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Sometimes it takes us a while to notice that sims have disappeared, Usually we need to to a quick lap of the CCS world to notice vanished sims. That's what we did this week and that's why we now show CCS as having 178 sims, down three from last week:

Danger Point

Danger point is no longer a chain, as Capistrano Bay has vanished.


The Dimension sim has gone, reducing the GoDS chain to three sims.

Cidade Maldita

Cidade Maldita has vanished, but the other half of the former chain, Cidade Maldita II is still there.

Rem Region Chain

On the positive side of the ledger, the Rem chain has added a new sim, Aeaea

Lake Forest District

This sim which is the home to KD weapons was connected to CoLA, but has now floated away, and is no longer joined to CoLA

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