Holy Water Rules

Ten Commandments of Holy Water

1. No Flying or Camping.
2. No Griefing.
3. No Guns.
4. No Child Avatars
5. RP is preferred but not required for combat, before or after.
6. No OOC crying to GM for being defeated.
7. No crying at all, if you have a problem with another player sort it out yourself. We really don't care about your little whiney problem and don't want to be bothered with your personal upsets. You are an adult… Build a bridge and get over it.
8. Meter not required to RP unless it is aggressive in nature.
9. No Attacking in the safe Zone, feel free to run there if you want to escape being killed.
Just remember, you can't stay in there forever and there is no TP out of SIM once combat is started.
10. Be as much of an asshole as you want IC. If you be an asshole OOC, then you will see what it feels like to be ejected.

Have fun everyone.

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