Olb Rules

OLB Rules



Absolutely no sex based age play allowed. PERIOD. NO ARGUMENTS. Child avatars are not allowed in OLB. Breaking these rules is grounds for an immediate ban!
staff has the final say and decision as to what constitutes a child avatar in sim. Staff will, when faced with an avatar they believe may violate this rule, confer with other members of staff before a final decision is made.

Do not rez cars in the city.Motorcycles, skateboards, bicylces and small vehicles are allowed, Do no tleave them in the city after using them , please take them back into your inventory, or they will be returned to you. OLB is a no fly zone. Do not use flight defeating gadgets in the sim. *
*A vehicle is defined as any object that uses the physics engine to drive it (i.e. cars, motorcycles, trucks, chocobos, magic carpets, hover platforms, etc), rather than an object that attaches to the avatar (i.e. horses, skateboards, bicycles, etc). If you are uncertain whether or not the object you wish to use is a vehicle, please contact a GM for help in determining the difference!

Camping means you are idling in the sim, not participating in role play (either openly or in IMs), and basically just doing nothing to earn experience. THIS IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. If you must go AFK for a short period (10 to 15 minutes) then do /9 OFF to turn your CCS off or set yourself to AFK or BUSY which stops you from earning experience. IF you will be gone for a longer period it is better to log out, especially if the sim is near capacity

Do not try to hide someplace in the build (e.g. in walls, underground, up in the sky) or try to hide your CCS meter in the sim.

RENTERS: You are free to chill out in your apartment but if you are not going to be RPing or doing CCS related things for an extended period then please turn your CCS off

No one is allowed to rez vendors or to sell their products in the city without ADMIN approval.

Your CCS Meter must be visible and readable at all times.

Gestures can be a fun enhancement to role play. Please use them appropriately and rarely. Do not spam gestures or sounds repeatedly as this disrupts role play and is annoying.

Please keep shouting to a minimum and in conjunction with ongoing role play. OOC shouting is prohibited in the sim.

OLB is a dark role play simulation. Activities many regard as "evil" are typical in OLB. Slavery, rape, murder, theft and random violence are all appropriate in a post-Apocalyptic world. Demons, vampires, lycanthropes, creatures from other planes, rapists, serial killers and similar creatures all roam the streets. This means that *characters* often act in aggressive, predatory, criminal and/or plain uncomfortable ways. This is to be expected given the nature of the simulation.

In-character protests often do not deter such activity because many *players* come to the sim looking for such things, regardless of that their *character* might want. If you do not with to role play certain activities or with certain players then it is best to IM the other person out-of-character (OOC) and politely explain you are uncomfortable and would rather not engage in any such activities. You can also use the "FADE TO BLACK" rule (see the COMBAT rules) if appropriate. If activities persist then contact a GM about the issue.

Any issues, questions, instances of rules violations or any other problems can be brought to the GM staff. These are players with "GM" above their meter. Please be polite and straight forward with your issue so it can be addressed quickly. If you have a problem with a GM then bring it to the attention of Papi Braveheart or Ashley Lundquist.
Any accusations of cheating must be brought to your faction head or a GM to be addressed. Do not make public accusations of cheating.

Rezzing objects is permitted in COLA because RP sometimes requires various props, objects, pose balls and so forth to be added to the sim. Objects left lying around the sim count against the overall prim limit of the sim and reduce the amount for others to use. Renters, of course, can leave items in their apartments within their prim limits. Persistent disregard of this rule or rezzing a large number of objects will result in disciplinary action.

Statements made out of character in OLB and it's subsidiaries is signified by speaking ((in brackets)). This is so your fellow players know what you are saying is not in character and helps minimize confusion between IC (in character) and OOC(out of character) statements.

Insulting, argumentative or those made in anger, stated OOC to other members of this community are completely PROHIBITED. If you have an issue that you feel requires the intervention of a mediator, contact a member of the OLB GM Team.


As stated in the CoLA combat rules, Meta-gaming is defined as: When a player has become aware of or told about information Out of character (OOC) pertaining to or directly regarding an ongoing storyline, situation or other player and then, by means of role play, uses that information either to their own benefit or as a means to interact with/against other players.

This is extremely aggravating for those of us who are trying to provide fun and possibly in-depth stories for the residents in OLB and is therefore prohibited in the game.


As defined in the below, this sort of activity is disruptive, rude and unwelcome in the sim/s. Individuals found to be godmodding other players will be subject to disciplinary action including banned from the sim/s.


Godmodding is a term common to message board based role-playing games. Godmodding is almost always frowned upon by other members of the RPG, as it can be severely annoying to everyone.

Godmodding is a variant of god moding. The type of behavior it describes is also classically known as Twinking.

Godmodding for personal gain

Godmodding occurs when a character describes an event or a series of events he or she has taken against a player character in the RPG, with the person who plays the character acted against then describing actions taken that completely nullify the original actions against them. Godmodding is thus used like a "Get Out of Jail Free card" when things don't go the way a player wants, rather than working with previously unfolded events. It is also used as a single word definition of having an invincible character or unbreakable armor, limitless power, etc. For example, the following exchange would be godmodding on the part of player A:

* Player B states, "Having exploited A's mistake and caught hold of him, B strikes A."
* Player A states, "B completely missed A, and A takes no damage."

Godmodding at the expense of others

Godmodding can also refer to the case where a player describes the outcome of their own actions against another character. For example, player A stating, "A strikes B and B takes damage" would be considered godmodding on the part of player A in most situations. Another less common version of this is when a character is facing multiple enemies, and he directs an attack from one foe into another foe. This takes the format 'Player B states, "A misses B completely, and strikes C instead."'

Controlling characters

Controlling characters that aren't your characters to begin with is also a form of godmodding.

* Player A: Punches Player B.
* Player B: Dodges attack, grabs Player A and throws him. Player A flies at Player B, who warps behind him and slashes Player A in the back.

This is a OOC rule, meant to stem the escalation of combat that happens all too often. The basics of the rule are as follows…

Once a fight has started, you're not allowed to use comms, IMs, group or private, to call for reinforcements. If you're downed, you're not allowed to use IMs, group or private, to call for reinforcements.

You can, however, run to get reinforcements, face to face, in game.

If you're an onlooker to a fight, you're not allowed to use comms, IMs, group or private, to call for reinforcements. Everything must be done face to face, in game.

Factional scripted comm systems ARE legal.

This is because they are VISIBLE as worn by the avatar and they ONLY send messages to all members USING the comm system.

This is our concession to the situation to allow for interfaction communications about fights without using group IMs to pull people in from out of sim/offline.

**This rule isn't easy for us to police, so we're counting on all of you to play fair and play by the rules. What we hope to accomplish by this, is to get people, both evil and good, roleplaying successfully after a fight, instead of elongating the battle by calling in endless support. If you're on the losing end of a fight, take it like a champ and have fun playing the victim for a while…

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