move around to fight.

19) FTB
If you need to log off for RL or the RP is going in a direction that makes you uncomfortable or breaks one of your limits, you may Fade to Black (FTB).

Fading to black is NOT the same as voiding a scene. When you fade to black, you simply fast forward, skipping whatever portion of the RP that would make you feel uncomfortable, if not the whole scene. Your character is STILL EFFECTED BY THIS. This is never an ideal option and should be avoided. Talk in IMs to the other person and see if you can find a comprimise. Even if you log off for RL reasons be sure to communicate with the person you are RPing with so you know the outcome of the scene and what happened to your char so you can RP it out when you next log on.

FTB is not a way to avoid defeat RP abuse of this rule will not be tolerated.

20) Death/Permanant injury.
You can only inflict death or permanant injury with the consent of the other party. Please be mindful of this when Rping things that would be virtually impossible to heal. On the other hand, please be creative. If a lycan bites you, and you don't want to turn into a lycan then go to the angels, elves or other people for help. Use every scenario as a way to develop your RP and get other people involved rather then stopping the RP and claiming it breaks a limit.

21) RP limits.
Roleplay limits are things that you do not wish to play out. However they should be serious limits. There is little point being in a dark RP setting and having ' no dark RP' as a limit. If you feel somebody is breaking your RP limits contact a GM at the time. Please note. There is no, 'No capture limit' On this sim.

22) Recruiting
Only official REQ factions can recruit on this sim. This means no making a groups and claiming they are directly affiliated with REQ, or REQUIEM or the RP in general. If you wish to make a group and are unclear on the rules Please contact staff.

23) Please keep shouting and gestures to a minimum.

** Please note the beach located to the south/southwest side of the sim. Is not an RP area. This area is set aside for fishing tournaments and competitions that help support the sim. Please do not disrupt any ongoing competitions.*

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