Pandora Rules

❊ ❉ ✲ GENERAL RULES ❊ ❉ ✲ ✲

2nd of Agust 2010

Welcome TO PANDORA SIM "Enjoy the Rp"

✲ Application: All person (called of” individuals/players/characters") that enter " Linea de Fuego" (CCS zone) are considered knowledgable of the rules and agree with them.

✲ TO REMEMBER: - By means of these rules you declare that you have knowledge of the landlords of its community, to observe adult erotic materials, violence and/or sexual erotic language/, and are greater age or just as the majority of the laws of his country. - Also it agrees in will respect the Terms of Service of the Second Life (SL TOS - http://secondlife.con/corporate/te los.php).
- Child Avatars are not allowed in zones of CCS. If you fail to this rule the player it will receive an automatic baneo of the SIM.
- This sim is of Hispanic speech, therefore any player whom tries to role play in a language that is not the main language of sim MUST use a translator


AFK — Far from the computer
RL -
— Real life
COLA — City of Lost Angels
CCS— COLA combat System
Meter of CCS
FTB — Fade to black (tool to avoid a situation nonwished in RP)
GM -
- Game Master
HP- Points of Health
XP- Points of experience
IC-- In personage
OOC- Outside personage
— Game of Role
- - -

** This SIM is of role play reason why it is expected that the players remain IC. We are “targets” to being attacked and can attack. It is always necessary to have a legitimate IC reason to attack and a Rp will be demanded before, during or after the attack.

** The Use of the Voice is allowed in the SIM like tool OOC. So that a Rp is valid will have to be written in the general Chat.

** The use of the Voice will be prohibited during the group combats. It is obligation of the player to be always kind and to read the Chat History.

** Is prohibited to fight within the hospital or to enter the same if they are being attacked or attacking.

** The use of motorised vehicles is prohibited in the battles as well as in the SIM.

** Is not allowed that a player stops an rp. If you think that the RP must be stopped or be finalized for some reason let it be known to a GM and accept their decision. To say GF does not mean nor that the RP has finalized nor that your you are outside the RP.

(Ropes are only allowed, and not to forget their due rolplay when using them)
It must be role played in the entrance of the place to invade, to attack, to visit, etc (or what wants it is the reason of rp)

In this Sim the rule of the 3 lines applies: in order to capture or to release to a player who has been defeated by means of the system (this is using skills) A role play of Capture- or LIBERATION - Must be role played with a minimum of 3 written lines to describe the actions which that proceeds. Also, all descriptive action must give time for a reaction to by another player. Not to give time to a reaction is Godmoding and will be sanctioned.

** If in your RP limits exists "no rp with certain player/s" , respect your own limits and leave the RP in which case said player/s was involved in a RP with you. They are your limits, not the ones of the other players.

** The Shouts *shout* is considered OOC in this sim … ((. think well before using *Shout*))

*** REZZING OBJECTS: Rezzing objects in the SIM is allowed since at certain moments the course of the RP requires it.

It is allowed to the use a maximum of 2 objects (fire, flag, graffitti, etc.) by person

Not to respect/to ignore this rule it will give rise to a disciplinary action.

1. CCS and HUD:

To be able to remain in CCS Properties you will have to use the CCS meter or an Observer's tag in the SIM. Some huds are prohibited like Bloodlines, Warps, Dcs, Underwold, etc.

Jump assistants, radars and/or any tool that made the RP non realistic are prohibited. Please reduce the use of animations and "Gestures" during a combat.

Always use your CCS so that it is visible and he is legible at any moment (not to apply to the color black nor a dark color that makes difficult to read your meter). It is prohibited to put it in off or to clear it to recover health during a combat.
The teleports are not allowed during a combat. Likewise, its prohibited tofly in this sim, only by exception of the GM'S who only can do it while they functioning as one.

As it is of public knowledge, after last updates some meters have a bug that causes the Hud and Meter to not refelct damage, neither of melee nor of skills. On the other hand, the player with this problem can continue using healing skills and attacks.
The player is notat fault if his/her meter does not work suitably. But must do something on the matter once notified of the bug. And this is for all: disloyal advantages in the game are not to be taken, althoughit is a bug of the system.

When a player perceives that his meter or the one of another player does not react before melee or it does not respond to the use of skills by more than 5 minutes:
A) They must call to a GM who will authorize you to reset your meter, after that you should shouth "((meter bug))", turn off your meter (non combative) and separate form the combat during 5 minutes.
B) After the 3rd meter bug, the player will be out of rp. If is not doing and the player comes back to the rp, will be penalized.
C) In case there will not be GM, the player with the problem in his meter must shout " ((meter bug))" , put the meter non comb and to separate from the combat. Meter Bug means "OUT OF RP".


The compatible weapons with CCS are only allowed (SWORDS, KNIVES, FIREARMS). The use of griefers, orbits, cages, push, goes, etc final is prohibited since they make difficult the combat and they create a fort lag in the zone.

During an attack or a combat, all the wapons must be visible and to have an animation that shows clearly that it is being attacked. The weapons without animations are prohibited. 2 weapons can only be used; one for each hand, and of these, only one will be able to have a damage enhancement (enhanced weapon). All Hud, Epee, or AO battle count like a weapon. There is a reservation for enhanced of different types: enhanced defensive (armor, for example) + enhanced offensive (buff or acquittal racial points) can be combined.


If a player had a server crash or a crash, the player can not return to battle for a period of 5 minutes since he reconnects and he should put his meter "non combative” until the 5 minutes are over.

The Crashes must be announced in "shout" ((Crash out)) and then ((Back In)). After the third crash, the player is out of rp. If he returns to the RP he will be penalized.

Players who are in Rezz and do not want to be attacked must remain motionless, with the meter “non combative” and the must shout ((rezzing)). To indicate that you are ready to get in combat you should shout ((REZ OK)) and turn on your meter.


Children avatars are not tolerated in the SIM…Nor Avatar smaller in height less dan 1.50 meters (4 feet 9 inches)


During and/or after a fight, you can only use CCS based healing methods: CCS healing skills, heal balls on CCS Hospitals and CCS approved items.

If a player leaves the battle to heal in a hospital, or uses the heal balls, he’s not allowed to return to battle and he has to leave.

It is forbidden to use the heal balls during an RP or combat and return to the fight. Any use of heal balls gets you automatically out of combat.


After 5 minutes a “defeated" player is revived naturally. This state is called "natural revive" and is prohibited attack a player who is in this state (Corpse Camp).
The Natural Revive State assumes that the character is returning to its consciousness, is very badly injured and very gradually it starts to recover.
In mass combat, a player who is in Natural Revive can not use its skills (during 4 minutes). The use of skills (after 4 MIN) makes you a threat so you are back in combat (or better said, you can not accuse corps camp). A player who receives aid (healing and/or support) during Nat Rev can return to combat.

*The Natural revive should not be shouted in chat local chat, because this kind of OOC disrupts the RP. *

On an 1 on 1 RP or more players, it is required that the defeated player who is Natural Revived, roles its wounds and injuries and the player can not heal himself, attack again or return to fight for a period of 10 minutes.


***OOC insults are considered a serious offense and shall be punished as such. It is essential to differentiate IC to OOC. (( The Fine if this type of infraction occurs is the Maximum for the SIM, without discussion nor tolerance))

Unless it is absolutely necessary, any OOC communication must be expressed in IM. And to do so in the general chat you should use the OOC tool created for that purpose or enclose talks between double parentheses. OOC should not be overused in the general chat. Any unnecessary use or abuse of OOC ruins the game and it will be punished either by sancion or by being ejected from the sim.

(( Shouts- *shout* Will be considered OOC in this SIM…think before using the *shout*))
The excessive use of gestures in a SIM, contribute to increase the lag, Therefore is forbidden the excessive use of them in this SIM, and is absolutoy forbbiden the use of them during a rp.
Anyone who does not keep on IC, will be penalized and ejected from this SIM. If you have any problem must be discussed by IM or with the GM in charge.


It is forbidden to be NON COMBATIVE if is not for one of the explained reasons on these rules. If any situation happens between players, it is necessary call a GM either in the general chat or group chat.

If you have any problems with CCS and it is necessary to reset your meter (during an RP) you have to ask permission toa GM to reset it. If there’s no GM available at the time, you should shout ((Meter Bug Out 5 min.)), put the meter "off" and wait for that time to return to combat and shout ((5 min. out done. Back)). After the 5 minutes passed, place your meter “on” again and go back to battle.


The practice of Metagaming it is punishable: using information obtained in an OOC way and to use it in role play, being IC. Example: reading the tag of a player to see to which clan he belongs to, its level, or see his name, among other things.


**It is forbidden to call for help for a COMBAT in private IM or group Chat.
Before start an RP, one player has to go to his clan base, ask for help and go back to the RP zone or made a valid RP. You migth show proof of this to a GM.

**Once the RP begins, it will be only allowed to develop en Rp for help within the first 30 mins of such. Once the time is other players may incorporate themselves into the RP aside from the ones already participating in it.

**It is FORBIDDEN to use animals ( bengal, doves), smoke signals, telephones, GPS, etc. as methods of calling for help

**If the players reside in Linea de Fuego and notice that help is needed, they may enter at any moment within the first 30 minutes, more knowing that the player must be closed to the fact and due a good rp.

Arriving to the SIM, the player must inmediatly send the note to the GM online, whom can be conntacted through the frames putted on the safe zone (for example, previous roles where friends are advised that the player is coming to the SIM, etc…)
The help will be accepted by GM only if are a resemblance of players (a battle that began with 10 players against 10 can’t end with 30 players against 20. If this happens, GM will be able to cancell the rp or reduce the number of players if its appropriate) and only if the notecard is given before the beggining of the rp. If not, the rp will not be valid.

11. FTB (Fade To Back):

If the role-playing game experience that you are having at some point turns unpleasant, you can use the FTB (refusing to continue playing and leave the RP). The reason for such denial and the time of the event will be recorded and that player may not participate on a new combat with the players he used the FTB against, for a period of 24 hours.

When the FTB tool is used, you must immediately notify a GM and accept the directions he gives for each particular case in a role play rejection. Not calling a GM in these cases may result in an automatic expulsion / bann from CCS Zones.


Teleporting players is strictly prohibited to during an RP. Teleporting out of the SIM is also prohibited. If a RL reason forces you to leave combat, you must use FTB.
The overuse of this type of leaves will also be punished.

If you disagree with how the combat was made or the result, not accuse publicly of cheating or give false reasons that could lead to greater conflict. Go to a GM and talk with him and he will know what fair and necessary measures to take.

It is forbidden to use any Skill if you're tied.

It is forbidden to move when you are defeated. If you have an AO that makes your avatar to stand up while your defeated, you must take it off.

Any release (free, untie) should be roll-played by ANOTHER person (either the captor or a player that comes to the rescue). It is forbidden to free oneself in any way (with a hidden object, etc) because this will be seen as GODMODING.
( a person that is captured CANNOT liberate another player in the same posistion(tied) )

You can’t release a person whose leash is held by its captor. First you must defeat the captor and then RP the release.

You can’t fight while you have leashed or dragging a captured person. But if you have a prisoner tied and attached to a rope, you can drag your prisoner, and you can use offensive, healing and support skills. Only melee is not allowed.

To give TP a captured person to another SIM you must:
1) Look if it’s allowed on the player’s limits.
2) Agree it first in IM with the other player.
3) Exit the fight.
4) Move away from the fight and drag the leashed person to one end of the SIM or to the landing point of the RP Zone.

If you are tied it impossible to release someone. Don’t do it.

A person can be considered free from their captors if they have not spoken or done any RP for a period of 10 minutes since the capture. If you opt for this option you will be OUT of the RP, if u wish to remain in the sim u must have your meter off

In this SIM captures are valid.
If you have No Capture in your limits, or a capture time less than 30 minutes (it is understood to RP) it is not appropriate for you to play in this SIM.

If the person is revived before the capture, even though the animation of the skill didn’t work, you can’t proceed with the capture, as the player is victim of lag, not of who defeated him. The lag often harms us, so its necessary that you read the chat log.
For this reason, captures can’t be done using gestures.




It is understood by "camp" to be away from the computer keyboard or to not participate in role play, leaving the avatar with the CCS meter activated, with the purpose of gaining experience points.
The RP happens in the local chat therefore, it is a player’s duty to pay attention to the local chat and respond when spoken to. If the player doesn’t responds in 10 minutes will be considered away from the keyboard and will be punished.


It is forbidden to use any kind of jumps or movement enhancers during combat, to follow someone, to escape, to spy on someone, to abuse someone, or to locate sniper positions.

Jump enhancers are only suitable for exploring, not to cause discomfort or have advantages during combat.

There is only one REZZ Zone in the area of the Landing Point of the Rp Zone …


Do not force others to follow your RP; everyone is free to create their own RP.
Do not act like you're invincible.
Do not try to be all wisdom and all powerful in a RP.
Skills can not de send through the walls or from one floor to another or behind a wall separating you from the target (the target must be in your view field).
Do not use spells that have HUD effects. That's what’s the Hud for.

Examples of God's attitudes are:

1. Defeat someone and then perform a role play to try turn it into something that is not (an animal, for example) without the express consent of the player. (One can try to produce a action or reaction in another player, not force).
2. Perform a RP of throwing an incurable poison.
3. Regrow or regenerate a body part or member immediately after being mutilated or cut off.
4. "You can’t kill me because …" (insert any reason here).
5. Describe another player's actions or reactions to the actions you are doing on them.

*The penalties for the person that make any fault are the same as those that camp, except for those that have to do with the meter and hud. Although if a player keeps breaking the rules repeatedly a definitely ban of the person from CCS will be requested.

Good game to all and do not forget that we are all adults and we are here playing for fun… Do not forget the main rule "Nobody has the right to be an idiot".


If a player violates any of these rules, it is imperative to contact a GM through the channels of the "Spanish Support” group or any group of the alliance.
First Offense:
A formal warning that will remain recorded in the public record for a period of 56 days. If after those days, the player does not commit any other offenses, the warning will be deregistered.

Following offenses:
Level 1 to 4: 150 XP dock for each offense.
Level 5 to 6: 750 XP dock for each offense.
Level 7 to 8: 2250 XP dock for each offense.
Level 9 and above: 4000 XP dock for each offense.

The grieffers will be expelled and banned from ALL the Sims of the Alliance.

Violations are or includes: camping, OCC insult, enhanced movement animations during combat, argue with a GM, fight while being "leashed", TP out/in from/to a battle, try to deceive the other players to take advantage, and so on.

Once a player has a points deduction, he loses the right to be advised in advance and is a candidate to be points reduced for each infraction committed.

We remind all players that are subject to this Agreement and that they can also be expelled from the different CCS zones by different region managers.

Any GM decision is final and there is no right of arguing it. However, players must know that every case of warning or penalty will be supervised later by a higher authority and if its appropriate, the decision could be altered, revoked or amended.


*The Rules dictated for this sim were choosen in many cases from the rules of the HIspanic Aliance, aswell as from the sim Vieques ans NOD…will help from the players residing in this sim in the search for better RP…GF to all ***

NO DRAMA, SL, CCS let take it by what it is… a "GAME" ***

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