Malkavian Factions Overview

There are a few different malkavian factions in CCS lands and this leads to some confusion.

  • +++ Malkavian Vampires +++ With home in the sanctuary sim, under the guidance of Emerald.
  • Malkavians of VTM In the Crossroads chain, about 30 strong under Nadinbe's promogen ship, part of the Crossroads VOC.
  • Malka Malks, This factions hold out in the original Malkavian CCS sims of Malka and malkavia city. The factions is keeped togeather by Sexy.
  • Dark Malkavians, Living in Next South, with some of the members of the faction that started the malka sim. I'm not sure about the leader ship but i think Natty is the leader at the moment. This factions is quite isolated form the other three that have frequent contacts.

There is also a bunch of other malkavian groups arounbd that not aim to be full time factions.

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