Mauna Loa


Name Mauna Loa
Owner Spicy Braveheart, Jeuge Ghost and Skye Hanfoi
Theme Mauna Loa - The Big Isle -Sky box and home rentals
XP Tick 8
Rules Mauna Loa Rules
Chain Mauna Loa
Neighbours Lanai
Resident group Mauna Loa

The Mauna Loa Story:

It seems so long ago that we were once a part of the Setites, following the old ways without question. Our minds and bodies at the command of the elders. Tired of the oppression, through whispers of change, we found each other. Finding ways to secretly meet we shared our idealistic views. Though the decision was difficult, we finally decided, knowing that it may mean that we may never see the ones we love again, time had come, we needed to break away from the old Sect and to go in search of our ideal world. A place where all could live amongst each other vampire, lycan, demon, angel, mortal, and non-mortal alike, without fear, without hostility.

Our search took us through many lands, each more hostile than the previous. There were times when we had our doubts and our old ways did not make this any easier. In the beginning we lost a few, who turned back to return to the Sect. Each time this occurred we questioned whether we would ever find this ideal paradise, but the remaining number of us continued on. Knowing that what we hoped to gain would be worth the trials of the journey we were undertaking.

After years of searching we found the remains of the Hawaiian Islands. Ravaged through the great wars of old, somehow the islands and their mystery remained intact. Feeling the power of old in these lands we knew without being told that we had found a safe haven.

Mesmerized by the magic of the islands we were unaware that we were being watched. So caught up were we in building our new home that we never realized that the local natives were keeping a close watch on all we were doing. It wasn't until some of our old ways again began to cause an occasional fight that the natives made an appearance into our lives.

It was during one of these breakouts that everything just came to a halt…for everyone was literally frozen, yet aware. As we stood standing as statues unable to do anything but move our eyes, we watched as a group of natives entered our compound. They brought with them a simple warning, we were to learn from them the mystical ways of the lands and to live in peace with one another or they would ensure our fighting ways would cease. Struggle though we might, we have begun to embrace the magical ways of the islands, though fights still break out between the races and various clans who now inhabit our paradise.

We have made this our home and we welcome all those who, like us are lost souls. We welcome you to these islands to seek out the wisdoms of the elders, the fortune tellers and the mystics who inhabit the quite coves of Mauna Loa.

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