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Perception determines the probability that a ranged attack on a player will fail.

A ranged attack occurs when a player is struck by a physical object travelling faster than 15m/s. The damage is currently set at 10. Attack avoidance does not mean the bullet missing; that is determined by sl physics. If the bullet impacts the player the probability that no damage is recorded is determined by the player's perception, reaching a maximum value of 0.33 when perception is 100.

Ranged damage is also reduced by armor.

Second life organises detected collisions into time slices which in lag free conditions occur at the rate of 40 per second. CCS will only score ranged damage for one bullet in each time frame. Guns that fire faster than this or rezz multiple bullets all of which arrive in the same time frame simply cause lag without inflicting extra damage.

[edit] Enhanced weapons
Projectiles from enhanced weapons do base projectile damage and also extra damage classifiable under four headings:

1. LIFE damage. This reduces the target's life. Perception and armor have no effect.

2. STAMINA damage. This reduces the target's stamina. Perception and armor have no effect.

3. MELE damage. This reduces the target's life as does LIFE damage, but in this case it is the player's finesse that determines whether the damage will be resisted. Armor is effective here. MELE damage must be directed against a named player; there is no such thing as area MELE damage.

4. Status effects. These have various affects as documented elsewhere. The target's ability to resist these are determined by willpower.

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