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Intelligence affects both offence and healing abilities for casters and healers. It also enhances the ability of all players to avoid skill attacks.

1. For casters and healers, intelligence determines a bonus to be added to all offence and support skills. This bonus is calculated as the base damage plus intelligence multiplied by a class based multiplier as follows:

Caster: 3
Healer: 2
Tank: 0.5
DPS: 0.5
For example, if a caster whose intelligence is 55 uses a skill attack whose base damage is 295, the damage bonus will be 295+55*3=460.

This also applies to RadShot.

2. For all players, intelligence allows players to avoid skill-based attacks. The probability of such an attack missing completely (intelligence-based skill resistance) is a function of intelligence, whose maximum value of 0.33 is reached at 100 intelligence points. Note that this is different from CCS Willpower, which allows a player to resist the status effects associated with skill attacks. When a skill attack occurs two calculations will be made:

the attack may fail completely because of the target's intelligence-based skill resistance
if the attack does not fail, the associated status effect may be resisted because of the target's willpower.
Skill attacks typically involve a certain amount of damage (stamina or life) and a possible status effect. Intelligence resists both, willpower only resists the status effect.

Intelligence does not enable a player to resists life and stamina damage caused by enhanced ranged weapons.

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