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Latest from CCS - Racial Balance Adjustments - 10/29/10

Currently have set a mandatory respec for all Lycan players as I've added two Rage 4 variants now, one for Lycan Stalkers and Brutes, which is set at +47 buff to damage as originally designed and another for Lycan Shaman/Werelocks that is set to +27 buff to damage to balance these two classes.

I am currently crunching numbers on Cyborg Drones, with the introduction of the Tank passive Adamant skill, the buff to damage numbers for Mechanized are too high, I'm currently running percentage math calculations and will likely be reducing the buff to damage for Mechanized by 25% to potentially 45%.

Seraphim Redeem numbers are a bit high as well, will be running some math in regards to them, expect a potential cooldown increase to balance this skill, we shall see.

Demon Malice is being reviewed for adjustments as its currently negatively affected by the new post 1.0 resistance schema, will update on changes once changes are made.

Mandatory respecs will be issued as required on a race or class basis, a free respec will be issued to the entire network once balance issues are fully reviewed and adjusted, I expect to finish this by November 1st, 2010

Sorry for any inconvenience but these adjustments have been on the table since 1.0.1, I've just been watching the numbers and the class shift in the last respec showed me a lot of facts in regards to where imbalances are currently strongest

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