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One addition and four deletions this week means that there are now 167 CCS sims in SL


  • Dark Island is a new French speaking sim with a Tim Burton theme. It's very well done and well worth a look around, especially if you are a fan of the films.


  • The Rapa Nui Chile Chain was removed from our list this week. Both sims have vanished.
  • ORION Constellation was also removed from our list this week. This sim was previously a 0 xp sim, and it was not obvious why CCS was active. Anyway, it has also now vanished
  • CCS has been also removed from Bebble Beach, although the sim itself is still there.

In other news

  • We have almost finished updating the skills data on this site for CCS 1.0.2. There are still a few small gaps with some of the Angel and Neko skills but we hope to have everything done in the next week or two.

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