Martial Arts Rules


Martial Arts Sim is a role play sim, so we hope that every avatar who lives or visits our facilities, remains IC. The Rezz area is located in the middle of the sim can be used only for 5 minutes to rezz the world, if an RP and/or Battle is in progress next to you please put your meter non combative until the world is compleatly rezz. At all time we can be attacked and we can attack.
All visitors are welcome but must remember the this is a English sim so you need to made RP in English. In case that you dont speak the language, you need to use a translator all the time. If you dont use the translator you will received a warning.

Any sanction will be determinated by the GM Admin. Player will not be able to attack other players without a IC reason . Every player who wants to attack will have to do a RP before this. The rp need to be no less that 5 rp lines before the attack.

Any claim on the part of a player will have to be recounted to a GM of the sim with written evidence. The players will have to continue with the RP and at the end of game the GMs would evaluate the mistakes committed to do the necessary sanctions. In addition, they also will take time to award every player with outstanding performance in the RP.

The GM'S are not gods but they are the only resource we have to be able to guarantee the good performance in the sim. We try that ALL can have fun but if at least 80 % of the persons is pleased it will be a good day. Every player who does not follow the instructions of the game and/or the sim will be sanctioned because of insubordination. Any player who insult or use offensive language when he or she is talking to a GM will be ejected and ban for 3 days from CCS and/or will be dock with 5000 XP as a CCS player depending on the magnitude of the offense. The final decition will be from the GM Admin .This is something extremely hard but efective because this kind of situation cant happen. Just avoid all kind of problems, enjoy the game and if not you can leave the sim. The GMs that decides to take part in a RP inside Martial Arts Sim will be considered as a player and will not be able to use his GM's power. In addition they will be judged as one regular player.

In case there are not GM at the time of a rp, any of the GMs who are as players need to leave the game, change his/her tag as ooc gm and shout in general chat the new status. This GM can not go back to the RP.

All decitions taken by Martial Arts GMs are final and endorsed by the Admin.In case that you have a problem with them, please contact the Sim owner
Visitors or residents are not allowed to use an OOC tag if is not autorized by the GMs, Admins or the sim owner.
Please respect other players RP limites, in case you have any doubt you can talk with the other player in IM. Just enjoy the game.
Global rule number one. Enjoyment SL, your RP and your CCS but do not try to destroy others fun. This sim was created to liberate stress and to have fun with your friends. If for any reason your peace is disturbed, call a GM and required your rights. If for any reason you came here to disturb the others, beware because your ass will be kick. Avoid such pain.

1. CCS and HUD:
To be able to remain in Martial Arts Sim you will have to use the CCS meter or an Observer's tag in the SIM. Some huds are prohibited like Bloodlines, Warps, Dcs, Underwold, etc.

Always use your CCS visible. It is prohibited to put it off or to remove it to recover health during a combat. Dont use the black color in your meter. This difficult the vision of other players.

Jump assistants, radars and/or any tool that made the RP non realistic are prohibited. Please reduce the use of animations and "Gestures" during a combat.

The teleports are not allowed during a combat. Likewise, its prohibited to fly in this sim, only by exception of the GM'S who only can do it while they functioning as one.


Only there are allowed the weapon compatible with CCS (swords, knives, firearms). The use of griefers, orbits, cages, push, ban, etc are prohibited since those made difficult the combat and create a lot of lag.

During an attack or a combat, all the weapon must be visible and to have an animation that shows clearly that you are using them. The weapon without animations is prohibited. Only 2 weapon can be used; one for each hand, and only one will be able to have an embossment of damage (enchanced weapon). Every hud, epee, or AO of combat counts as a weapon.

- the C4 it has to have a RP before being planted, Has to have the proof of the RP for any complaint of the Player who was affected by the above mentioned explosive

- The swords that extract racial points are allowed but there is prohibited that a player turns the meter off in the middle of a RP and/or combat to increase his points. This can be used only OOC (Spars).


If a player suffers a crash, the player cannot return to the combat in a period of 5 minutes since he/she log back.

Crashes have to be announced by shouting ((CRASH 5 MIN OUT)) and when the 5 minutes passed shout again ((BACK TO RP)).

The players who are restarting the meter for any kind of problem (meter bug) have to remain still with the meter off and shout ((METER RESTART, OUT 5 MIN)). To indicate that you are going back to the rp, you need to shout ((BACK TO RP)) and put the meter back on.

It will be used as evidence from the moment the player shout "Out" and when is back To shout "return" or the "ok" to calculate the needed time.

To avoid the abuse of this we will only allowed four incident per player (crash or meter bug). So if you crash (for any reason) you can go back to combat after you're 5 min out. If you have a "meter bug" you have to follow the rules. Once this four events are cover if you have any other ( crash or meter bug) you are out of the RP, you have to leave the RP area to low down the lag and to allowed that somebody else can join in.

If RL's reason forces you to leave the combat, you must warn all shouting in general chat " OUT OF THE RP FOR RL " and you cannot return to the RP.

The abuse of this might be sanctioned


The only way to heal a player in the middle of a RP and / or Combat is by the skills of another player or themselfs.
Is compleatly prohibited the use of healing items during an RP or combat, any use of them put you out of the RP.
Healing balls are allowed only in OOc moments like spars, training, etc


Children avatars are allowed in the sim and in RP but they are prohibited to take part in a fight, or to take part of any RP with content of physical or sexual violence.
It is suggested that every player with a children avatar should put the meter NON COMBATIVE in the middle of a RP, this allows the player to made RP but not to attack or been attacked.


In this sim does not exist the natural revive therefore through the corpse camp has not effect in this sim.

7. OOC:

The use of vile words and offensive language in OOC it will be considered a serious offense and will be sanctioned. It is essential to be able to differentiate OOC from IC.
Unless it is absolutely necessary, any communication OOC will have to be expressed in IM. And to do it in the general chat it will have use the tool OOC created to the above mentioned effects or enclose the words between double bracket. Do not abuse of the OOC in the general chat.
GMs are autorize to use ooc in general chat to keep the communication with the players


It is prohibited to become NOT COMBATIVE if it is not for some of the reasons here exposed. If some problem starts between players, it is necessary that they call a GM with the CCS HUD.


Metagaming's practice will be punished: This means to use information obtained OOC and use it in the RP. Example: read the tag of a player to see of which clan it is or to see his name and level among other things to spread them in the general chat.

In a RP, it will be been allowed that two or more avatars are manage by the same person , one will be able to be used inside the RP and fights using CCS and others only for RP. There will not be able to use more than one avatar where the CCS is involved. This will be consider as doble boxing.

Use skills behind walls, climb a wall without such tools as stairs, rope or any other appliance that serves to raise the obstacle . For example: Dont use a hud to clim a wall of concrete. Dont jump a wall of 10 meters with a hud of super jumps . You always need to made RP to clim walls, jump or get into a lock place.

Building control access or place to be protected or to manage the prisioners:

In a RP you can block momentarily the access to some building and when a RP is done to justify it and the adversary has to find the way of being able to enter doing a RP and using some appliance to achieve the access to this area. For example, " Menganito closes the door of steel to avoid the access to the intruders ". The adversary can do a RP saying " Sultanito looks for an equipment of acetylene in the fire department (for example) and it cuts the hinges of the door and with the help of his friends it throws it aside " Use youre imagination. There are many things that we can do in order that the RP is as real as possible. Do not also try to knock down a door of steel as if out of wood (the setting is fundamental in this type of situations if the texture of the door is of wood, not say that it is of steel).

The Metagaming is basically all that in real life is not impossible to do and you try to integrate it into the RP. Be more realistic.

10. FTB (Fade To Black):

The form in order that a player escapes of a not wished situation is using the " Fade to Black " in other words you refuse, you refuse to continue the RP, leave of the game of the person or persons who are carrying it out.

If the nature of the RP causes you displacer, you will be able to appeal this rule and the above mentioned player or players will not be able to take part of a new RP and / or combat in a period of 24 hours.

When the tool FTB is used, it is necessary to notify at once a GM with written evidence of the situation mentioning the date and the hour of the event. It will have to accept the indications that the GM will them, for every case especially for this RP to be rejected.

Not to call a GM in these cases can result in the expulsion/banned of the sim or even XP Dock or CCS ban. This will be decition of the GM.

11. TP:

TPs are prohibited to give during the development of a RP. TP out of the SIM also it is prohibited.

In the sim you will find the REZZ area in the middle of the sim. Every player who comes in any other part of the sim during a RP will be removed from the combat by a GM. As a player you are not allowed to get out of the rezz area and tp your group, clan or friends. If you do so, they will be removed from the RP and the battle because they dont follow the rules.

A capture can be done in two ways:
With an RP (and wirh previous agreement of another person) there the player decides not to fight and is made captive.

The second one, more common that it is when after a RP two or more players choose to use the system of combat CCS to decide which is the winner at the end of the RP. On having used the system CCS between two or more players, one o more will be able to neutralize the adversary when one of them falls to the floor product of the hits and skills received on them. In the general chat it will say the following thing; CCS - v1.0 -METER: Fulanito de tal (identifying the loser) has been defeated by Juan Del Pueblo (identifying the winner)! Deciding with the CCS system who is the winner and who is the loser.

In the RP the winner will decide the future of the fallen player. If the winner decides to capture the loser, this one has the obligation to do a capture RP with no less than 3 rp lines(it is not allowed to use "gestures" to made the RP) where it must say in his own words that it neutralizes, disarms of all kinds of weapon (visible and hide ones), that it does not leave this weapon within reach of his victim, ties or uses any phrase to say that the person is captive. In other words if the winner does not do well his RP the loser might do a RP of liberation when the natural revive come so the player will be able to escape. If the victim was captured after having being revived but did not become present by the lag, the capture is not valid. For this it will have to present written evidence. Show that to a GM in IM. Do not stop the combat.

As the winner, you can choose to leave the defetead and to continue defeating others.

To be able to take a prisoner to another sim it must consult with the prisoner if it agrees or not. Captor or the guardian must do a RP of kidnapping where it informs that one takes another player to another sim. The guardian will take the prisoner to the rezz zone of the sim and from there they will be transported to another place. If the captor is attack, he cant leave the sim until the attackers stopped or his friend help him.

A player can be liberated, with a 3 rp lines ( no gestures allowed),then this person is in natural revive or the above mentioned process has been passed. If the captured person is being guarded for someone at the time they will have to defeat the guardian to be able to proceed with the RP of liberation. It is not possible to fight while one is dragging a captured person. No captive player will not be able to use skills. The captor an use skill against the defeated but need to made a valid RP for this actions.

If you do not agree with the form in which one gave the combat or the result that this one threw, do not accuse publicly of trap or use false pretexts that might generate a major conflict, go to your leader and do your allegations with the evidence and then you need to talk to a GM.

In this sim is allowed to escape but you should roleplay it with 3 lines that describe your action in your own words. The playes who dont follow this rule will be sanctioned.


People who arrives to the RP because was informed in a chat group or in IM will be not allowed. To ask for help a player have to leave the sim, without been attacked and come back with the log of all the process to show it to a GM in case its need it.


We understand as "camping" to stay away from the keyboard or the computer or not to take part of an RP and, leaving the avatar with the CCS activated, with the intention of accumulate points of experience.
In order that a player is considered to be a possible camper, a GM will have to come to a not major range of 20 mts from distance of the player and do the first attempt of contact him. If he does not answer will be considered to be a possible camper. Then, the GM will send an IM and if this one is not answered in 10 minutes, he(she) is considered to be a camper.The idle message from the CCS system will be take as evidence of camping and the GM not need to wait the 10 min. To avoid "Ghost Avatars", the GM need to use the GM kill to probe that the avatar is "real". The sanctions begin with:

1.- First offense: We dettach the meter and made a warning, and explaining in IM to the player the future consequence.
2.- Second Offense: The player will be dock XP points and ban from the isle or/and lock of the meter (Ban/lock days and dock of xp will be manage by the GM admin)
3.- Third Offense: Ban from CCS for the amount of time that the GM Admin decides.

Bans from CCS will be ruled by the rules from CCS admins. This are. 3 days, 7 days, 14 days, 30 days and permanent ban. The player will have to request a hearing with the executives of CCS in order to them to restore the privilege of using the system again. This person will be permanent ban from Martial Arts Sim.


Its prohibited to use any kind of help to jumps or of movement during the combat, to chase someone, to follow someone, to flee of someone, to spy on someone, to abuse someone, or to locate snipers' positions.


There is not safe zones in Martial Arts, Rezz zone will be only for rezzing the world and just for 5 minutes and inmediatly after that, you should leave the zone. In case you are not rezz yet, put your meter off to avoid attacks. The player has to shout (( 5 min Rezz)) to establish the waiting time.


Do not force your RP in to others. Do not act as if you were invincible. Dont call yourself God.Dont try to be the "know it all" and the most powerfull in the RP

Examples of god's attitude are:

1. You use youre xperience to demand that your decision is taken as correct going over the established rules.
2. Made an RP of an incurable poison. It does not make sence that you kill anybody because it would be RP end and if the person does not want to die so you were never killing them. The term "defeated" means defeated not dead.
3. Regenerate a part of your body even when was cut
4. " You cannot defeat me because … " insert any reason here.


The use of any type of vehicle, with not more than 30 prims, in the sim, (of preference none Free to avoid cheap Scrips in the sim), can RP with the vehicle, but not escape of the RP with it. Will be ok only if you made a valid Rp. Planes, Helicopter and other vehicle that simulate that you are flying are not allowed. Only a GM or Sim Admin can approve them.

The sanctions for the persons who brake,any rules will be decided by the GM admin. If it has some objection to these rules you can communicate with any GM and request a hearing to discuss your point. You will have equal opportunity of time to debate your ideas.

Nobody is forced to follow these rules. If for any reason you do not agree with them, you are free to leave at any time. If you remain in the sim, you have to respect them.
Enjoy a good RP.!!!

Martial Arts Sim Staff

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