• General*

All the SIM Rules apply to residences renters as well.
By renting a residence in Moonlight Requiem, you do not own it and therefore can not resell it.

  • Privacy *

Moonlight Requiem is a role Play sim with the CCS combat system enabled and role play is expected and can happen everywhere.
Residences are open to Role Play and are not “Safe Zone”. The only safe areas are the Teleport Room and the mall located at 300 meters height.
You are free to stay as long they want in your house, as long you are non combative.
If your CCS meter is ON you are expected to be able to Role play at each moment. This means, for example, people can engage role play by breaking your door and enter your house.
As resident you can obtain a “Magic Door” you can use 2 hours per day for personal convenience, intimate moments, private RP, … When this door is activated (A Golden Dragon symbol is visible on the door) or if you and your guests are non combative, nobody is allowed to enter your house. Violating those moments by entering by force a house will be severely sanctioned.
Refusing to RP when your CCS is ON, switching to OFF to avoid RP, abusing of the FTB ((Fade to Black)) rule or using the “Magical Door” status of your house just to avoid a starting RP will be sanctioned.

  • Asiatic Theme *

Moonlight Requiem is an Asian-themed sim. Decorating exteriors should reflect this theme (Asian, zen, etc.). Please exercise your best judgment when planning to set objects on the ground.

  • Harassment / Griefing *

Should you have any issues with people on the sim, please log the conversation / issue in a note card. The note card can be sent to Valeriane Renard, Natysha Umarov or to any Game Master for review and appropriate consequences.

  • Security Systems *

Security Systems that push or teleport non listed people are not permitted.

  • Over consumption of Resources ("Lag") *

If you have objects or scripts which significantly impact on the ability for the sim (Region) to operate in an efficient manner (such as causing time dilation) we will ask you to cease using the items. This also applies to objects which can cause regions to crash, or cause frame rates for viewers to drop to significantly. In extreme cases we reserve us the right to disable or return the incriminated objects.


No commercial is allowed in the residential zones. The only place for commercial is the shopping mall located at 300 meter height.

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