Next Day Rules




The Next Day is a multy sim centered around a RP theme. The Next Day is a Dark RP/Combat/Sex SIM, where you can come and live a character life.
The Next Day is a CCS Sim, meaning you are supposed to wear the CCS Meter which is distributed freely at the arrival points, in case you want to be part of the Roleplay of the sim.
You can access to the sims as a simple visitor or observer, but in this case you are not allowed to wear a CCS during your stay.
In case you access as a simple visitor without CCS you are considered out of character and you are not allowed to interphere in any way with the roleplay going on in the sim, meaning you are not allowed to speak with roleplayers, bother them even in IM, fight, push, take any actions that can bother. The violation of this rule will lead to a permanent ban from the sims.
No child avatars taking part with the RP are allowed in the sim.


Also, please join and register to be connected to the Next Day site, faction information, day to day stuff, events and storyline information.

Ignorance is no excuse here. You are expected to know what this notecard contains and to remain up to date on changes announced in the The Next Day group as a condition of playing here.

The Next Day is a urban dark decadent futuristic and fantastic environment, a projection of the future of our world where several creatures an communities can live.

LANGUAGE: There is no official language spoken in the sim during the RP. You are allowed to speak your language with your friends as a kind of "dialet" or language of your community, and you are requested to use a translator or speak english or their language if you are able to interact with other players belonging to other communities, as you would do in real life.
No racist beahviours are tolerated here.
We trust in the good sense of players who should wish to play together and you are requested to make all efforts to communicate with everybody else.

The Next Day is a community based on FreeForm Roleplay. Roleplay is not scripted in The Next Day. It is created, played out by the players. Imagination is key.
Freeform roleplay is a system of play, in which there are very few actual static rules and the actual roleplay is occuring spontaneously, without preplanning.
Freeform itself is about the self-definition of your character. *You* decide your role and who your character is. You also decide the stories, interactions and situations your character is involved with.
This kind of play requires a fairly experienced and self-constrained player. Self-definition is hard to "tone" as it is very easy to make yourself unkillable, godlike, the most powerful being, etc…. it takes a GOOD ROLEPLAYER to NOT do this.
Take some time to consider your characters vulnerabilities and work them out in your mind. This is important to define your characters "place" in *this* world. Of course, your character doesn't need to be moral, but being omnipotent is very boring to play with and against and it tends to frustrate people, making them shut you and your character out.
The Staff will do his work to instruct people about RP and to organise stories and events which will insert themselves in the RP of the sim.
Freeform also requires you to be willing to *conceed* to other characters abilities and strengths. When interacting, it is best not to immediately assume you are the most powerful or important in the room.
Freeform and RP in general requires maturity, cooperation and a quick mind. Once you get used to it and feel comfortable, a whole bunch of opportunity opens up to you and you should enjoy it.

Chat in the Roleplay areas is generally considered "IC" or In Character. Chat that you, and other players, would consider to be "OOC" or Out of Character, *should* be shown in ((brackets)), parentheses. Because of this, all interaction between characters that is in normal chat has NO BEARING on OOC commentary. So, while a character may be verbally abusing you, or you them… this does NOT usually mean the player (behind the character) is saying it. Separating IC and OOC is a requirement. Please keep this in mind when dealing with confrontational RP.

By entering in The Next Day sims you agree that:

• That you are of legal age of consent in your country (18 in the United States)
• To be bound by the rules of The Next Day
• Acknowledge that The Next Day is an adult role playing community containing mature subject matter (language, sexual acts, violence, etc) that may be offensive to some and that you are here of your own free will and with full knowledge of such.
• That the role play and all actions within The Next Day are fictional and all participants are doing so voluntarily, even if the fictional action is to resist.
• That The Next Day may use your character (Second Life avatar) name, repoduction, likeness, image, typed text, instant message (IM) text for purposes of but not limited to advertising, promotion, and rule/covenant/TOS enforcement without compensation or further permission. Greatest care for privacy will be maintained.


Since you wear an active CCS you are in RP, and you are a target.
You are considered engaged in combat since the moment when someone melee or range attacks you or uses a skill on you. You are considered out of the combat since the moment when you are far enough from it and not under pursuit from a reasonable distance.
You are considered engaged in RP since the first sentence a players addresses to you IC or you address to another player IC. You are considered out of the RP since the moment when you are far enough from it and not under pursuit from a reasonable distance.

1 ) The Next Day's purpose is to offer a place where people can play together playing a character in fantastic environment. You are supposed to have a background for your character while playing in the sim and impersonate it following it. You are supposed to respect other people and play in the purpose of finding a common fun in the game you are playing and the stories you build.
You are not here to win, to be the stronger, to be the best, to annihilate others.
In a few words: you are not allowed to be an asshole.
Players showing that they don't understand this spirit of the sim will be permanently banned.

2) Listen and respect The Next Day Staff and SIM Management: your fate lies in their hands and they are here to help players. You are not allowed to mute a member of the Staff.
In case of a game related problem you are requested to CALMLY and POLITELY expose your reasons and you are requested before calling a GM to try to clear with the other player in IM, to find a common point as adults people and players that you are supposed to be.
You are not allowed to discuss the decisions of a member of the Staff in any way. Punishment must be accepted and not discussed. Trying to do that will only lead to a worse punishment. Try instead to understand the reasons of your punishment and avoid that behaviour in the future. If you have not been explained the reason of the punishment you have the right to ask it, and to ask an explaination of the rule you broke of course in case it's not clear.
The Staff is not bad, it simply applies rules. Staff members don't love to punish, and must do that to grant the fun and correct environment of the sim for all players.
If you feel that you have been wrongly punished you can ask the opinion of only 1 SIM Administrator. In this case if needed he will discuss your case with the rest of the staff and it may be revised if it's the case. In this case if the puishment is confirmed it will be higher. So do that only if you are sure you have been unfairly punished. We don't want dramas here. Trying to call GMs to find one that can give you reason will lead to a punishment.
Punishment are not public, you are not allowed to ask or know them. The fact that you don't know them doesn't mean they have not been made.

3) You MUST have your CCS Meter Active to be involved in combat. Failure to do so, WILL lead to a temporary or permanent ban.

4) The Malls and the areas declared Safe Zones are OOC areas. You are not allowed to keep your meter active in those areas over a reasonable amount of time (usually 10 minutes). You are not allowed to fight and RP in those areas. You are not allowed to escape in those areas while engaged in combat or in RP to escape a RP or a fight.
The arena is RP area, but you are not allowed to capture after a spar if it has taken place in the arena.

5) Flight is forbidden everywhere in the sim but in the mall where it's tolerated. Vehicles are not allowed unless they are attachments to your avatar with no active engines. Fireweapons are allowed.

6) Camping is not allowed. In case you must afk you are requested to set your meter as Noncombative. In case of GM check in IM or public chat the tolerance is of 5 minutes without answer. Indling can be punished too, intended as being present but not interacting with anyone for long periods. You are supposed to wear a CCS to RP, and you are supposed to gain your XP (experience points) for your roleplays. Exploiting the time base gaining system to become stronger will lead to a punishment.

7) Heal Ball use : The hospital is NOT a safe zone, you CAN be attacked here and if you are ON a heal ball at the time, you CANNOT fight back until you are off the ball. You are not allowed to jump on healing balls during a fight/RP.

8) Teleporting in or out of combat is considered a rule violation. This does not apply to permanent to "point to point" teleporters, like elevators and City Transport systems if they allow others to follow you, and not if used in sequence as an exploitation way to ecape from a combat/RP The same applies to the cross sim used in sequence to escape a RP, will be compared as a RP refuse.
The use of the City Transport systems during a RP or a fight must be RP in at least 2 sentences and approaching to the terminal before.

9) You are not allowed to go Noncombative for any reason while engaged in RP or combat, Neither to detach your meter. If you realise you have bugs on your meter you can declare it OOCly and reattach it, but you will be out the fight for 10 minutes as if you had crashed. This behaviour will always be punished. You are wearing an active meter, you are a target, and you accept the fact of bein involved in RP.
In case you must afk during a RP you can declare it OOC and go Noncom and the RP will go on when you will be back.
In case you must afk during a fight you can do the same but you won't be able to come back to the fight for 10 minutes as in case of crash.

10) If you "crash/SL log" while in combat, you are considered out of combat for a period of 10 minutes. You must shout OOCly declaring in public chat you crashed to show to players the beginning of that countdown and stay Noncombative and not move during the wait.

11) Only two scripted weapons worn at the same time are allowed. Melee attacking someone, without an animation indicating the attack, is not permitted. You are allowed to have not more than 1 enhanced weapon of any kind attached to your avatar at the same time.

12) IM resques of any kind are not allowed, even if RPed in any way. The Next Day is a world apart, and calling people for help from other worlds that instantly pop up in the town is not RP sensed. People can partecipate to a fight ONLY if they were in the sim at the beginning of it. People trasgressing this rule will be heavily punished, either the ones coming in the fight from outside the sim and the ones calling them in IM.
You are allowed to call help shouting and in that case only people hearing that are sensed coming to resque you. You are in RP and in company of yourself and the people you bring with you. Be conscious of this and of the risks you take with your behaviours as in RL. Marines are not there to help you.
If you plan to attack a base located on The Next Day prepare your forces well before the beginning of the attack.
In case of attack to a base, members, AND ONLY MEMBERS, of the clan owner of that base can be TPed inside the base just if they are not already in The Next Day and before the beginning of the fight, base defence purpose. This because a clan base is supposed to be full of people of that clan.

13) Attacks in The Next Day must be RPed, with at least 3 sentences. You are not allowed to attack witout RP. Shooting people from distance doesn't need a 3 sentences RP but needs a RP reason to do it. Attacking and shooting people without reason will lead to a ban from the sim.
Captures must be RPed with at least 3 sentences. The fact you don't have the time is not an excuse: if you don't have the time don't do it.
Freeing a captive must be RPed in 3 sentences too, and can be done only if the captive is not leashed. If he is you must defeat the capturer before.
Fighting with melee or ranged weapons while holding a captive in leash is not RP sensed and not allowed. If you hold a captived you are allowed anyway to use your Skills.
If you are tied up you are not allowed to fight or use skills of any kind.

14) Jump enhancers and move enhancers of any kind are not allowed anytime. Weapons using animations generating unnatural movements and displacements are forbidden.
The use of Grapple Hooks or Huds to climb is allowed but must be RPed.

15) Corpse Camping is not allowed and is defined as killing repeatedly a person with the only purpose of leaving him on the ground. This applies only for natural revives and if the person doesn't takes any other action than leaving the place after his natural revive. You are not requested to declare your natural revive, but any action like using a skill of any kind or speaking, or remaining in the area keeps you in RP and so a target. You are allowed to immediately leave the area after a natural revive, but in this case you will not be allowed to come back in that RP/Fight anymore. Being revived from a non enemy keeps you in fight and a target. Asking friends to revive an enemy just to kill him again is considered Corpse Camping. Killing a person captured after a natural revive with a RP is not considered Corpse Camping.
Corpse Camping never applies in a battle.

16) You are not allowed to refuse a RP with anyone. This is a RP sim and you come here to RP, accepting that you could meet bad and evil characters. You are allowed 3 RP limits to protect you from scenes that could hurt your RL sensiblity, that can be written in your profile or told in IM after a capture. Limits concerning the time of capture are invalid if they state a time less than 1 hour. Applying a RP limit doesn't mean that the others are forbiddent to do to you something, but only that the scene concerning your RP limit will not be played. The RP will go on and you are anyway requested to go on with yours as if the event had happened, behaving in consequence.
You are not allowed to oppose to someone a RP limit about something you did to him or someone he knows. If you have a RP limit on something you are requested even not to do that to others, or in case to prepare to the possibility of having it done to you.
A No RP with another player must be requested and validated by The Next Day's Staff, and will be accorded only for serious reasons. You must be able to deal as a roleplayer with all other players if possible. In case a No RP is accorded the Staff will inform both persons and both will be no more allowed to interact each other in any way. Making this will lead to heavy punishments. No No RP between clans can be accorded.
No RP accorded by other staffs or in other sims are not valid in The Next Day unless validated by this sim's Staff.

17) OOC Insults are not tolerated in The Next Day as they are not part of the spirit fo the sim, and will be immediately and heavily punished. Respect the others and keep in mind they are here to have fun as and with you. Keep in mind that what you say after defeated will be considered OOC unless you RP a state of consciousness. Being defeated doesn't mean to be dead, but to be uncounshious unless you RP you are not.
OOC speach must be limited as much as possible in public chat, as it interpheres with the RP. If you have a problem with a player try to clarify in IM. OOC dramas can be punished.

18) Shields Cagers/Orbiters are NOT allowed. Period.
High particle, obstructive or resource intensive magic systems are under restricted use. Magic systems on a "non-intrusive" level are generally ok, but should probably be looked at by a Staff member.
The use of Force Prophecies, Radar, Spy systems, Jet-packs, Avatar hidding systems, Mysti-Tool, etc. are ALL ILLEGAL and NOT allowed.

20) The escape from the sim during a RP must be done from a reasonable point (for example a place where you are sensed taking a vassel for departure), must be RPed with at least 3 sentences and can NEVER be done while you are under attack.
Taking a prisonner to another sim can be done ONLY at the same conditions and ONLY if he agrees with that.

21) Gestures are forbidden unless useful for the RP. Playing music with I-Pods or similar accessories in allowed.

22) If you fall under the town due to lag or cross sim ask a TP to another player to recover your position and go on with the RP/Fight from where you left it.

23) Skills cannot be lauched on a target that is not in sight line. Skills through prims, walls, or anything that don't allow you to directly see the target are forbidden.

Please stay under your prim limit, if you go over it the exceeding ones will be returned without warning.
Pay your rent in time, if it expires your items will be returned and the space will be rented to another person.
Apartments and shops in the RP area are not safe zones, people can RP they enter them if they want to RP. Keep in mind that renting an apartment on the sim doesn't allow you to camp in it. If you don't want to be disturbed you can set your CCS in Noncombative mode.

The fact that you rent à house or a base in The Next Day doesn't give you any special right of any kind. You are requested to respect rules as any other player on the sim. This just gives you the responsability of the money you invested for your fun. In case you get temporarily or permanently ban from the sim for breaking rules you have no right of refounds of any kind, you have the responsability to follow the rules just like any other player and the money you invested.

Clan Leaders have the responsability of the behaviour of the members of their clans. In case members of a clan take action that break rules, Leaders might be contacted by the Staff to help in explaining and control the respect of rules inside their clans. Leaders are requested to watch that the members of their clan know and respect sim rules.
Every Clan Leader that rents a base on The Next Day is requested to give to the Staff a Background of the clan, and watch that his clan members follow that background in their RP.

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