Neko Asylum Roleplay Intro

Role Play Basics

This information is to give the basic tools you need to role play. Role play is acting; we all can act, just use your imagination. Following the guidelines and tools you are given will make yours and everyone you interact with Role play experience more pleasant and even a lot more fun. Not to mention keeping the flow of the RP flowing smoothly.

*One of the first things you should know is that you do not know some ones name unless you have been introduced to them. Someone can introduce them to you or they can introduce themselves to you. For instance; you see someone walks up to you and greets you “Greetings stranger it’s a lovely day”. The stranger would most likely greet you back. Then you could say “I am Aangel” and you hope they give you their name in return or you could simply just ask their name.

*Most players will have their faction name in their tag, (factions are their clan name – the group they belong to such as our group of nekos are called the Felidae, that is our faction), above their name. Just as you do not know what race the person is so do not use the information in the CCS meter to determine their race. Using information that is above their head is called metagaming which we will get more into in depth in a few minutes.

*Another very important thing to is knowing the difference between OOC (Out Of Character) and IC (In Character). When ever you are speaking to someone OOC you should always type it in between brackets ((such as this)) or [this] or {even this}. This will indicate that what is being said is out of character. We are OOC today for this class. You should try to keep OOC talk to a minimum; you can always IM the person if you wish to have a lengthy conversation.

Some role play sims will not allow OOC in public chat at all. Mixing OOC and IC is a definite no no and can get you into a lot of trouble. Corwyn will talk more about this. (Corwyn)

*Metagaming is using information that it OOC in your role play. We have already mentioned that reading names and peoples tags are forms of metagaming. Also using information that’s in their profile. There is a fine line with this one in regards to profile information. Many people put their RP limits in their profile (the things they will not do or will only do for a short period of time). Personally I think using only that information is ok to do and it saves from there being a break in RP because you are trying to do something the person states in their profile that’s off limits.

On that note it is good to get into the habit of IMing the person you are RPing with to have a brief discussion of what’s ok and what isn’t. For example; once I came out of a building and there was a vampire standing there. She IC said to me “You’re a cute one” then IM’d me right away to ask if I was up to a bit of RP and that she wanted to kidnap me. Once into the kidnapping she again IM’d me to ask what my limits were. I was fairly new to RP at the time and I really appreciated her asking.

Another form of metagaming is knowing a players race unless it is completely obvious such as a demon with horns and a devil tail. It’s obvious that Corwyn and I are Nekos because of our cat ears and tail. A Lycan transformed would be obvious but in his/her human form it would not be. However you can RP it. Nekos and Lycans have a keen sense of smell and could smell each other ie. Corwyn Miles sniffs the air as the man approaches and senses he is a a Lycan. A Demon would almost always sense an angel is near or vice versa. Angels could a lot of time sense something that is evil. For Vampires you could RP smelling iron or even more specifically smell blood when they are near. Demons always smell of brimstone or sulfur. Some players might be mixed races such as a vampire/neko. I would smell the feline in them but also a strong smell of blood about them. Again use common sense in your role play.

If you defeat someone in combat and want to have a little fun with them afterwards, IM them and let them know and quickly discuss their limits. Keep the flow of RP going so don’t be to long in the discussion.

*This brings us to COMBAT. Combat is allowed however you must have an IC reason for it. If you attack someone with no RP before hand then you better have some good RP after which explains why you attacked them. In VA and Damnation, role playing is a must!

*Now we will discuss GODMODING. We have taken the definition of Godmoding directly from Wikipedia and is as follows:

Godmoding (sometimes incorrectly spelled as "godmodding") is a term used in message board based role-playing games to describe two behaviors of players. The term comes from the "god mode" found in many video games, allowing a player to activate features such as invincibility, unlimited ammunition or lives, or similar power boosts. Godmoding is almost always frowned upon by other members of the game, because it is regarded as a form of cheating against the game's tacit rules.

Passive Godmoding
Godmoding can occur when a player describes an event or a series of events his or her character has taken against another character or interactive object, most often with the purpose of rescinding negative effects previously encountered or granting some other effect inconsistent with an objective view of the narrative. This is sometimes also termed "Powermoding". For example, a character may be afflicted with a disease only curable by rare ingredients, yet another character is "lucky" enough to find these ingredients in ten minutes. Godmoding is thus often used like a "Get Out of Jail Free card" when things don't go the way a player wants, rather than working with previously unfolded events.
It is also used to describe the act of creating or playing with an invincible character or using "perfect" equipment (such as unbreakable armor), or possessing limitless power, etc. Some players will create a brand new character, and that character is automatically gifted with skills, and nearly impossible to take on right from the start. In many cases, this happens when a newer character goes against an established one: the newer player may role play his or her character as if it were equal in power and rank to the more experienced one.

Active Godmoding -
Godmoding can also refer to the case where a player definitively describes the outcome of their own actions against another character or interactive object.

For example, (changed to fit this form of RP) Player A hits player B so hard that it breaks every bone in B’s face and his face becomes disfigured, they could be considered to be godmoding. Another example of this might be where a character is facing multiple enemies, and they redirect one foe's attack onto another.

For example, Player A states, "B misses A completely, and strikes C instead." This form of godmoding is also referred to as "Autoing".
Active godmoding can also take the form of controlling characters that belong to someone else.
• Player A: Character A throws a punch at Character B.
• Player B: Character B dodges the attack, grabs Character A and throws him out of a stained glass window. Character A flies at Character B, who warps behind him and slashes Character A in the back.

Here the outcome can be discussed in IM OOC beforehand.

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