No Vikings Of Any Kind

Hello there, welcome to Ulthar, we are happy that we could create a good environment to roleplay and have fun, with that said it will be fairly easy to understand why we do not allow groups as the "Hell Vikings" into the Sim.

We, here in this Sim, do not see as roleplaying the way groups like this one behave, it is far from being roleplay but more as a way to create mayhem and probably disrupt good and awarded roleplay by those that choose our location to express themselves in a creative way.

So if you are a member of the HV or a group usually regarded as a fighting one, that does not bring good roleplay or poor one, you are not welcomed here and by reading this or just ignoring the "no vikings" sign you are warned that if you are caught using a tag here and/or create problems to the roleplay in hand, you will be banned immediately and permanently without a warning or discussion.

Also any disregard to Sim and CCS rules will not be tolerated, this is a zero tolerance RP sim, so to start with deactivate all gestures not needed to use CCS.

Also we suggest you read the rules, this is an english sim and if you are not an english speaker we suggest that you keep yourself to the Sim that allow you to express yourself in your native language or use a translator.

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