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Three additions and three deletions this week means that there are still 167 CCS sims


Three additions this week

  • We might have been a bit pre-emptive in removing The Covenant from our list. CCS is back, but it is now a shop, not a role-play sim, and
  • Midnight Forest is a new fantasy sim. It's very beautiful and is in the running for the 'beauty spots' section of next month's staff picks.


  • City of Panthers Cay, and Gang Warz were both removed this week. Both were quite new sims, and both had innovative ideas and settings. So a pity to see them gone.
  • CCS was also removed from Sordoh this week, although the sim is still there. CCS was only ticking at 1xp anyway, and it was something of a mystery as to why it was enabled.

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