Lag Reducing Tips

1. Reduce your bandwidth to 500 or less go to: edit - preferences - network.

This setting is super important because it effects everyone around you as well as yourself. If you ever walk by someone and lag out, its probably because their bandwidth is too hugh. Turn around and mention it to them, they will end up thanking you for it.

2. Turn your draw distance down between 64 -125, go to: edit - preferences - graphics

The lower the setting the faster it is. Imagine your computer having to draw an entire sim at one time, ouch, thats a heavy strain.

3. Take off all the weapons and other scripted objects you arent using them

All those scripted objects will slow you down - do you really need your hug attachment on when raiding? Xcite is also a majorly scripted object and a bit embarrassing if you accidentally leave it on. Unless you were ordered to wear it constantly by your mistress, i sugeest removing it while not in use.

4. If your really brave and hate lag, just get rid of the AO. Dont even have it in the off position, its not like you can shoot properly with it on. AOs are one of the biggest lag monsters out there.

Other tips include (which may make the world not quite as pretty)

lower your particle count (lower the better, should never go over 1500)
set your terrain to low
Make sure your outfit composite is not over 2 and could be at 0
Set cache at 200
Uncheck Anisotropic Filtering

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