Meiva Rules

~ ~ Welcome to Meiva ~ ~

The land of Meiva is based in a fantasy medieval setting.Almost any race you can think of dwells in Meiva and even some you may not have seen before! The brief story of Meiva is the land was freed from a necromancer's blight by Ares, known now as Aran en Meiva Ares in the Elven tongue of his homeland, or King Ares in the common tongue.

~ ~ ~Quick Rules!~ ~ ~ (below will be other info cards, and run down on dice hud)

Takes like 4 mins to read these, saying you did not see them does not protect you from being accountable for your actions.

1. CCS is the meter used here, if you wish to roleplay here you must wear CCS combat meter or agree to the Dice Rolls which is covered in 6.
(you are not allowed to roleplay aggressive,rude or disruptive without CCS meter or the dice, players must have a way to attack\defend to or against you)

2. Respect everyone OOC, this means you can be the biggest pain in the ass IC, but if you get an IM from Anyone… please take a moment to break character and be civil.

3. Custom guilds,family lines,brotherhoods and whatever else ya call em are welcome! it adds fun twists to roleplay! just please do not make any griefing type ones.

4. No modern rides! yep this means no cars n trucks, but if you want to ride a horse, wolf, turtle.. heck who knows long as its fantasy medieval based and attaches to your avatar, now some might need to be approved if they are to large and or disruptive.

5. Kat-ar CCS Enchanced spell huds are welcome, but other spell huds must be approved as cagers,pushers,lock downs are not allowed. Just open up the Meiva group and ask or IM a GM~

6. Combat, if you are willing roleplay combat is always the most enjoyable! but some want a quick fight, there is a dice highest roller wins. Well if people do just wanna CCS it out that is allowed also.

7. Renters we love ya! but please no breedables as the scripts just hurt the sim. Homes on ground level are In-character zones still they do not make you immune to attacks, but do be respectful of others.

8. Guns = no gun powder weapons, sorry. Bow and arrow and crossbows welcome though, so long as they are not modern looking.

9.Clothing! please be kind enough to dress in fantasy medieval type clothing or armor, Jeans and sneakers will be frowned upon.

10. CCS camping: Make sure gestures are enabled press [F2] and off, if going away from computer or game, and [F2] and on when back. Also you can click the hud the check mark icon to toggle it aswell.

11. Movement and Jump enhancers are allowed OUTSIDE of combat, once in combat they are to be turned off.

12. Flying characters must be approved, Contact a GM for approval! (example character that will Not get flying. A barbarian who knows just a flight spell, sorry but cannot have everyone flying) Flying is not usable in combat! please. 200 meters is the highest you can fly respect that please.

13, Honestly, common sense be respectful. Enjoy roleplay and just relax. Main goal of Meiva is relaxation roleplay and community, Yes the players matter here.

Link to the group just highlight it, press [CTRL]+C to copy and [CTRL]+V to paste it into local chat or an IM to get the clickable link.


Here is our forums!

More Information!
(promise its quick cards and appear in your notecards folder once you click them)

In longer detail!if still having trouble with them.

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