Mauna Loa Rules

Mauna Loa Sim Rules

By rezzing and playing in the Mauna Loa Sim you are agreeing to abide by the Linden Labs Terms of Service Rules.
You are over the age of eighteen.
You are not offended by violence, adult language, or sexual content.
You agree to allow the use of chat logs by by sim owners, GM's and administrative staff for the sole purpose of determining game rule violations. Logs will never be used in any fashion except in sim administrative situations.

Persons not over the age of eighteen are trespassing when they enter Mauna Loa Sim and are legally liable for their own actions!
The owner of Mauna Loa Sim defer ALL responsibility beyond this agreement, in legal liabilities, to the trespassing party.

CCS Meter or Mauna Loa Observer tag is required. No combat allowed unless player iss wearing a valid combative CCS HUD and Meter.

Mauna Loa is an English speaking sim. If you are not an English speaker, it is your responsibility to wear a translator. If found to be speaking either in voice or type in any other language than English this is grounds for immediate removal from the sim.

Mauna Loa offers a free translator at the landing zone or you can use the following:


The GM staff is here to help you. Treat them with the respect. If you are unable to treat the GM Staff respectfully, you will be given a 24 hour cool down period (24 hour sim ban) after which you may come back to the sim and restate your case.

The Mauna Loa GM Staff are as follows:

Spicy Braveheart - Sim Owner/Sim Admin
Skye Hanfoi - Head GM/Estate Manger/Sim Admin **
Czar Sadofsky - Global/Sim GM **
Lestat Mimistrobell - Global/Senior GM/Estate Manger **
Landon Fouroux - RP Coordinator/Senior GM/Estate Manger **
Sophee Ordinary - RP Coordinator/Senior GM/Estate Manager **
Jeuge Ghost - RP Coordinator/Senior GM/Estate Manager **
Tyson Darwin - RP Coordinator/Senior GM/Estate Manager **
Casper Little - Senior GM **
Lupomannaro Lordhunter - Senior GM

Inky Nyoki - GM
Acelex Taurus -GM
Syn Ormega - GM/Coordinator
Molly Switchblade - GM
Jennika Fhang - GM **
Toxic Ling - GM **
Finger Zenkova - GM **
Thalia Darkfold - GM **
Blizz Lane - Coordinator/Estate Manager
Katerina Strzelecki - Coordinator / Surf School

** Data Base Gms

The Mauna Loa GM Staff thank you for your compliance and understanding in advance.

Cryolife Viewer and simular known copy botting viewers are illegal on this sim. If you are using it, we ask that you please log out and relog in with an approved SL Viewer such as Greenlife Emerald, Snowglobe or the Normal SL Viewer.
Thank you for your understanding in advance.

By continuing onto the sim you hereby agree the above and to act in accordance to stated rules as follows:

1. Administrative
a. Any information not covered in the information at hand is subject to the decision of the Sim Administrator(s)

2. Child Avatars
a. ALL child avatars must be wearing an active meter or a green Mauna Loa observers tag, just as adult avatars do. These can be found at the Mauna Loa Landing point.

b. Absolutely NO Sexual/BDSM acts will be tolerated around Child Avatars. Any players engaging in sexual age play will face immediate ban from Mauna Loa, with the possibility of a full CCS Ban considered. These actions are against SL toss as mentioned below.

c. Child Avatars may carry weapons, but these weapons need to be age appropriate, carrying a rocket launcher for a child is unrealistic. Child Avatars can be defeated as well if they attack you, but you cannot involve BDSM, Sexual play, or Torture in your RP after combat. You may tie them up and disarm them as well as handing them over to authorities/parents. When in doubt ask a GM if you have any questions pertaining to this policy.

d. All Child Avatars must be age verified with Second Life. To do so is very easy, Certain content in Second Life (SL) is only available to those Residents who verified their RL age to be above 18 years. It is possible to verify your age via a credit card, drivers license or ID.

To verify your age, go to , log in with your SL name and password, browse to My Account > Age Verification and follow the instructions.

3. OOC
a. The Arena is OOC and is used for sparring and learning. Being OOC means you can talk out of character without (( )) to facilitate combat training, role Play and CCS learning. It does not mean you can break the rules. Look at the arena as a combat and role play academy. When you are fighting or engaged in role play outside the arena it is forbidden to use the heal items inside the arena or to use the arena as a “hiding place” to avoid RP consequences. The arena is open to RP.
b. The sim beach club "Rumfire" is OOC and is used for both events and social gatherings. Please read the above rule for OOC explaination. When you are fighting or engaged in role play outside of the club it is forbidden to use the club as a hiding place to avoid RP consequences. The Club is open to RP.
c. OOC insulting, racist, intolerant behavior is NOT allowed. OOC actions and behaviors that create unnecessary tensions and drama in RP, bringing OOC dramas or OOC animosity to RP is strictly prohibited. Failure to observe these rules will lead to immediate sanctions. No warning and no discussion will occur.

4. Vehicles/Flying
a. Mauna Loa is a No Fly Zone. Do not rez cars or other vehicles on the sim. Do not use flight enabling gadgets in the sim.
i. A vehicle is defined as any object that uses the physics engine to drive it (i.e. cars, motorcycles, trucks, magic carpets, hover platforms, etc), rather than an object that attaches to the avatar (i.e. horses, skateboards, bicycles, etc). If you are uncertain whether or not the object you wish to use is a vehicle, please contact a GM for help in determining the difference!

5. Clans/Factions
a. Only Mauna Loa clans and factions are permitted to recruit on the sim. No other factions can actively recruit members.

6. XP Camping
a. Camping means you are idling in the sim, not participating in role play (either openly or in IMs), and basically just doing nothing to earn experience. THIS IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. If you must go AFK for a short period (10 to 15 minutes) then do /9 OFF to turn your CCS off or set yourself to AFK or BUSY which stops you from earning experience. IF you will be gone for a longer period it is better to log out, especially if the sim is near capacity.
b. If found to be using anti camping tools, you will be docked 100% of your experience and banned for life from Mauna Loa
c. Do not try to hide someplace on the sim (e.g. in walls, underground, up in the sky) or try to hide your CCS meter in the sim.
d. Players found hidden, in the air, outside the RP area, or in otherwise suspicious circumstances will be presumed XP campers, and will be treated accordingly.
e. RENTERS: You are free to chill out in your apartment but if you are not going to be RPing or doing Mauna Loa related things for an extended period then please turn your CCS off. Unauthorized entry of a renters home will be considered trespassing. No rp is required for renters to defeat the trespasser.
f. Penalties for XP Camping:
i. First time: Warning, + Dock of 1000 XP points (XP Dock is at the GMs Discretion)
ii. Second time: 3 Day Sim Ban + Dock of 25% of Total XP points
iii. Third time: Permanent Sim Ban + Dock of 50% of Total XP Points

7. Combat Rules and Weapon Selection
a. It’s your responsibility to read the Mauna Loa Combat Rules.
b. Only CCS approved weapons are allowed on this sim.
c. You MUST HAVE a Community Combat System (CCS), which is available in the entrance and in various spots on the sim for free, to engage in combat in Mauna Loa. No combat allowed unless player iss wearing a valid combative CCS HUD and Meter. There is no exception to this rule.
d. Your CCS Meter must be visible and readable at all times.

8. Vendors
a. No one is allowed to rez vendors or to sell their products in the sim without ADMIN approval. Contact Spicy Braveheart for information on the availability of vendor space in Mauna Loa.

9. Gestures/Facelights
a. Gestures can be an enhancement to role play. Please use them appropriately and rarely. Do not spam gestures or sounds repeatedly as this disrupts role play and is annoying.
b. Please be considerate and remove all face lights. Their use is not permitted in Mauna Loa.

10. Shouting
a. Please keep shouting to a minimum and in conjunction with ongoing role play. Constant OOC shouting is disruptive to role play and spoils the mood of the sim.

11. Harassment
a. Mauna Loa is a dark role play simulation. Activities many regard as "evil" are typical in Mauna Loa. Slavery, rape, murder, theft and random violence are all appropriate. In-character protests often do not deter such activity because many *players* come to the sim looking for such things, regardless of that their *character* might want.
b. RP limits must be listed on your profile and are to be respected. If you do not wish to role play certain activities or with certain players then it is best to IM the other person out-of-character (OOC) and politely explain you are uncomfortable and would rather not engage in any such activities. You can also use the "FADE TO BLACK" rule (see the COMBAT rules) if appropriate. If activities persist then contact a GM about the issue.

12. Banned from Sim
a. If you are banned for violating these rules you can only contact another GM if you feel the ban was unjust or abusive. Trying to get your ban lifted by contacting various GMs will only get your ban time increased.
b. Decisions may be appealed against, but if that is not immediately possible, you are bound to continue RP with the disputed decision in force. The ONLY persons you can appeal to are Spicy Braveheart, Owner of Mauna Loa, or Skye Hanfoi, Head GM of Mauna Loa. Do not attempt to use a support channel or appeal to people outside of Mauna Loa. They have better things to do than argue a situation they have not witnessed.

13. Reporting Issues:
a. Any issues, questions, instances of rules violations or any other problems can be brought to the GM staff. These are players with "GM" above their meter. Please be polite and straight forward with your issue so it can be addressed quickly. If you have a problem with a GM then bring it to the attention of Spicy Braveheart, Mace Braveheart or Skye Hanfoi. Any accusations of cheating must be brought to your faction head or a GM to be addressed. Do not make public accusations of cheating.

14. Bloodlines Meter/The Hunger Hud
a. Bloodlines meters and The Hunger Hud are banned CCS Wide due to multiple issues and problems caused by them. If you are wearing one of these, please remove it as soon as you enter the sim, and keep it off for the duration of the time you are here. If you are seen wearing it you will be asked to remove it. Refusal to do so will result in a ban from the sim.

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