Lv Casino District Welcome Note

Welcome to the Lost Vegas Casino District!

The Lost Vegas Casino District is a Role Play (RP) Zone, CCS enabled and part of the sim chain of the City of Lost Angels (CoLA). As such, we embrace and enforce the stand rules of CoLA. You can find detailed information on the CCS and CoLA rules, do's and don'ts at

CCS stands for Community Combat System, and it is a scripted combat system within SL made to compliment RP. Here in the CoLA chain, we have what is called a "freeform" Role Play system. What this means is instead of choosing between a limited number of character types to play, you get to create your OWN character, with their own personality, mindset, capabilities and vulernabilities. We simply ask that you choose your CCS race and class based on what MOST accurately describes this character of your creation. Detailed information on the various different races and classes can be found here:



Las Vegas! The very same city from generations past that would attract people from all corners of the nation to pursue their innermost dreams and passions! After the comet fell upon the world, Las Vegas suffered a similar fate to that of Los Angeles, and the once glorious, glamorous city of dreams became a desolate wasteland, barely recognizable by the eyes that once knew.

Naturally, it seems as though it is the fate of fallen glory to be unearthed. A human, pursued by a demon found himself upon the ruins of the city by mistake. He escaped, quite narrowly though, because the demon looked around her, and she felt the presence of so many sins from the past, it aroused her instantly. She brushed the dust from the sign and gave a smirk, for now she'd found a new calling. Channelling her demonic power, she slowly brought the buildings out of the Earth that had consumed them over the years, and she gave the city a new power, a new life, and a new name.

That City still stands today, as a shining jewel in the midst of the end of the world. It matters not where you come from, nor where you are going. Because what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Welcome to the wasteland's shining jewel! Welcome to Lost Vegas!

If you are new to roleplaying, here's a few easy to understand concepts that you need to know. First and foremost, when you leave the TP area, you're no longer an avatar in SL, you're a character in a story, the story of the Lost Vegas Casino District. So always remember that what happens in this sim is part of the story, part of the game. That being said:

1. In Character (IC) — Refers to actions, dialog and other events that occur as part of the roleplay. Part of the story, part of the game.

2. Out of character (OOC) — Refers to ordinary talking between players that is not a part of the RP. We recommend keeping OOC chatter to a minimum, or in IMs, but if you must say it in open chat, make sure that it is obvious. The most common way of doing this is using parenthesis or brackets to denote the OOC part of a statement.

Examples: ((OOC)) [[OOC]]

3. Metagaming — We define metagaming as taking information that is discovered OOCly, and using it ICly. As stated already, you're a character in a story, and not an avatar in an SL hangout. There are no name tags, profiles, etc ICly, so using that as an excuse for saying someone's name aloud or somehow KNOWING their history is unfair, and unacceptable. The easiest way to avoid metagaming is by asking yourself, "Does my character know this?" before you act upon something.

4. Godmodding — There are many ways to define godmodding, but think of it as an attempt to dictate how a RP is going to go, usually in the form of forcing someone to react a certain way to something.

Ceaser Hoilious grins as his entire body thrusts forward with a ridiculous speed, his entire form blurring as his pawfist is driven straight into your chest, and as you make to kick him in return he grasps your leg and throws you over his body onto the conveyor belt nearby.

The problem with this emote occurs when " Ceaser Hoilious " emotes that the opponent has attempted to kick him. By doing this, he is emoting their actions FOR them. This is godmodding, and therefore, unacceptable. The easiest way to avoid godmodding is by emoting your OWN actions only, and allowing your opponent to act or react however they will.

A few key notes to remember:

When someone emotes, that is to say, they use "/me" before a statement or shroud it in
asterisks (*example*), therefore turning it into an action, this is something that is being
DONE, not SAID. So if you see something like this:

Ceaser Hoilious tilts his head, curiously running his eyes over John's attire.

"Ceaser Hoilious " has not metagamed, because Ceaser Hoilious hasn't SPOKEN "John's" name aloud.
False claims of rule breaking will be dealt with just as harshly as rule breaking itself, so
consider yourself warned.



Your presence here is a priviledge, not a right.

It is important that you realize that this a Dark RP zone, if you are not of age to be here, you don't belong, so please turn right back around and leave. So, assuming you're here, it's because you are an adult, so we expect you to act like one and obey our rules.

First and foremost, any breach of the CoLA rules will not be tolerated, since they are the backbone of the entire RP zone that Lost Vegas Casino District is a part of. Other, simpler breaches of the rules, such as just being an asshole, will not be tolerated either.

First offenses will earn you a warning, a staff member will pull you to the side and explain to you what you have done wrong, and why it is detrimental to RP or simply unfair to others. Showing bad attitude or attempting to tell off a staff member during this talk will automatically earn you a temporary ban.

Second offenses, depending upon the case will likely earn a temporary ban.

Players who express a complete disregard for the rules or refuse to respect the staff will be permanently banned, or at least banned until they have learned their lesson. NO exceptions will be made for land owners, faction heads, or any others.

Regardless of what happened, whose fault it was, or anything of the sort, your mistake will be explained to you in full detail. Also, an entire faction or minifaction will not be banned because of the actions of a single member of that faction, even if it is their leader. In the instance that you feel as though one of these points has been violated, directly IM Andie Ashbourne or Beauty Batriani with your issue, and we will address it.

Above all else, it's a game, so please, have fun, and enjoy your stay in Lost Vegas Casino District!

Any and all questions may be addressed to Andie Ashbourne, or Beauty Batriani.

Don't forget to read the land covenant information if you plan to lease land here!

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