New Delphi Rules

Welcome to New Delphi.

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*Basic Rules*
Visitors and roleplayers are expected to adhere to the following-

1. Don’t be a jerk.
2. See Rule #1.
3. Be respectful of other users.
4. Be respectful of roleplay.
5. Be respectful of the staff.
6. Do not mix roleplay/in character (IC) actions with non-roleplay/Out of Character (OoC) actions.
7. When roleplaying, use English or a translator.
8. Minor and minor-appearing characters and avatars are permitted, but may not engage in sexual actions, sexually-themed actions, or extreme violence.
8. This is not a CCS training or weapon testing area.
9. You must have an IC reason to engage in CCS combat.
10. Teleporting in or out of combat is not allowed.
11. Movement enhancers are not allowed in CCS combat.
12. You may equip two one-handed weapons OR one two-handed weapon.
13. Metagaming is subject to reprimand.
14. Temporary rezzing of objects for RP is allowed, but please clean up after yourself.
15. Vehicles are to be used by Faction members for RP purposes, and must be approved by your Faction Leader. Admins and GMs are exempted, because they are Admins and GMs.
16. The rift is an unplanned occurance that lands you in New Delphi. Outside factions have no power here nor are they recognized. Your faction, if you belong to one, doesn't know you're here. As far as New Delphi is concerned, your faction doesn't exist. As far as the outside world is concerned, New Delphi doesn't exist.
17. Combat through walls, closed doors, or any other obstruction which would make combat impossible in the real world, is illegal.
18. Those roleplaying or in the sim for an extended period of time are expected to have read and understood the rules.
18. Rules are subject to change.

,.; :‘ Disclaimer ‘:;.,
New Delphi, its owner(s) and its staff is not responsible for any acts of unlawful intent, and therefore will assist any requesting authorities in the investigation and/or arrest of the culprit of anyone person or group of people involved with unlawful acts, including, but not limited to, content theft and pedophilia.

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