Lycans Asylum Rules

Welcome to Fear Valley (Lycans Asylum) (8 xp RP and CCS Combat sim)

Rules of RP and Conduct

Lindens Lab terms of Service ( TOS )
By rezzing and roleplaying in Lycans Asylum you inherently agree to abide the rules when entering the sims. You must be over the age of eighteen (18) and that you are not offended by violence, adult language or any sexual content. The owners of Lycans Asylum Estate defers all responsibility beyond this agreement, in legal liabilities, to the trespassing party. Parties not over the age of eighteen (18) are trespassing and thus legally liable for their own actions. You agree to allow the use of chat logs by by sim owners, GM's and administrative staff for the sole purpose of determining game rule violations. Logs will never be used in any fashion except in sim administrative situations.

Fear Valley is an English speaking sim. If you are not a English speaker then it is your responsibility to wear a translator and make it a friendly environment for all within the language barrier.

If you do not have a translator then kindly pick one up for free from ….

Gm's of Fear Valley(Lycans Asylum) are here to help you, coach you and guide you when needed. Treat them with respect and you will be treated with respect in return. If you are unable to treat Lycans Asylum GM's with respect, you will be given a 24 hours cool down time ( 24 hours sim ban) in which you can calm down, come back and have fun.

Lycans Asylum is a dark land, inhabited by dark souls, beings, mortals, immortals and creatures. We take both roleplay and combat seriously and prefer to be IC at all times and if needed to use IM's for OOC. We encourage you to listen, learn and have fun. This is a place even though dark, you are able to run freely and have fun within the barrier of our rules. The rules mentioned below are to provide a general order to prevent a disaster in the environment. Please respect our rules and have fun!

The Sim adopt the rules of the City of Lost Angel's (CoLA) with the exception of the rules as detailed below. In the case of a conflict of rules between CoLA and Lycans Asylum, Lycans Asylum rules shall govern. If rules are silent on a topic, CoLA rules shall apply.

To read the CoLA rules, browse to:

These rules assume you have some knowledge of CCS and combat related roleplay such as CoLA, Toxia, etc. If something doesn't make sense, ask a GM or Sim Staff. Ignorance of the pertinent terms, concepts or rules will not excuse you from abiding by them. Please read the CoLA rules first before proceeding.

The Ten Commandments are the first rules of Lycans Asylum Sim: Issued by Suzanna Soyinka


Landmark to the sim


We abide by the rules of the CoLA chain, please see below

((General Rules/Rules of Conduct))


Welcome to Fear Valley

Fear Valley is a Dark RP/Combat/Sex sim where you can come and live a character life that is not all shiny, happy, and new like most of Second Life. We attempt to provide a good community for free form role-play for characters of a darker nature.

CCS Support group

Please feel free to join the CCS group. The CCS group is where you can ask questions about the CCS system and get help with any problems you are having.


1) You do not have a right to be an asshole. Treat others as you wish to be treated.

2) Child Avatars:
Child Avatars are not allowed within Fear Valley. This is an adult sim, where adult things happen all day every day. We have tried to allow child avatars with the no sex/violence rule, but it usually caused a problem. If your avatar looks like a child you will be warned that you need to, change it or you will be perma banned.

3) Vehicles/Flying
Do not rez cars or other vehicles in the sim. Fear Valley is a no fly zone. Do not use flight gadgets in the sim. ***

***A vehicle is defined as any object that uses the physics engine to drive it (i.e. cars, motorcycles, trucks, chocobos, magic carpets, hover platforms, etc), rather than an object that attaches to the avatar (i.e. horses, skateboards, bicycles, etc). If you are uncertain whether the object you wish to use is a vehicle, please contact a GM for help in determining the difference!

4) Race groups/Faction groups: N/A

5) Poaching:
Poaching is the act of going into a community and deliberately trying to pull players from said community in order to strengthen another. We expect that people from other factions, other sims and other combat systems would not poach from us and in return, we expect the same of our players and staff when visiting other sims.

Internal poaching within Fear Valley is not allowed either, attempting to pull people from one faction into your own in an IC or OOC manner is strictly against the rules. Faction hopping in general is frowned upon but it does happen and when it does, it needs to be strictly the player's decision to leave one faction and join another. To help avoid drama, when accepting a new member into your faction, who was just in another, you should OOCly speak to the leader of that faction and make sure they know, as a courtesy.

6) Vendors:
No one is allowed to rez vendors or to sell their products in the sim without ADMIN approval. See the FAQ for information on the availability of vendor space in Fear Valley.

7) CCS camping:
Camping means you are not at your keyboard, not able to respond to those that approach you in role-play or in combat. THIS IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. After 10 minutes of being unresponsive, your CCS will be detached and you will likely be ejected from the sim. A warning will be placed on your CCS database sheet and repeated camping offences will result in XP loss and eventual removal from CCS entirely.

Do not try to hide somewhere out of the way in the sim or physically within the build (e.g. in walls, underground, up in the sky. If you are not in an easily accessible/visible place where people can reach, you are to role-play or combat you, and then you will be asked to move.

Renters may hang out within their homes all they want. If you have your CCS on and active, your door must remain unlocked.

8) The CCS meter:
You can get one for free in the management building where you teleport in. To engage in combat of any kind, you MUST have a CCS meter equipped and on. If you simply wish to role-play around Fear Valley you do not need to have the meter attached or on but if you're involved in any hostile RP you are required to have your meter on, other than that, you may have it on or off at your discretion so long as you are following the rules above. Do NOT try to use the lack of a CCS meter as an excuse to avoid the consequences of your actions. Also note, that many will ignore you if you do not have your CCS meter, so be prepared for that.

RP is considered hostile if it has the possibility to provoke someone. Such as insults or spying on a factional base.

Your CCS meter must be visible and readable when you are wearing it. Bright color and above your head.

9) Gestures/Sounds:
Gestures can be a fun enhancement to role-play. Please use them appropriately and rarely. Do not spam gestures or sounds repeatedly as this disrupts role-play and is annoying. Out of character, gestures are not allowed.

10) Shouting:
Please keep shouting to a minimum and in conjunction with ongoing role-play. OOC shouting is prohibited in the sim.

11) Harassment:
Fear Valley is a dark role-play simulation. Activities many regard as "evil" are typical in Fear Valley. Slavery, rape, murder, theft and random violence are all appropriate in a post-Apocalyptic world. Demons, vampires, lycanthropes, creatures from other planes, rapists, serial killers and similar creatures all roam the streets. This means that *characters* often act in aggressive, predatory, criminal and/or plain uncomfortable ways. This is to be expected given the nature of the simulation.

In-character protests often do not deter such activity because many *players* come to the sim looking for such things, regardless of that their *character* might want. If you do not wish to role-play certain activities or with certain players then it is best to IM the other person out-of-character (OOC) and politely explain you are uncomfortable and find something you can role-play that the both of you will enjoy.

12) Being Banned:
If you truly do feel that you have been banned unjustly or a GM was abusing their power, make a thread on the "CCS - Ban Appeals" forum thread at Please follow the rules on the forum and post your appeal in the designated format.

13) Reporting problems:
Any issues, questions, instances of rules violations or any other problems can be brought to the GM staff. These are players with "GM" above their meter. Please be polite and straightforward with your issue so it can be addressed quickly. If you have, a problem with a GM then bring it to the attention of She Juniper.

Any accusations of cheating/metagaming/or any violation of any rule, must be brought to your faction head or a GM to be addressed. Do not make public accusations of cheating. Disrupting the game with OOC complaints in local chat will result in your temporary removal from the sim.

14) Rezzing objects:
Rezzing objects is permitted in Fear Valley because RP sometimes requires various props, objects, pose balls and so forth to be added to the sim. Objects left lying around the sim count against the overall prim limit of the sim and reduce the amount for others to use so please pick them up when you are done using them. Renters, of course, can leave items in their apartments within their prim limits. Persistent disregarding of this rule or rezzing a large number of objects will result in disciplinary action. Fear Valley is not a building zone.

15) Out of character:
Statements made out of character in the Fear Valley and most other RP communities are signified by speaking ((in brackets)). This is so your fellow players know what you are saying is not in character and helps minimize confusion between IC (in character) and OOC(out of character) statements.

Insulting, argumentative or those made in anger, stated OOC to other members of this community are completely PROHIBITED. If you have an issue that you feel requires the intervention of a mediator, contact a member of the Lycans Asylum Team.

16) Meta-gaming:
As stated in the Fear Valley combat rules, Meta-gaming is defined as: When a player has become aware of or told about information Out of character (OOC) pertaining to or directly regarding an ongoing storyline, situation or other player and then, by means of role play, uses that information either to their own benefit or as a means to interact with/against other players.

This is extremely aggravating for those of us who are trying to provide fun and possibly in-depth stories for the residents in Fear Valley and is therefore prohibited in the game.

17) Comm. units/Translators.
Factional comm units must be physical and visible objects that are worn by the players and can be removed from a player in role-play. They must be obvious when used. i.e. /me uses their comm. device. If it does not look like an obvious comm. device, you must clearly say what actually is the comm. device in the RP. i.e. /me rubs the coin that acts as a comm device…

Role-play language translators are for IC use only as well. There should be no bracketed or OOC text in translators, just as there should be none in comm. chat. They are IC tools and should be used ICly only. If you need to ask your faction an OOC question, use your factions group chat or IM's, DO NOT use the comm devices or translators.

18) Faction group chat:
Can be used as IC as long as it is not about any current in world role-play that is happening. The faction chat should be used to talk or update each other on past events or future event planning, IC or OOC.

19) God modding:
God modding is negating everything someone does towards you or against you in RP because your character is so uber awesome i.e. a god. This is silly and people who godmod will not only receive a ban for repeated offences, but will likely be branded by the player base as someone who isn't worth role-playing with and you'll find time in all RP sims a very lonely time.

20) While in Fear Valleys, you may be the target of CCS combat anywhere at any time. There are no safe zones.

There are however areas that are warded, and require role-play/permission to be entered.

21) Going Non-combative is only allowed when you have not been involved in any hostile role-play or combat for at least 10 minutes. If you need to go AFK for a few minutes, you must turn your CCS back on upon returning if someone requests it.

22) Once you make a melee attack or shoot at someone as well as using an offensive skill, you are to consider yourself in combat. To be melee attacked or shot also initiates combat, as does the use of an defensive skill.

23) Fighting using physical weapons, such as a sword requires that you wear your CCS Meter. RP fighting is used instead of CCS combat; it is something that both parties need to agree upon beforehand OOCly. If someone does not agree to RP combat, they still have every right to kill you with CCS if you are wearing your meter. To put it simply. If you prefer RP combat to CCS combat, do not wear a CCS METER.

24) Role-play is not required of someone that attacks you and defeats you before or after the fact. It is encouraged and in most cases, it fits. Most players should initiate role-play after a battle. However, there are certain types of characters like assassins, muggers, insane asylum escapees and douche bags that are not going to stick around after the fact. The burden of role-play is on the victim. If they were left in the alley, then crying for help would be a good start to bring some role-play to what just happened to you.

25) If you are using melee combat, you need to have an animation that shows your character attacking. You may not engage in melee combat without a visual indication that you are actually attacking.

26) No movement enhancers while in combat. No dashers, no flash steps, no gadgets that make you phantom, no jumpers or flight assists, wall climbers, etc. Using any form of enhanced movement or teleportation will result in disciplinary action.

Due to the height of buildings in Fear Valley, you may use a jump enhancer to enter combat if you have no other means of getting onto a roof or other high up platform that someone may be sniping you from. Abuse of this privilege will result in disciplinary action as well.

27) Turning off, removing, or resetting your CCS meter is illegal during combat. Once all RP associated with the combat is over, you may remove your meter if you wish. Removing your meter or resetting it during combat to avoid defeat or regain health, however, is not allowed and will result in punishment.

28) Weapon stacking is not allowed, regardless of who you are or reason. You are allowed to use, at maximum, two one-handed swords, two one-handed guns, one two-handed sword or gun, one melee hud, OR one single handed sword and a single handed gun. Equipping a two handed weapon and a one handed weapon or melee HUD at the same time is NOT allowed. If you are caught weapon stacking, you will be subject to disciplinary action.

29) You may not IM or teleport other people into the sim while in combat. If you are observing a fight and wish to call for help, you must run, in game, to the person you are seeking. To prevent long, drawn out, over the top CCS fights, we ask that you do NOT use your comm to call in reinforcements, even when observing a fight.

30) Use of internal or external Voice chat programs:

The use of voice, and or Skype or Ventrilo voice chats is forbidden to use for role-play or combat.

It is an external system, it is meta-gaming, and thus shall not be used in conjunction with factional combat.

Voice is off in Fear Valley for a reason; it does not foster nor support role-play interaction. So thus, keep your voice chats for your personal conversations from here on out.

31) Any sort of combat is supposed to have a definite end. Fights are not supposed to go on endlessly as each side summons more and more reinforcements from factions and friends who are outside the sim doing other things or who just happen to get online.

The victorious party should not be subjected to endless rescue missions as captured player's use all sorts of means to continually let friends, family and factions know of their predicament. Role playing defeat is not something to avoid but a means for your character to grow. Look upon defeat as a positive thing and use communication sensibly.

32) If you crashed during a group fight, you must wait 10 minutes before rejoining the battle if it is still going. If the fight is already over, it is best to come into the RP on whichever side your group is currently in, whether they won or lost.

33) USING THE HOSPITAL HEAL BALLS REMOVES YOU FROM COMBAT. You may not re-enter combat once you leave to heal for no less than 10 minutes. There is no fighting while you are on a hospital bed.

Only CCS approved enhanced items or healing balls in a Hospital can be used to heal after combat.

In the event you are attacked while on a heal bed you must get off the bed to retaliate. Attacks against players who are using a hospital heal bed MAY occur after the healing player has been removed from combat for no less than 10 minutes.

34) Do not use any device that turns you invisible during combat. No devices or any items that make your avatar invisible are permissible during combat. This includes cloaking devices, gadgets that sink your avatar into the ground or any device that renders your avatar invisible to direct line-of-sight to another player.

35) Personal role-play limits are allowed if you are uncomfortable with a certain role-play. This is for people that truly find a particular role-play disturbing on a severe level.

If you have a certain type of role-play as a limit, you cannot perform that role-play on others.

36) Corpse camping is where you stand around a body and wait for the person to revive and then kill them again with the sole intention of being a jerk. CCS killing someone who is trying to flee or fight again is allowed, even if they have just rezzed.

Even if the revive is due to a timer, a racial skill, or if revived by another, if you are already RPing, your character bound or trapped, you should continue to role-play the scene, not negate it because CCS decided to revive you.

37) Revives:
During one on one combat, you are required to role-play being hurt after you have been defeated. You should not immediately revive and attack someone. The racial revives allow you to recover early and maybe escape. If a healer revives you after single combat, you should still RP being injured.

EXCEPTION: in group combat scenarios a player can rejoin combat if they are resurrected by a healer and healed back to combat level statistics.
Group combat is defined as having three or more participants making any action that involves them in a fight. i.e. use of Offensive, Support or Healing skills, attacking another party in the combat situation, etc.

38) When you are defeated in CCS combat, it is just the same as if you were defeated in a long drawn out role-play combat. With your health at 0, you cannot fight back anymore, not thru CCS and not thru role-play. You are at the mercy of the victor.

39) If you need to log off or the RP is going in a direction that makes you uncomfortable or breaks one of your limits, you may Fade to Black (FTB). If you fade to black, you MAY NOT engage in combat again with the party for 24 hours.

Fading to black is NOT the same as voiding a scene. When you fade to black, you simply fast forwards, skipping whatever portion of the RP that would make you feel uncomfortable, if not the whole scene. Your character is STILL EFFECTED BY THIS.

Fading a scene should be avoided at all costs, just as voiding should. Talk in IM's with the other people involved, compromise and remember that this is just RP. If you need to leave (log off) then you need to leave but still, come to a compromise on what happened to your character in your absence and RP the effects the next time you log on.

Abusing the fade to black rule will result in disciplinary action. It is not a way to avoid having to do defeat RP. Keep in mind RP is for everyone, not just for you. By fading to black, you are taking away from other people's RP and in turn, people may not wish to RP with you as often.

40) Post combat OOC comments:
Whether from the victorious party gloating or the loser complaining will not be tolerated. If there is a REAL issue consult a GM immediately, otherwise keep it IC RP only. OOC insults and rude comments will result in disciplinary action. This includes negative comments or insults made in IMs as well as in the open. Be an adult about things, it is only a GAME.

Disruptive, public and OOC complaints:

There will be no more OOC complaints or bitching about other players, other factions, or anything at all in the Fear Valley sim and sims that are a part of the Fear Valley. This includes general chat, group chats and factional group chat.

41) No Moving Corpses:
Once you are dead then you are dead. You must wait until you revive naturally or are revived by a healer or through a racial skill. You are not permitted to move unless you are being dragged or moved by another as part of a role-play. Also a suggestion, try to turn off your AO while defeated so the Override standing animation does not confuse anyone.

42) Death/Permanent injury:
You can only inflict death or permanent injury with the consent of the other party.

43) Sim Border Abuse:
As we all know, SL is broken into sims and as a person crosses from one sim to another, they lag terribly. Running from sim to sim in an escape is acceptable. You are allowed to try to flee and in your attempt to escape your attacker, you are allowed to run as far and wide as you wish until CCS defeated or you escape. One thing that is not allowed, however is sim jumping. Sim jumping is repeated sim crossing. Purposely abusing the lag generated by a sim cross in order to gain advantage over your enemy.

Sniping across sim borders is allowed.

44) RP limits:
Role-play limits are things you find particularly disturbing to play out, something you just cannot stomach doing, even in a fantasy setting. Your limits are your own and while not everyone may agree with them, you are allowed to have them. However, they should be serious limits. You should not go into a dark RP sim and have NO DARK RP as your limit. Try your best to find the CCS sim that fits you closest and if your limits come up, work with that person to find a different RP that you would both enjoy. DO NOT agree to do a RP that you have an issue with doing and then complain about it later on. If you agree, then you agree and do not have the right make an issue out of it.

RESPECT - GM's are there to help you, guide you, coach you to a better player. They go out of their way to be there for a player that needs help. Respect your GM !

Manners and being polite will not make you lose xp. All logs will be saved and used for references to the situation.
All Conversations with a GM are considered OOC. If a GM asks for logs then the player MUST submit the logs asked for unless there is a REAL valid reason for the disappearance of the logs. Gm's are not computers or robots, give them time to access the situation go through all the necessary logs , so they can evaluate properly in order to give the final verdict.
If you disagree with a GM then you may appeal to a Senior GM from the SIM that you are on.


AFK - Away from keyboard
RL - Real Life (rumored to exist)
CCS - CoLA Combat System
CoLA - City of Lost Angel's
FTB - Fade to black
GM - Games Master
HP - Health Points
XP - Experience Points
IC - In character
OOC - Out of character
RP - Role play


Thank you and Welcome once again to Lycans Asylum. Please enjoy your stay and have fun!

Lycans Asylum Estate Management Team.

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