Ravenhurst Allowed Restricted Forbidden Characters

List of allowed/restricted/forbidden character types
version 1.6, September 26, 2009 —

To keep RP balanced and fair, certain types of hugely powerful characters are restricted or forbidden.
Also, due to 'story' devices, some characters just wouldn't make sense in this particular setting. We reserve the right to limit the powers of any player, but here is a list that should help you avoid creating a character that would not work on this sim.

This list may change as new characters enter roleplay.

Here is a list of some of the allowed breeds, clans, and character types,that may be useful.
1. 300 Years or younger.

Vampire clans:
1. Brujah
2. Malkavian
3. Toreador
4. Ventrue
5. Gangrel
6. Nosferatu

Fera & Hengeyokai (Changing Breeds):
1. Ananasi (were-spiders)
2. Bastet (were-cats)
3. Corax (were-ravens)
4. Garou (were-wolves)
5. Ratkin (were-rats)

Garou tribes:
1. Black Furies
2. Bone Gnawers
3. Children of Gaia
4. Fianna
5. Get of Fenris
6. Glass Walkers
7. Shadow Lords
8. Silent Striders
9. Silver Fangs

Characters of the following types are highly restricted and require GM and/or faction leader approval. Unless you are an experienced player, it is unlikely a first-time applicant will be granted a restricted character type.
1. Antediluvians, elders, ancients, etc.
2. Princes, Primogen, pack elders, etc.
3. Mage of any type (magic-users)
4. Any self-created character type
5. Time Travelers

1. Older than 300 but younger than 501

1. of any generation lower then 10
2. Ravnos (reality-changers)
3. Tremere (blood magicians)
4. Kindred of the East
5. Assimite (assassians)
6. Caitiff (clanless)
7. Lasombra (the Sabbat Ventrue)

Garou tribes:
1. Red Talons
2 . Wendigo
3 . Uktena
4. STargazers
5. Ronin

Fera & Hengeyokai (Changing Breeds):
1. Nezumi (Japanese Ratkin, were-rats)
2. Nuwisha (were-coyotes)
3. Kitsune (were-foxes)

1. All character types require special approval. (Contact Haljor Aeon)

1. All character types require special approval. (Contact Dorien Gray)

You may not create characters of any of the following types because they are restricted in number and/or those positions are currently not available:

Vampire clans:
1. Salubri (mystics)
2. Kiasyd
3. True Hand
4. True Brujah
5. Daughters of Cacophany/Sons of Discord
6. Cappadocian
7. Tzimisce

Garou tribes:
1. Black Spiral Dancers

Fera & Hengeyokai (Changing Breeds):
1. Mokolé (were-lizards)
2. Zhong Lung (were-dragons)
3. Rokea (were-sharks)
4. Nagah (were-serpents)
5. Gurahl (were-bears)
6. Khan (were-tigers)
7. Hakken (Japanese Shadow-Lords, garou)

1. Red caps.

1. Marauders

You may not create characters of any of the following types because they are not allowed (period):
1. Supernatural half-breeds (this includes vampire/garou, faerie/demon, demon-possessed mages, abominations, etc.)
2. Children (this includes those with a child-like appearance, or a child-in-a-grownups body possessions/regressions)
3. Mummies
4. Technocrats

Vampire clans:

Fera & Hengeyokai (Changing Breeds):
1. Ajaba (were-hyenas)
2. Apis (were-bulls/cows)
3. Camazotz (were-bats)
4. Grondr (were-boars)
5. Same-Bito (Rokea, were-sharks)

Garou tribes:
1. Bunyip
2. Coatan
3. White Howlers

Orpheus (Spirits):
1. Shade type Skinrider
2. Shade type Banshee

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