Rem Region Rules
  • Rem Region Rules * ( 3 May 2011 )

Sims included :
Rem, Bronx, Vampire Highlander ( VH ), Land of Vampires ( LOV )
~ 8xp CCS Roleplay ~

Rules of Conduct & Roleplay

Lindens Lab terms of Service ( TOS )
By rezzing and roleplaying in Rem Region you inherently agree to abide the rules when entering the sims. You must be over the age of eighteen (18) and that you are not offended by violence, adult language or any sexual content. The owners of Rem Region defers all responsibility beyond this agreement, in legal liabilities, to the trespassing party. Parties not over the age of eighteen (18) are trespassing and thus legally liable for their own actions. You agree to allow the use of chat logs by by sim owners, GM's and administrative staff for the sole purpose of determining game rule violations. Logs will never be used in any fashion except in sim administrative situations.

Rem Region Sims are English speaking sims. If you are not a English speaker then it is your responsibility to wear a translator and make it a friendly environment for all within the language barrier.

If you are not part of CCS Support then we encourage you to be part of it as it is very essential when you need support in CCS. All Gms are there to help you.

The Sims adopt the rules of the City of Lost Angel's (CoLA) with the exception of the rules as detailed below. In the case of a conflict of rules between CoLA and Rem Region, Rem Region rules shall govern. If rules are silent on a topic, CoLA rules shall apply.

To read the CoLA rules, browse to:


AFK - Away from keyboard
RL - Real Life (rumored to exist)
CCS - CoLA Combat System
CoLA - City of Lost Angel's
FTB - Fade to black
GM - Games Master
HP - Health Points
XP - Experience Points
IC - In character
OOC - Out of character
RP - Role play


CCS Meters are available for free at teleport points on all sims.
While you are on any of the sims you are required to wear your CCS meter, whether you are actively engaged in combat or not.

Removing and reattaching your CCS meter In order trick the CCS system into resetting your Hit Points (HP) and Stamina is not allowed under any circumstances. If you are sparring or training and you die, you must still use player healers, heal balls or time to regain these stats.

Removing your CCS meter or going "Noncom" after a battle has begun in an attempt to avoid that battle is not permitted.


Observers are welcome in the Rem Region Sims to test the waters and see if this type of RP is right for them. While they are evaluating the sims, they are not required to wear a CCS meter. Instead, they are suggested to wear the Observer tag, . Observers may not interact with other players except through IM or infrequent use of OOC chat (within brackets). Observer status is temporary, and if a player or GM suspects you of taking advantage of this status in order to spy, grief, or other illegal activities you may be asked to leave, or banned.

** You do not have a right to be an asshole. Treat others as you wish to be treated. In simple terms… nicely, considerately, and enjoy!

** Combat must include Role Play. An attack without some form of Role Play, by individuals or groups, is prohibited.

Exceptions to this are:

Rem. Rem is a warzone, and rp is not needed for an attack. You rezz in rem, be ready for a fight.

** No Child Avi what so ever is allowed. No if, but, or , ands. Child Avi is strictly not allowed in Rem Region.

** Flying is NOT allowed in the sim. Do NOT rez any form of vehicle. The sims are no fly zone and do not use flight gadgets.

** CCS Camping - This means you are not behind your computer nor at your keyboard, it means you are unable to respond to those that approach you in roleplay or in combat. This is strictly forbidden.
GM Drone will take care of player until player is killed by the drone. Once player is killed then GM will perform the necessary actions and punishments seen fit for the player at hand.
A warning will be noted on the players CCS sheet. Anti idler devices are NOT allowed and if caught a possible ccs ban could take place. If player is caught camping several times, a dock will take place.

If you are AFK you are advised to turn off your CCS meter and once you get back you may put it on again.

On your CCS HUD attached to your screen - The check mark is to put on and off your meter
Using F2 Main Menu on your CCS HUD, you find an ON & OFF button in the center to turn on and off your meter.

** Crash in Combat /Meter Bug and Time Frame of wait- Player gets 2 meter bugs and on the 3rd they are out OR 2 crashes and on the 3rd player is out OR player gets 1 meter bug & 1 crash and the 3rd player is out. Crash time out is 5 Min .. for Meter error it is 5 min out . During the time out the meter must be set to Non Combat.
Player must past crash/meter bug out time and rejoin time. So *IN* and *OUT* time must be pasted in order for player to rejoin.

** Poaching - This is an act of going into a CCS community and pulling out players to your sim/community. This is NOT allowed. Only Rem Region factions/clans can recruit inside Rem Region Sims.

** OOC and IC - Try and stay IC at all times and if need be go OOC in IM's. Please use brackets for OOC talk so others can tell the difference when you are in or out of character. Please try and keep OOC minimal, when an ongoing RP is present.

Instant Messages (IM's) are ALWAYS considered OOC. With this in mind, be aware that OOC insults are strictly forbidden.

If you are level 15 or above, you have been in the CCS system a while and are expected to know the difference between OOC and IC communication. Blurring the line between the two could result losing XP and / or a potential ban from the sim A one day ban to start, with more added as necessary. Since you are over eighteen, we expect you to behave like an adult, so claims that you were instigated or goaded into OOC insults are not an acceptable excuse.

(( my computer is so slow today)) = OOC
"you have not seen the last of me yet" = IC

** Metagaming is not allowed - This is when a player receives or knows information about another player or clan without RP.
i.e….tag reading, friend of a friend, sheet reading ( looking at a players profile to go kill them)

** Godmodding - You cannot pretend to be immune or untouchable. You are NOT God ! For every action there is a a reaction.
i.e……Sam punches Tony in the face knocking him out……this is godmodding, the correct way is Sam throws a punch at Tony…..(Now Tony has the right to type his reaction).. Godmodding means you cannot RP you are undefeatable by any sense, nor respond to the other players reaction. They must have a chance to react.

** RP Limits - We may hate it, but if another player has a problem with a certain role played scene , please respect it, if there can be no agreement, please IM or call a GM for a FTB ( Fade to Black).


You may Fade to Black (FTB) A FTB may be used if you are not comfortable with the roleplay and they will not negotiate something different OOC.

You may also FTB if you need to exit Rem Region Sims for a prior committment (explain that in IM) or to log out of SL due to RL constraints (explain that in IM).

A FTB means you have literally and magically disappeared from the situation. The defeator can no longer roleplay with you in that situation. IF you use FTB, you must leave the area for a period of one hour and you may not engage in combat with the other player for a period of three hours.
Depending on the Situation, a FTB may mean fading an entire scene, so you cannot use that scene in your next RP.

FTB has to be agreed upon by a GM and documented.

** VOID RP Scene - This means, that both roleplaying parties agree to discontinue the rp as if it never happened or if a GM is called and they cannot rectify a complaint or dispute between two or more Rp-ing players, the RP maybe Voided.
i.e…..names, rp scenes in future and or referenced to may not be used.

** Left in Scene ( LIS ) - This means if a player has to go RL all of a sudden, or if SL acts up, or the sim crashes both RP parties agree to continue RP at a later date.
i.e….a player is complaining of very heavy lag to the point they cannot move, chat lagged and they cannot keep up with the RP or they are having problems attaching weapons.

** Calling in Reinforcements/ Help - Please note this rule varies sim to sim. In this region you must RP calling for help. You cannot directly TP help into a fight. All reinforcements/help must TP into the sims TP point/landmark then they must walk/run to the battle or the RP scene.

You may NOT call for help if you have been CCS defeated.

** Permanent Damage to AVI - It must be agreed by both players on this as it can cause an avatar to cancel their character. One cannot just go to another and cut of their head/ behead them. Player one and player two must agree to such a thing.

** Capture and Leashing


Capture is allowed in Rem Region Sims. I would advise persons doing the capturing NOT TO GODMOD. Just because you won a battle doesn't mean you can do what you wish with the prisoner. Respect other's limits. Verify OOC ( in IM )that they are ok with what you're about to RP.

To the captured:

If you are Captured you CAN NOT release yourself whilst in rp with your capturor. . This means that you will have to be released or unbound by another person via rp.

If your tied up and left alone you can free yourself, however you must RP it out.
If your are defeated and crash, and you come back after the crash, the RP HAS To continue…you have to IM the person who were RPing with and let them know if they want to continue as you crashed, you can log back at some other place but still have to "continue" the RP. We understand that you crashed, but make sure you understand that a crash cannot be used an as exuse to escape RP, so again, when you log back in the RP has to continue.

To the capturer

Respect the OOC wishes of the captured and agree on their limits.

NO one while captured is to use ANY skills whatsoever. Unless it is part of the rp and agreed upon for example a healer is captured and the persons who captured the healer want the healer to Ressurect one of the enemy persons. Otherwise no skills are to be used by a captive.

Three (3) RP lines to capture and leash. Three (3) RP lines to break free.

Player that is holding the leash, is considered to be holding it with both hands, therefore the leasher cannot melee or fight. They can only use skills.

If player holding leash is killed, then the player that is leashed is freed, no RP is required.

There is no need to kill the leasher to free someone, least three lines is needed to free someone on a leash.
Saying something like " cut rope and drag" is NOT allowed.

** Corpse Camping - You cannot defeat a player and stand on their head or right next to them and wait for their natural revive and kill them again or repeatedly. Player must be given a chance to revive.

Natural Revive takes five minutes. When someone revives naturally they have only less 30 HP. Players are not allowed to kill or use any skills on anyone who has just naturally revived unless they attack first. You must state ((Natural Revive)) and step to the side, using skills will put you back in action, and a target. Remember sometimes things occur and you are killed while Natural Revive, please do not start ooc problems, if this occurs, 90% of the time it was accidental.

If they are healer revived, restored or resurrected, they are fair game and may be considered a target.

** Jump and/or Movement Enhancers - Jump enhancers are strictly forbidden during combat. Some AO's come with built in jump enhancers and it is strongly advised that you take of your AO before engaging in combat. Using a jump enhancers will only lead you to severe punishments valuated by a GM.

Movement/Motion Enhancers - These are gadgets giving you the ability to TP or shift to a camera or go to a non-physical location. They are strictly prohibited.

Grappling hooks are allowed and you need to RP using not just throw it and climb .

** Public Heal Balls are located in Hospital / Common areas and may be used by all to heal.

Heal Poses are only allowed in OOC space … NOT during IC combat. Rezzing a personal healer in an In Play area is not allowed.

IC healing may ONLY be by Public Heal Balls, player healers or naturally (i.e., over time).

If you leave a fight to use Public Heal Balls, you cannot return to that fight. You can however join another fight somewhere else and you can defend if you are attacked.

You cannot use a Public Heal Ball while being attacked. If you do use a Public Heal Ball during an attack, your attacker may continue to attack.

** CCS Defeat - If you are defeated in individual or group combat, you are considered "Defeated", not "Dead." (You can roleplay a death if you like if both parties agree and main character agrees).

After CCS defeat, you may do one of three things:

1. RP a post-defeat scenario with the winner (dying, being taken prisoner, being tortured or violated by the winner, etc.)

2. Natural Revive means your out for 5 min after your revives, and if in that time you "limp home" to heal. If you do this you may not return to the same battle. ( this is a option by a player to either heal or nat revive )

3. Revive's by Healer means you can come up fighting again.

You may NOT call for help if you have been CCS defeated.

** All areas, excluding malls are considered ((IC)) and therefore are open for rp and attack.
There is currently three (3) malls in the Rem Region which is considered OOC areas.
Spending unlimited time in a mall is considered camping and not allowed. A reasonable period is considered 20 minutes, but can be extended if proven necessary.
The arena in LOV is considered IC area, however, this area is also used for training and sparring…and thus it is requested to take any offensive action outside the arena.


If you don't want to role play with someone, what do you do? Follow these three steps and you'll be fine.

1. Contact that person in IM (remember that IM is always OOC so be polite and no insults) and explain the situation. You will need to have a GOOD reason to avoid RP.

2. If the other party does not comply with your wish and continues with the RP, call a GM. Your meter is now set to Non while you wait for a GM.

3. Don't leave the location or otherwise you'll not be able to solve the situation.


We allow 2 weapons in total per AV only. The following Combinations are the allowed

1) Only 1 melee weapon can be used at a time. Animation fist count as a melee weapon. Dual handed weapons are permitted, ex: claws, knuckles, katanas, etc. This is still 1 weapon but classed as using two hands so no other weapons maybe used ie 1 handed guns, with dual use melee weapons.

GM's uses an API detector to know if players are using CCS enhanced weapons, and how many.
Only one (1) API mellee is allowed.

Basic rule : Duals melee weapons have ONLY one API. This means, the detector will NOT report the secondary items since they are not enhanced, they are just part of a dual, only the main weapon is enhanced, the other one usually acts like a switch to enable or disable some features of the main weapon.

2) Guns do not count as a melee weapon, so you can wield a one handed gun and one melee weapon. You can use the melee weapon without having to holster the gun.

3) You can weild a two handed gun, ex: rifle and a NON enhanced melee animation, BUT you must holster the gun before using melee.

4) You can not shoot through prims or walls.


Melee Animation is defined as Fists of fury, Mollyblades, fist fighter, Epee, DCS fighter etc

Any voilation of this or attempt to wear hidden HUDs will result in severe penalties

For Melee only one CCS enhanced weapon per AV is allowed, you cant have 2 CCS enhanced mellee weapons on your AV. This is not case for Guns, guns strictly follow the rules above


Examples of violent role playing are:

rape, torture, mutiliation, etc.

Violent role play may occur in Rem Region Sims, ONLY if both parties agree to it OOC, either with communications / negotiations within brackets in open chat or IM. Reading avatar's profiles to see what their role play limits are is NOT considered metagaming.


You may use CCS skills anywhere, even through WALLS or around corners.

You may NOT use CCS skills when you are defeated.

As a captive you cannot buff / heal your rescuers until you are freed.


As of right now there are none, There are no Safe zones RP areas. The TP points are Rezz zones. once your out of this rezz point your in the RP, you CANNOT run into the rezz point to escape RP or an attack. So to be clarify, If you leave the TP area your fair game and if you re-enter the zone when your in the middle fight, the chaser has every right to chase after you and attack you. This applies to combat related RP's only. So you cannot use these zones as a means to escape from a fight.


Player A attacks or gets attacked by Player B. If Player A wishes to escape the attack, they can run away and get to an area and make sure there is no one chasing them before leaving. Since the Sims are all connected, you can find an area away from the attackers anywhere on our sims.

** Griefing - Griefing will NOT be tolerated what so ever. Even if player says 'ooops I set this of by mistake, it will not be tolerated what so ever.

** Vehicles

No vehicles are to be rezzed in Rem Region Sims. In Rem there is a jeep available near the rezz zone, this is only vehical allowed, and to be used in Rem only. Do not drive to other sims

** Respect a GM.

GM's are there to help you resolve any issues, All conversations with GM's are considered OOC, so be careful what you say. Be polite and have logs ready (logs should take a realistic amount of time to hand over, or gm my suspect doctoring is occuring).
Gm's are not computers or robots…give them time to access the situation go through all the necessary logs , so they can evaluate properly in order to give the final verdict.
Do not be difficult and defensive. If a GM is dealing with a situation, please allow them time to deal with it. They will listen to both sides before making a call. If you disagree with a GM's decision you can appeal to a senior GM or sim owner.

** ~ Basic CCS COMMANDS for you CCS HUD and Meter~~

/9profile - to look at your profile

/9level - incase you missed your leveling

/9color <xxx,xxx,xxx> - if you want to change your ccs meter color

/9hidestats - to hidestats

/9showstats - to show your stats

  • The question mark on your CCS HUD is to call for GM Assistance on the sim you are in
  • The check mark is to put on and off your meter

*The little man icon is to go to your character sheet

  • The fan icon is to drop down you CCS menu manually

Rules updated May 2011 - Xania Caudron.

Rem Region Staff

Ticino Boa - Admin GM
Sweety Dollinger - Admin GM
Xania Caudron - Admin GM

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