Ravenhurst Vtm Character Creation Instructions

World of Darkness (WOD)
Vampire: the Masquerade (VtM) Character Creation Instructions - September 2009

Jebediah Inglewood (Sept 2009)
Based on work by -Leviathan Denimore.

Ravenhurst - Disclaimer and Sources


Please contact one of these Ravenhurst VtM Storytellers with any VtM character creation questions, and/or to submit your character sheet for approval:

Treason Eisenhart, Jebediah Inglewood, Dorien Gray, Sadler Lytton


Within this document you will find the tools to create and perfect your Vampire:The Masquerade character for use in the Ravenhurst by Night sim. There are a few things about character creation that need to be mentioned right up front:

1. All characters are subject to approval by the Storyteller board before a character sheet can be used for dice rolls, combat, and role play on the sim.

2. Initially, the character you create will be limited in terms of generation. Characters start with a base generation of 13th. The lowest generation a new character may be is 10th, through the use of the “Generation” background (more about this later). Storyteller permission is required to deviate from this 10th Generation cap.

3. Along your internet travels you are going to find Disciplines, Paths, Backgrounds, etc, that have been created by different groups for use within VtM. If you wish to use one of these, simply petition one of Ravenhurst’s Storytellers and explain to them what it is and how you wish to use it. (Remember your character should always have a legitimate In-Character reason for knowing everything she does.)

4. The Storyteller Board makes decisions about rules and exceptions on a case by case basis, in the interest of fair game-play for all, and never for personal vendettas for or against any player. These decisions are final.


Here are the steps to create your character and the formulas to determine character statistics, to be recorded on your Character Sheet.

Ravenhurst - VtM Character Sheet - Aug 2009

Determine a basic idea for your character (a WWI aviator embraced by a Toreador in France during the war; a Polish soldier during the Napoleonic wars embraced by Nosferatu in Vienna; a hairdresser from 1960’s Queens, embraced by Brujah.., whatever). Keep this idea in mind as you determine the traits of your character, below. Let your selections create the character you’ve envisioned. Finally, come up with a name for your character, if you do not plan to simply use your SL avatar name. Record these facts on your character sheet. For example: “Thomas Jenkins, Tremere, 18th century scholar of the occult.”

Here is an additional resource that may be of help:
Ravenhurst - The Beginners Guide to the World Of Darkness

From the documents below, select your Clan, Concept, Nature, and Demeanor. Record them at the top of your character sheet.

Currently, Ravenhurst limits which clans a player character may adopt If you wish to play a type not listed here, please consult a Storyteller (ST) before creating your character concept and sheet. These are the clans currently allowed:
1. Brujah *
2. Malkavian
3. Toreador
4. Ventrue Full clan and sect descriptions are available in the "Clans" document below
5. Gangrel
6. Nosferatu *
7. Lasombra *
The creation of a character in any of the groups marked with a * should be coordinated with the Primogen (the head of the Clan in Ravenhurst), as well as with an Storyteller (who can point you to the proper Primogen). Dont worry, this doesn't mean you can't play these clans. It just means there are more folks available to help you!
Ravenhurst - Clans
Ravenhurst - Concepts
Ravenhurst - Natures and Demeanors

There are nine Abilities that define your character’s inherent capabilities. They are grouped into three categories: Physical, Social, and Mental.

1. You begin with one “dot” in each Ability, already.

2. Based on your character idea and Clan, choose which category to allocate 7 dots to, which category will get 5, and which will get 3. RECORD those values (7, 5, or 3) in the parentheses next to that category on your Character Sheet. For example:

MENTAL ( 5 )
SOCIAL ( 3 )

3. Then, distribute the allocated dots to the Abilities within each category, recording them on your Character Sheet, like so:

SOCIAL: ( 5 )
Charisma- * * *
Manipulation- * *
Appearance- * * *

Attributes represent the things you have learned throughout your (un) life. There are three categories of Attributes: Knowledges, Skills, and Talents.

1. Based on your character idea and Clan, choose which category to allocate 13 dots to, which category will get 9, and which will get 5.

2. PLEASE, document to which Attribute Category you assign each value (13/9/5) on your character sheet, by placing it in the parentheses next to the category name. Example:

SKILLS ( 13 )

3. Distribute the allocated dots to the attributes within each category—up to 3 in any Attribute—like so: Firearms- * * *

There are three categories of Advantages: Backgrounds, Disciplines, and Virtues.

1. BACKGROUNDS (5 dots):
Ravenhurst - BACKGROUNDS - Sept 2009

a. Distribute a total of 5 dots among the Backgrounds explained in the document
above. You can have one Background at 5 dots, 5 background at 1 dot, or any
combination in between.

b. Record your Background selection(s) on your Character Sheet, along with the
number of dots assigned to each. Example: Resources- * * *

2. DISCIPLINES (3 dots in Clan disciplines):
Ravenhurst - Disciplines

a. From the document above, select your clan’s Clan Disciplines. Caitiff may select
any disciplines—but be prepared to justify them with your backstory!

b. Distribute a total of 3 dots among these Disciplines. You may place all 3 dots
in a single discipline, one in each, or any other combination.

c. Record your Clan Discipline selection(s) on your Character Sheet, along with the
number of dots assigned to each, in the space provided. Example:

Celerity- * *
Potence- *

3. VIRTUES (7 dots)
The three Virtues are Conscience/Conviction, Self-Control/Instinct, and Courage.

a. Distribute a total of 7 dots among the three Virtues, at least 1 dot in each.

b. Record your dot allocations to your Character Sheet:

Conscience/Conviction- * *
Self-Control/Instinct- * *
Courage- * * *

Your character may have either Humanity or a Path.

a. Humanity is the default. It is the sum of your Conscience + Self Control. Your
Humanity/Path can never be higher than 10.

b. Paths are optional. Consult this link for more details about Paths.

c. Record your dot allocations on your Character Sheet, using dots or numerals, like so:

HUMANITY- * * * * * (or) 5

You can spend willpower points to resist being manipulated or to influence encounters in your favor. You must maintain an accounting of how many you have at any given time.

a. Initially, your Willpower is equal to your Courage. Record this total on Character sheet as
WILLPOWER - MAX, using dots or numerals.

b. Record your current Willpower totals as CURRENT. You must account for
willpower spent or regained by adjusting the CURRENT number. Example:

WILLPOWER: MAX: * * * * * * (or) 6
CURRENT: * * * * * (or) 5

Your Blood Pool represents the maximum numner of blood points your character can contain within himself. Blood Points may be spent to activate some Disciplines, therefore you must maintain an accounting of how may you have at any given time.

a. Blood Pool is based on your Generation:

13th Gen = 10 Blood Points 12th Gen = 11 Blood Points
11th Gen = 12 Bolld Points 10th Gen = 13 Blood Points
9th Gen = 14 Boold Points 8th Gen = 15 Blood Points

b. Record your Blood Pool on your character sheet, in the MAX section provided,
using either dots or numerals

c. To determine how many blood points your character will start with, roll 1d10, and
record the total in the CURRENT section of your Character Sheet. Account for Points
gained by feeding or spent on disciplines (etc) by adjusting the CURRENT number.

BLOODPOOL: MAX: * * * * * * * * * * * (or) 10
CURRENT: * * * * * * * * (or) 7

Vampire characters get 15 freebie points.

1. You may spend these points according to the table below to augment your character’s traits. They may be used to raise Attributes above the original cap of 3.

2. No trait score may exceed 5 unless your character is 7th generation or less, which isn’t likely. Consult a Storyteller for more details.

3. Be sure to recalculate your Humanity/Path and/or Willpower if you use Freebies to add dots to your Virtues (Conscience, Self-control, Courage).

4. Costs to add dots using Freebie Points:

Trait Freebie Point Cost
--— -----
Attributes 5 Points per dot
Abilities 2 Points per dot
Backgrounds 1 Point per dot
Willpower 1 Point per dot
Disciplines 7 Points per dot (NOT limited to Clan Disciplines)
Virtues 2 Points per dot
Humanity/Path 1 Point per dot
Merits 1 Point per dot (See “Merits and Flaws” below)

4. RECORDING FREEBIE POINT DOTS – To aid the Storyteller Board in the review of your Character Sheet, please record the dots purchased with Freebies after a plus sign (+). Examples:

If you already had a strength of 3 dots, and you purchase a 4th with your Freebies,
record it like this:
Strength- * * * + *

If you already had Drive at 2 dots, and purchase 2 more with Freebies, record it
like this:
Ride- * * + * *

If your Willpower is 6, and you add a Freebie to make it 7, record it like this:

Willpower- * * * * * * + * (or) 6 + 1

5. MERITS AND FLAWS - While not required, Merits and/or Flaws can help flesh out your character, make her into something more than just a piece of paper with some dots on it. Be careful, though, not to allow your Merits and Flaws to become an overriding factor in your roleplay.

a. MERITS may be purchased only with Freebie Points and only during Character Creation. Consult the document below for a list of Merits and their point costs. The greater the advantage conveyed by the Merit, the higher its cost.
Ravenhurst - Merits

b. FLAWS actually give you back/more Freebie Points: every point in Flaws you take gives you one
additional Freebie to spend—up to a maximum of 7 (for a total of 22 Freebie points.). Flaws are also
a good source of points for purchasing Merits. In fact, many characters balance Flaws and Merits,
so the Flaws offset the total cost of the Merits, and don’t affect the 15 Freebies, at all, though
this is not required.
Ravenhurst - Flaws (15 Sep 09)

Please answer the in-character questions contained in the document below. They should serve as the beginning of your character’s backstory—where she came from, how she became a vampire, what she has done since, and how she came to be in Ravenhurst now. Feel free to expand the information from your answers into a full blown biography. The more you think and write down, the better you will know your character for roleplay. Further, your bio will likely explain your character sheet choices to the Storyteller Board, who will review and approve it.
"Ravenhurst - 10 Questions" - Aug 2009

For many players, a crucial part of any backstory is a genealogy, or bloodline. If you are 11th generation, there will be 10 vampires in your bloodline before you, including the founder of your Clan, and Caine, himself, from whom all Kindred are assumed to have descended. If this is a little too much for you right now, table it for the time being, and seek out some help from a more experienced player, your Primogen (the head of your Clan in Ravenhust), or a Storyteller. They’ll be glad to aid you, direct you to some helpful resources.
Vampire Genealogy: http://vampirerpg.free.fr/Genealogy/

Submit your completed Character Sheet to one of the storytellers listed at the top of these instructions. One or more members of the Storyteller Board will then review your sheet for accuracy, adherence to the creation rules, basic concept, generation, etc. They will also adjudicate any request for exceptions you might have included. If they have any questions of concerns, they will contact you and talk to you about them.


Once your character sheet is approved, you MAY receive instructions granting you additional dots in Abilities, Attributes, Virtues, and/or Disciplines. If so, please follow the instructions that come with the dot allocation, and apply them to your character. Once finished, resubmit for final review. Again, any issues will be worked out with you and you character should be approved for roleplay in the sim.

Again, welcome to Ravenhurst! We hope you have fun.

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