Ravenhurst Metered Combat

Ravenhurst tries to not discriminate against what form of metered combat you would like to engage with in your party. The main rule: Come to a conclusion with the other parties involved. Ravenhurst is primarily a RP sim, so meters, like many other tools in Sl are just that; ’Tools’ that can be employed to enhance your RP Enviornment/Experieince. Whether it’s DCS2, CCS, Spellfire, etc… Find the implement that best fits your needs in that particular situation. As a general fallback, DCS has a custom configuration in Ravenhurst without XP that allows for a ‘fair’ metered contest for everyone.
To avoid the emblematic problems that arise in a large portion of metered sims, if you are wearing a meter, you can not only consider yourself a ‘live target’ but also that your posture may be taken somewhat aggressively. Therefore, if you do not wish to engage in metered combat turn your meter off (Most systems have a non-combative option) or simply don’t put a meter on. A meter is NOT required for ANYTHING other a apparatus to engage others in metered combat.
Once the metered engagement has concluded, you should continue RP as normal common sense would dictate (ie: if you have been defeated, you should RP such – You are wounded, incapacitated, weak, unconscious, etc) Just popping back up and saying ‘gf’ and walking off is NOT considered ‘Good RP’

When engaging in metered combat, please refrain from utilizing any movement enhancers, weapon stacking, or any of the other ‘tricks’ that can produce an unfair advantage. Once again, it’s not about finding ‘loop holes’ in rules and arguing them, it’s about enhancing your RP.

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