New Delphi Chain
New Delphi Eastwater

New Delphi Rules

*Bewildered, you clumsily wave at a blurry yellow shape approaching you. You find a door handle and enter the cab, the driver asks you where you would like to go, New Delphi perhaps? He looks at you oddly after you tell him that you have no idea where you are, or what New Delphi is. He responds….*

What is New Delphi? Well to tell ya that ya must first know the history of the future…

So who are ya? Were ya born here? Or are ya a riftwalker, arriving in a world and timeline that might be drastically different than the land ya came from? Whoever you are, ya aren't in Kansas anymore!

If ya didn't pay attention to the little history lesson I gave ya then I can tell you that a huge megacorporation, OmniGen Synthetics, built this shiny city of lights on top the the ruins of the old New York City. Now there's something you should know about this place…it can be quite dangerous if you are a fool. Try not to cross too many people, the OGS, or their hired goons. I can tell ya might be a person who likes trouble though, in that case old town might be your best bet, it's all that remains of the old city. Just keep going down until you are surrounded by decaying buildings, can't miss it!

Oh I should probably let ya know about the two main powers in these parts…Well there's the OmniGen Synthetics corp, ya've heard of them. They're huge, wealthy beyond measure, and they run this town with an iron fist. Cross them and you'll answer to their private security detail. Opposing them…well…there's not much opposing them, but I've heard whisperings of an organized resistance forming. Ya might be able to do some prodding on your own in the seedier places of the city if you're seeking them out…

…whelp, this is yer stop! That'll be 50 credits.

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