Hyperion S Rules


Rules of Ghosts
of Hyperion

No one is supposed to ignore the law of Hyperion …

The access of Ghosts Of Hyperion is reserved for a major public. This allows a SIM vulgar language, assault, fighting, sex, violence. By entering you agree to accept it.
To enter this SIM you must wear a CCS (Community Combat System) or failing a tag observer (available nearby the teleporter) and you stick with this role of observer.

It is advisable to join the group Hyperion Ghosts to receive all the information on the area of RP.

YOU ARE HERE TO HAVE FUN! And other players also … We would like you to know you remember when the spirits are starting to heat up.

General rules:
1) you are here to play
2) In case of argue with another player minimize the OOC, favors im.
3) The insults, harassment and provocation is forbidden OOC ( IM are OOC ).
4) The Avatars children are prohibited in the fighting and the RP of a violent or sexual.
5) The vehicles are prohibited.
6) The Rezz of object is allowed under the RP and thank you only think to remove these items once it is completed.
7) Flying is strictly prohibited.
8) The movement enhancers (super jump, neko motion, …) are prohibited in combat.
9) The gestures and noises are authorized under the RP and to the extent of a sensible use.
10) The SKYBOX arena, the mall and private rentals are areas OOC.
11) The basis must be accessible to enemies and can be attacked at any time.
12) Camping (5 minutes without response to a GM IM) is prohibited.
13) The use of radar or scanner is prohibited.

Rules of combat:
1) You must wear a CCS active and legible to participate in combat.
2) If you wear a CCS assets you may at any time to be an attack by another player. The RP is encouraged prior but not mandatory if the attacker has a reason IC. The mere fact of belonging to an opposing clan can not be received as such.
3) It is forbidden to disable its CCS, detach or to upload once the struggle (the first offensive skill used or the first blow) until the end of the bout and the possible RP which follows .
4) The shields or invisibility device is prohibited.
5) you're out of combat 5min after a crash. It is mandatory to pass "no comb" during this period and announce the crash and then you return to fight in the general chat.
6) The use of a ball or heal disconnection / reconnection you permanently excluded from (the) fight (s) and the RP.
7) Only places OOC (Arena in Sky, leases (excluding bases), mall) and the arrival area (behind the dotted yellow) are Safe Zones.
8) It is forbidden to take refuge in the finish area.
9) The RP capture must include minimum sentences and links should be given. The use of a gesture or a HUD may be refused by the captive.
10) The TP is prohibited in combat.
11) It is forbidden to move once DEFEATED and RP must be consistent with the state of the character.
12) It is prohibited to use skill when you are leash, or defeated through a prim (even transparent).
13) It is forbidden to fight with a prisoner leash.
14) It is forbidden to release a prisoner leash without killing the person who wishes.
15) If unbearable situation for you announce FTB (Fade to Black) and warn a GM. The abuse not to take a defeat will be punished. You can then RP with your abuser for 24 hours.
16) The Corpse Camping (wait revive an enemy for retuer) is prohibited.
17) After a natural revive the use of a skill or be cared for by a friend takes you back in combat.
18) Unless otherwise agreed IM, you must respect the limits of your RP prisoners. The time limit catch may be less than half an hour.
19) It is forbidden to shout OOC on the chat General during the fighting (stam, heal, … are terms OOC).

1) Firearms realistic (number of shots, reloading time, firing) are allowed.
2) You pourvez carry a weapon per hand (2) unless the weapon in question requires the use of both hands (assault rifle ,…).
3) A melee attacks should be visible through an animation.
4) Orbit, cages or tazers are prohibited.
5) Weapons of mass destruction are prohibited.
6) The GM are not weapons. Used as s'enrailler and they can be dangerous to the user:)

In the event of non compliance with these rules GM are likely to apply the following sanctions:

*** First time:
A formal warning.

*** Recurrence:
Level 1 - 7:-1000XP
Level 8 - 10:-2000XP
Level 11 and over:-5000XP

*** New recidivism
Sanction has the discretion of staff.

Our GM take no pleasure in santionner and any penalty other than a warning is decided in consultation between three GM or with the consent of the owner of sim. If you are sanctioned park so you deserve and it is pointless to challenge. Seek to cancel a penalty by another GM (GM shopping) will be punished.

The team of Hyperion reserve the right to change the rules.

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